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Drax Turn 3

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2 Plans : The Dark Legion

I shall now convince my superiors (but not for long) to lend me some
troops. I want two thousand men and ten ships. These should be 'frigate'
type affairs with a good speed and armament easily capable of taking out
any non military vessel. To command them I'd quite like a couple of hyper-
efficient New Empire Commanders. (subordinate to me) The uniform for my
new combat group is to be simple - black - everything is to be black. If
anything can't be painted it is to be chromed. This done its time to show
my new bosses how to do stuff properly.... 

Relations between the Zadani and the Amorians seem a little strained at
the moment. Time to push them to breaking point. Last time I checked there
were only 1276 inhabitents on the Xan 15-26 colony, a massacre should be
easy to arrange. It will happen like this. 

Day 1 : An Amorian trader notices a merchantman in distress and stops to
assist. Their attempts to inform their base of this are blocked by
military jamming equipment. When they board the stricken vessel they are
immediately overwhelmed by black-clad New Empire troops and their own ship

Day 2 : An Amorian trading vessel makes an unscheduled stop at Xan 15-26.
Once it has landed several hundred storm troopers in black armour spill
out and destroy the communications equipment on the colony. This done they
retreat to their ship and leave. It is now that ten warships appear over
the colony and bombard it into little pieces. Anyone trying to evacuate is
blown out of the sky.

Day 3 : A routine supply ship finds the colony devastated. The handful of
survivors remember an Amorian vessel landing, followed by sounds of
fighting and then the bombardment of the planet. No one who saw the
soldiers lived.  

Day 4 : The Zadani demand compensation, the Amorians deny all knowledge.
War is declared.

NB : If possible the storm troopers armour should be a full body suit
affair making it hard to tell what race they are.

1 Plan : The Holy Chuch of Pure Data

Information and the exchnage of information is what holds civ-core
together. The Holy Church of Pure Data facilitates this and probably has a
fair idea of how the Matrix works. Were either of these entities to
collapse things would be quite difficult for society as a whole. However
'taking out' a Church is not going to be easy, research is required.

Head for Grangor, home of the Oracle and CCF.Make full use of my
infiltration skills to spy on everything I can find there that may be of
interest. In particular how well defended is the Oracle (indeed what is
it) and how hard would it be to destroy. Are there for instance any
ceremonies that allow ordinary worshippers to get close to it? 
Alternatively do the priests wear robes that cover thier faces? 

2 Plans : Carnage

Time to see what the Dark Legion is capable of. These nifty jump ships of
the New Empire should make getting/fighting behind enemy lines quite easy.
What occurs in the last month of the quarter (once the Zadani/Amori war is
well underway) goes as follows.

Dark Legion raids hit various planets, the pattern is always the same. The
ships appear and bombard civilian targets aiming for massive damage and
casualties rather than military installations. Shoot damns, nuclear power
stations, chemical factories and anything likely to cause humanitarian

Also attacked are outlying moon bases, mining colonies, merchant fleets
and so forth. I'll avidly scan the news for targets worth hitting. (this
will probably mean other players plans, ah well....) make sure the news
picks up on the Dark Legion's Commander a tall power-armoured figure
whoose face is hidden by his helmet. Nemesis is his name and a handful
of survivors will testify to his inhuman cruelty and astounding combat

Thereis however a strategy behind all this. To worsen Imperium/Civ Core
relations these raids will occur in civ-core space but in those areas
where Imperium fleets should be first on the scene. This is partly because
it should be easier to elude Imperial fleets, but mostly because those
military types watching the raids will realise that in 'responding to
help' the Imperium have occupied a number of quite useful sites inside
Civ-core space while leaving all the militarily useful bits intact. Indeed
the Imperium, suddenly finding itself quite well placed in many areas may
even wish to take advantage of this......

General Stuff

Throughout the quarter I will fight personally at any given opportunity
(combat experience please) 

Try and cultivate a sense of loyalty among the Dark Legion. I know I have
no Charisma so I aim to rule through a) fear and b) giving the soldiers
what they want. If this is raping and pillaging so much the better. I want
these men to realise that with me in command they can do what the hell
they like to the enemy. In the long term I want "Darth Vader's" job and
these boys are going to be the backbone of my military coup..... 

Right, I think thats just about it for this quarter. if I'm lucky the
Zadani go to war with the Amori and Civ-Core falls out with the Imperium.
In the mean time the New Empire can metal plate some more planets, hurrah,
Society is not long for this world.....



		On behalf of Drax / Lord Nemesis / 0001