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Drax Turn 4

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Excellent, things are looking up. It is however quite upsetting to learn
that my son is so useless. Never mind, he will learn or die there is no
other choice. Now on with work ;-)

Dark Legion 1 : 1 Plan

Following its succesful raiding spree the Legion withdraws to behind New
Empire lines for a refit and expansion. I head for Grangor (see later) to
do some more research and meanwhile recruit some more legion members.

I'm looking to recruit pirates, mercenaries and other such space scum.
Only the nastiest, most viscious and depraved villains need apply. Those
who join are given new weapons, and told to await further orders. Clearly
these people can't be trusted and I'll recruit at least one who will try
and sell out the Legion. The new recruits are to be under the impression
that all this is financed by the Helyans (give them Helyan weaponry) and
that a deal has been cut between the Helyans and Imperium of Zhan to carve
up civ-core between them. This information will duly make its way to Ae
mae intelligence and I'll shoot the 'traitor' repeatedly and stick bits of
him on many different planets.

Dark Legion 2 : 2 Plans

Suggest the NE leave off Gragnor for about a month and make it look like
they're shifting their attention, preferably to Ae mae targets.  In month
two the Dark Legion leave their bases and head toward Grangor. The plan
goes as follows

1 : Those new recruits with 'clean ships' not wanted by the authorities
head for Grangor on the pretence of trading and so on. If necessary they
can pose as a merchant convoy being pursued by the Dark Legion.

2 : Those new recruits not with clean records are given the Black and
Chrome colour scheme now associated with the legion and told to appear on
the edge of Gragnor space in military formation. There should be ten of
these (ie the known strength of the legion) and they immediately attack
the Oracle. ***Thats the Oracle not the ships guarding it*** (now I reckon
it can look after itself but I also reckon the CCF don't know this and
aren't going to see it blown up) The chance to destroy the entire legion
might be an incentive as well... 

3 : The troops from the 'clean ships' now attack. They've landed and so
should be below most conventional defence systems and should aim to take
out all the radar/communications gear and so on. Unknown to the crew of
these ships one has been sabotaged and will not be able to take off. (see

4 : The 'real' (expanded) Legion now arrives jumping into the system and
devastating the supply bases and so forth which I located on my
reconaissance trips. After causing suitable carnage and devastating
military damage the Legion withdraws. Clearly there will be one ship left

NB at a key point in the fighting the CCF commanders will be upset to
discover the presnece of Lord Nemesis himself and a number of elite
soldiers (recruited from the illegal muat-tien grids) bursting into their
midst. Do something suitably gratuitous to the commander.....

As the CCF attempt to come to terms with this the NE can relaunch their
major offfensive, hopefully with much more success. In the mean time
documents found on a captured Dark Legion ship combined with the
testimony of the Crew suggest the following

1 : Helyans are planning on selling out to the Imperium of Zhan
2 : This would not be possible with the CCF functioning
3 : They set up the Legion and intend to have it knock out the CCF
    forces on Gragnor. This would ensure that Gragnor falls to the NE
    (which in turn will be ousted by the Imperium) and allow the Helyans
    to carefully withdraw from Civ-core...

An official Dark Legion press release states that 'for too long the CCf
has inflicted war and oppression without undertanding its true
consequences. As the military wing of the peace movement we take full
responsibility. Down with the CCF Down with the HCPD. Freedom for the

NB This raid occurs on the date I have told Johnny Vlarg to meet me on
Hel. Seems a good way of getting him out of the way. I have tipped Jaegir
off as to where he'll be....
Espionage : One Plan

Right, Elegis wants me to find out who's been passing dud information to
the NE. This should be quite easy since I work for the NE. If I don't have
enough rank to get hold of the files I'll just have to use my infiltration
skills to sneak into the intelligence offices or whatever. If all else
fails I'll say I've had a tip off that a NE informer is lying to us and
ask to be allowed to review the files....

Elegis also wants proof as to whether or not this agent was responsible
for the Zadani/Amori war and the Xitra/Irnabe war. I can personally
provide evidence that he was not responsible for the former; as for the
second if its not in the files I can't be bothered to check this out.

To fulfill payment terms I'll send suitable photo-copies of documents to
Elegis. Should the agent in question have concealed his name I'll try and
ID him by arranging meetings, investigating him or whatever.


The New Empire : One Plan

Work on my position. Hopefully expanding the legion and so gives me enough
troops to make a serious bid for the leadership of the force attacking the
CCF. particular questions are

How well defended is Leader?
Who is the supreme commander of the NE and are they likely to care if a
commander is replaced? (odds on he's called Emperor)
Who else will need killing in a purge?

Hurrah, that should just about cover everything. If I'm really lucky Vlarg
will kill Jaegir or vice versa and I have one less opponent to worry



who's looking forward to Jaegian and Vlarg fighting to the death without
killing each other ;-)