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Drax (Martin Lloyd)

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Ah well, subject to Dave not being allowed to over-run the universe while
I pass him intelligence here is the character I was going to play anyway. 
The background has been changed to accomodate a more mundane outlook but
should a large hostile alien force appear on the horizon I will
immediately sell out to it anyway..... 


Body		8	(terminator style bio-mechanical skeleton)
Reflexes 	8	(Wired reflexes, enhanced senses, the works)
Charisma	1	(personality?, with all that metal?)
Management	2	(Can organise himself)
Science		2	(enough to change his batteries and reload his


Infiltration	4	(this covers breaking into things, anything from
			getting through customs unnoticed to breaking into
			the equivalent of Fort Knox.)

Note : 	If charisma 0 is possible I'd like to have it. Put the extra point
	into a general 'combat' power. Also if lowering my reflexes and
	increasing a  combat power would make me more dangerous in a fight
	do it. (min. reflexes 6)


With all that killing power you're going to want an explanation aren't
you... oh well. Drax was created for life on the Muat-Tien battlegrounds
by a syndicate that reckoned illegal gladiatorial games were more fun than
the real thing. Drax didn't, and shortly after he learned how to escape
from his quarantine cells the syndiacate were dead. 

Drax is clinically insane and driven only by a desire to destroy a culture
which he believes is responsible for his condition. Only by destroying it
all can he have his revenge. His role in the game will be to go round
assasinating government leaders, sabotaging nuclear power plants,
hijacking spaceships, aiding and abbeting terrrorists and generally trying
to cause as much chaos, destruction and inter-planetary warfare as he
possibly can. Drax is **not** a nice man. 

How I'd like to Play
I doubt I'll be able to make it to the meetings, which isn't really a
problem as all sorts of people will want me dead after the first week
(hopefully) The plan is to act as an espionage agent for hire taking one
mission a week and spending the rest of my time causing anarchy. So I'd be
very grateful if the following could be read at the first meeting...


Espionage Agent for hire. Confidentiality and success guaranteed. Prepared
to undertake any mission, grey or black. Minimum fee (insert equivalent
of ten million pounds)

		Send bids to Lady0116@sable.ox.ac.uk

One mission undertaken per quarter. Highest bid always accepted. Succesful
bidders will be notified on completion of mission, unsucessful bidders
will not be contacted. Payment required within a week of notification.

Retainers are not acceptable.

Failure to pay on time results in a doubling of the fee. Repeated failure
to pay is not advised. 

Attempting to locate this agent is not advised.