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Drax Turn 6

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For too long I have played only bit parts in this drama. It is time to
take the centre stage. Soon there will be nothing left but ashes where
once there stood civ-core. Even so I must be careful not to unite the
worlds against me - I do not think this will be particularly hard to avoid

1 plan : The Emancipation movement

I know who they are, I know what they want. The day after I recieve my
report on the ICON meeting is the night of Long Knives. Make sure I kill
the leaders personally,(after torturing them for information on the rest)
there is to be no resistance. Having destroyed the only threat to Leader's
continued rule I immediately request a promotion.  I want a large fleet
placed at my disposal, with it I shall conquer the galaxy. (hopefully this
will go down well with my new HCPD contact as well.) 

(lots of montage footage of black clad soldiers dragging NE Emancipation
types into the street and shooting them)

2 plans : The Capture of P5

Who needs the thing off Nowhere 12? I've read the technical data and all
you need to do is fly down that gully thing and torpedo it. What I want is
P5! Here is the plan.

Jaegir is planning on 'capturing' me and Ankash in exchange for a lot of
money - fine. I've agreed to letting him 'capture' me for long enough to
claim the bounty, after which its up to me what I do. (cool) Since no-one
has yet sussed the Nemesis/NE connection what I do next is going to be
quite dramatic. However as this is quite risky for me I'm going to outline
the exact precautions I'm taking against Jaegian treachery. (bear with me

0 : I am providing the cyber restraints etc. myself.

1 : EMP shielding. I've got it.

2 : Keep most of my systems shut down until they are needed. That way if
    EMP weapons are used I won't be too bothered anyway.

3 : Have NE troops take a lot of hostages (a planet's worth) should things
    go wrong I can say 'hassle me and millions die' - cool.

4 : Have my equipment rigged to emit a virus. If I'm betrayed tell Jaegir
    he's a dead man unless I tell him what the antidote is ;-) It should
    be something that will take weeks rather than days to kill though so
    he won't have any symptoms during the critical points of the

OK, assuming me, Ankash and Ash'ar are on P5 in close proximity the deal
is this. I break out of my fake cyber-restraints and imprison the pair of
them. At this point P5 is alarmed to note the sudden appearance of a New
Empire fleet off its bow. I swiftly disable the Libido enhancing gun and
P5 is captured by the New Empire.(hurrah) 

Now here's the clever part. P5 is immediately painted black (it probably 
has a bondage fetish setting anyway ;-)  ) and NE technicians install a
fuck off planet killing gun, either one based on the technical readouts of
the Nowhere 12 thing or just a large version of metal-plating technology.
Zap the nearest planet to check it works. (hurrah) Then go on to wipe out
the whole system ****I want a good six or seven planets minimum****

With luck the capture of a 'Death Star' type thing and the disappearance
of Ankash should scupper the CCF offensive. Ask my new boss if he wants
anything in particular doing with the NE.

Torture Ankash and Ash'ar to death (which of course you won't let me do)
be suitably annoyed when a deus ex machina event allows them to escape. in
the event of them escaping take my anger out on several million people
(nearest few planets) who (not being PC's) are infinitely easier to kill.
send Ash'ar and Ankash letters explaining why I killed these people.

[footage of an enormous space craft gleaming black and chrome in the sun.
There is a burst of bright light and the nearest slowly turns first a deep
hot red and then a cool steel colour. It is pretty until you realise how
many have died.]

1 Plan : Berserker
Berserker stepped out of the bar and looked round. The woman on his arm
giggled nervously and hoped everything she'd read about bio-engineering
was true. Then she went rigid, her face turned blue and she clutched at
her throat, Berserker stared in amazement as her head slowly seperated
from her shoulders and rolled on to the pavement. He was beginning to lose
his temper

A figure stepped out of the shadows, even by Bereserker's standards he was
big. Then the light shone on the figure's head and berserker went cold.

"You and me" said Nemesis "No weapons, no mercy."

The fight was short. Afterwards Berserker's body was found alongside a
video-tape. Nemesis vs Berserker was the biggest scoop CCTV had enjoyed in

[huge epic combat sequence. Should I get in trouble trigger the
mono-filament stuff and watch him fall to the pavement in several
different bits. If that is necessary don't tell the press.]

1 Plan : Arms proliferation

Pass the plans for the Death Star to al the governments I can find. Bigger
larger warships are clearly going to result in a : an arms race and b :
more deaths in wars. (hurrah) Also publish on the matrix my philosophical
rantings. The idea is that this stuff will spread through society like a
cancer. most will reject it but the 0.0001% to wom it makes sense will
being copycat acts of destruction.


Think thats about it this time round. Its seventh week so clearly the bad
guys have to be on the verge of total triumph at the end of this turn ;-)
Cya later



I'd like to add something to my turn. If I can arrange it I want to
persuade the NE commanders that the Shari are plotting a rebellion, are
untrustworthy and uneconomical. Therefore it would make life a lot easier
if we took out the place or at least those bits of it we're not using. If
I get command of a lot of people I'll immediately order the deployment of
virus bombs or something against the Shari. I reckon they can't cope with
bio-plague in the same way they can with physical attack. 

I am of course only doing this to annoy Larmion and will send him a note
explaining that his smug grin has cost millions of lives. Hurrah.