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Drax Turn 2

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Grrr, Johnny Vlarg must die. Unfortunately I suspect this will be hard to
arrange but as he has no place in the sort of viscious life I plan on
leading I'd best show him token respect......


1 : Head for somwhere with nuclear power plants or other such destructive
means of generating energy. (don't give me anything about there not being
any, I'll blow up damns, crash space stations into earth; whatever it
takes to engineer mass carnage) 

2 : Blow one up aiming for total chaos (near the government???)

3 : Tell Johnny Vlarg where and when the next one is going to detonate.
    Blow it up half an hour before he gets there. Now if he wasn't a hero
    this would kill him, alas he is a hero so he'll probably save the 
    day.... (I'm relying on him being a hero rather than phoning ahead)

4 : To stop him feeling smug detonate a couple more while he's
    congratulating himself. ;-)

This plan aims only to annoy Johhny Vlarg by killing millions, let him
know this is why I did it by via an anonymous (snail mail) note.....

"Johnny Vlarg, this is all your fault. Millions have died because we know
 it will upset you. Yours sincerely The Interplanetary Criminal Syndicate."

one plan
soundtrack : I hate everything about you - Ugly Kid Joe

Anywhere forced to put up with Skithrass for that long must be starting to
go off them by now, time to up the racial tensions....

1 : Attempt to break into the home of a small Pariah. As soon as I
    discover security capable of stopping some reasonably determined
    Skithrass I'll stop.

2 : Find a few tough looking Skithrass, knock them out and then take them
    to the Pariah's pyramid. Make it look like they were killed breaking

3 : Ensure they have a suitable bomb etc. for the killing of Pariah's with

NB    If its ridiculously easy I'll kill a Pariah and frame the Skithrass.
NB    Clearly I want no witnesses, security cameras etc...

one plan
Soundtrack : White Riot - The clash


Simple one this. Locate the offices of (peter mandelson) Son D'lman and
through use of a spy camera, bug or whatever get hold of his matrix
passwords. Then use these to inform Zephyr that the murder of his parents
was arranged by the corporations at the behest of Mon Jamor providing lots
of detail to back up this claim. (think of a suitable excuse why they'd do
this) With any luck Zephyr will immediately kill Mon Jamor at some
election stunt or whatever. (I'm sure his agent could arrange a meeting if
asked nicely) 

Then inform the authorities that it may well be worth investigating Son
D'lman's accounts (anonymously) The hoped for result is

1 : Mon Jamor is dead and the corporations horribly divided over who to

2 : Tb'Lair is implicated in the murder and unelectable

Thus the galaxy's intergalactic economic powerhouse is left directionless
and mired in controversy. With reasonable luck this will lead to all sorts
of economic problems and (hopefully) a split in the GCMG. 

one plan
soundtrack : Operation mindcrime - Queensryche

Hmmm, Illegal muat tien was fun, but its no substitute for the real thing
(no not legal muat tien but warfare) Check out my infra red vision and
then go and find some of these Ragma. [most fierce warriors in history,
we'll soon see about that] Take out a few patrols and outposts in
devastating one man night attacks putting to good use all that illegal
weaponry and taking the opportunity to acquire some top-notch Imperial
gear. Obviously I'm only going to attack stuff I have a reasonable chance
of taking out but things like sneaking into barracks and massacring them
as they sleep should keep me busy.

Claim reponsibility as a local 'terrorist' group The (insert planet) 
Independence Movement. Hopefully the Imperium will demand action, which
the locals can't provide ('cause there aren't any terrorists) and
relations will sour rapidly. With luck I can create another Beirut

one plan
soundtrack : Lets get ready to rumble - Ant and Dec ;-)
Easy one again. I'd steal a ship only Johnny Vlarg might stop me ;-) so
instead I'll board a passenger vessel, kill the crew and blow out the
airlocks (becoming something of a signiature that) having thus avoided
'stealing' a ship by committing a few hundred murders I'll head straight
for the heart of the New Empire. The pitch is obvious

"Hello. I thoroughly approve of metal plating planets and genocide. Can I
 be of any use to you? All I ask is a life of luxury when I'm not working
 and state of the art equipment when I am. What do you say"

-Evil Dicatator- 
"Why would I need to employ you?"

[Thwack, blam, snap, leaking noise.]

"Well for one thing you need a new bodyguard."

one plan
soundtrack : Murder Incorporated - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band


Try not to look conspicuous and generally make myself hard to find this
turn. I imagine that for the most part I can avoid doing things like using
credit cards etc by simply stealing stuff. 

Hurrah, this turn should see me turn into the one man disaster area I
always wanted to be. Note that should Johnny Vlarg actually turn up the
plan is to say "Johnny, I come from a broken home, I'm stark raving mad
and I have been totally let down by care in the community" [collapses in
tears] Then kill the fucker while he's distracted....