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Drax Turn 5

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Drax 5 : A new beginning

1 Plan : Upgrades

Right, I've got 3 million Talerions, plus the booty of many worlds, plus
all sorts of stuff siezed by the New Empire. I am quite frankly
absoulutely loaded. This is good because I'm also two and a half years old
and in need of a serious upgrade if I am to remain undefeatable. All this
combat experience helps, but its no substitute for more and better
cybertech ;-)

If the NE have the medical skill to fit stuff I'll just 'acquire' stuff
from high security military research places and so forth. I'll also buy
stuff legally and generally acquire as much as possible. I don't know how
much I can get for this so here is my list of priorities...

1 : EMP shielding. (Don't want to go the way of Vlarg's hand...) plus
    something to tell me if EMP weapons are being used.

2 : Better armour - If possible I'd like to be hardwired into my power
    Armour (except for the helmet) Hopefully this improves my armour
    without slowing me down at all.

3 : Cool built in monafilament weapons. Aside from the garrotte I have at
    present some sort of projectile nets would be great, slicing their
    victims into lots of little cubes ;-) Indeed the coolest thing would
    be to line the bits of my armour I can't touch myself (back mostly)
    with monofilament wire, thus anybody grabbing me slices themselves to

Basically decide how many extra points the investment's worth and then
spend them on the list. I don't expect much of it to get done but. I've
also agreed to duel Larmion over the head (in the matrix) shouldn't take
more than an hour or so and I don't really care either way. (can't get
hurt in the net)

1 Plan : The thing off nowhere 12
I'd like to investigate this, steal the technical specifications and bribe
the commander of the guards. I'm planning on stealing it next turn so it'd
be cool if this turn I can learn how it works and get the NE to prepare a
take over force capable of piloting it. I'd like this force to be based on
the old Dark Legion. We're also going to need a quite phenomenal quantity
of black paint and chrome finish for once we've captured it ;-)

Investigating the HCPD 1 plan
Right I have been hired to investigate the HCPD's links with the CCF. Now
I've already been told that the CCF suspects it is being manipulated so
here is the rough plan.

1 : Locate a HCPD person whoose bound to know (a bishop or similar
ranking figure with influence that is world wide) at least some of whats
going on. Find them, hold them out of a window many many stories up and
explain to them that failure to co-operate will be fatal. (If they go "go
ahead kill me I'll be reborn in the matrix" I'll just cause them lots and
lots of pain until they realise that religion is a silly thing. Needless
to say once they've talked I let them go. (twenty storeys down...) 

2 : I reckon that most of the HCPD is in the dark about this but that the
'illuminanti' types probably have some sort of internal organisation.
having found out about this from part one I now need to infiltrate it.
This can be done in two ways

i : Find it, break in, steal the files and break out. Preferably killing
    vast quantities of stuff and blowing up lots of things as I leave.
    (hurrah) Think about T2 where they raid the research facility thingy
    and Arnie gets to use the mini-gun.

ii: Drax -  Hello, I'm Drax can I work for you? 
    Evil Priest - Why should I employ you?
    [thwack, snap, leaking noise, whimpering in the corner]
    Drax - Because you need a new bodyguard.

At any rate, having found the files it should be no hassle to filch them
(hardcopy) if they're encrypted or whatever find a suitable priest and
explain the consequences that withholding information could have.  Please
note that under no circumstances will I sell out in a manner that could
involve the Brotherhood of the Serpent putting a snake in my back....
(dunno if they're involved but it seems a good bet)

I've also been asked to discover what the HCPD would do if the CCF
disasociates from it and what their likely response would be. Again a
combination of interrogation and stealing the relevant files should work.
If it becomes absolutely necessary I'll hire the best hacker I can find on
the tangled web to help. (and blow his brains out afterwards)

NB Basiacally i and ii are the obvious options. Once I've found someone
who knows how the control is effected I'll just torture them until they
explain how to get the info. Assuming that at least one person on each
world knows how this works it shouldn't be too hard. (Apparently everyone
on earth is only seperated by seven degrees of seperation, torture the
right seven people and bingo!) 

Taking over the New Empire - 1 plan

Right basically I want to get in touch with the disaffected faction and
offer them a deal. I'll put them in charge of this army provided they give
me a suitably enormous miltary command and licence to wage war on
Civ-core as I see fit. That done I want them to work out some sort of plan
by which a military coup could succeed and tell me what will need doing. I
suggest we try and take out the Leader when I unveil my latest theft....

Getting to Nimyek : 1 plan
OK, Following a long discussion with Nimyek she has become something of an
interest and someone I'd quite like to annoy. The plan is this.

1 : Contact Xylo's Silos and the Tangled web. I'm looking for virus bombs,
the kind of plague that will devastate a population in a few days. They
should be fitted with dispersal mechanisms that will release them into a
planets eco-system as soon as they go off (basically blowing the particles
far enough up that they are spread very rapidly by the wind...)

2 : Find the planet with the biggest refugee problem. The one with
millions and millions living in tents etc. Establish a 'base' and let the
CCF find out I'm there and up to stuff. If possible they should suspect
I'm planning an attack on power stations or whatever... 

3 : The CCF locate my base and raid it. Unfortunately the moment they open
it they release the virus thus triggering the deaths of millions. This
should occur as soon as the base is exposed to outside air (ie unless they
open it in a very large air tight bag this will work..)

Inside the base is a note addressed to Nimyek? (Kate's character) It reads

	"You're not a solution, you're part of the problem.

I'm hoping that following our conversation she'll be heading the team
looking for me, or at least wanting to be there when I'm arrested.

Johnny Vlarg contingency plan

Should Vlarg show up at any point I will immediately place as many
civilians as possible in immediate danger, thus keeping him busy while I
finish the job. I may even take to carrying some sort of biological weapon
grenade thing to make this easy "Once that goes off this whole city will
get the plague Vlarg" (then chucks it ito the water supply)

Its also worth having his phone number wired up to a button I can press.
Johnny Vlarg attacks, his mobile goes off and a synthesied voise of his
agent says "Johnny, the toothpaste people want a better profile, be on
(convenient location) by (ten minutes time) or the deal falls through!"

Being arrested contingency Plan
Find a suitably dramatic location, enormous factory, warehouse, sewer,
scysraper, airport etc. in which to be arrested. (this is the inverse
version of Vlarg's 'good guy' abilities being a bad guy I always have a
dramatic setting) Then play hide and seek with the swat teams or whatever
causing total carnage before eventually escaping.... (see the end of Leon
for inspiration.)

Hope thats ok