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Drax Turn 7

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At last, the galaxy burns in flames, war rages on every planet. Not only
is this proof that society is self-destructive and suicidal. Not only does
it vindicate my every claim that only the end of all things will end the
misery and that violence is an integral part of our culture it provides us
with our greatest chance to end this cycle. Take up arms against the
invader, destroy his ships and his soldiers, lay waste his home and carry
the war to the Emperor's palace itself. The Galaxy is burning, soon it
shall burn itself out.

[this and much other such stuff finds its way to the tangled web, since
 this only took thirty seconds to write I'm not wasting a plan on it.Soon
 they'll start making TV movies about copycat killers Nemesis style and
 the whole media violonce cycle takes off]

1 Plan : P5

OK, P5 is in the grip of a paranoid intelligence with enough firepower to
waste several planets. This is cool.Pausing only to fake a call to Johnny
Vlarg from his agent (see earlier turn) I shall head for a communications
bunker on the heavily bombarded Virgus 8 and send the following message on
a widely broadcast frequency.

[all agents on P5 the CCF regret to inform you that P5 is facing imminent
 destruction. You should make all possible effort to abandon P5 at once.
 Even as we speak the Nuclear arsenal of Virgus 8 is being primed. you
 have thirty minutes to evacuate. P5 has now been declared a legitimate
 target by the CCF, the Imperium of Zhan and the New Empire. It has no-
 where to run, we repeat, abandon P5 at once.]

The hope is that a wildly paranoid P5 will now attack everything in sight
in an attempt to 'save' itself. Cool. Do this **quickly** before anyone
has a chance to switch it off.

2 Plans : Assasination

This is the clever part. Locate the head of government for whoever the
Imperium is planning on having rule as their representatives. (Helyan or
Xenite????) And kill them, at a press conference. The basic hoped for
result is this.

As the Helyan President explains how the war is going his aides are
suddenly gunned down , as people run screaming from the room they discover
laser trip wires are trapping them (see Duke Nukem) The assembled
journalists panic.

At this point Lord Nemesis leaps from his concealment and tears the still
beating heart from the body of the Helyan President and crushes it beneath
his boots. The head is severed and Nemesis then addresses the following
speech to it Yorik style

"Such shall be the fate of all those who have betrayed the Civilised Core
and declared war on the New Empire. The streets of Hel shall run red with
the blood of its citizens, finally the Aaemie shall be avenged on their
millenia old foe and the debt shall be repaid a thousand fold. And I say
this to the Imperium of Zhan; soon your emperor shall suffer the same
fate, rent limb from limb for my pleasure. The CCF and NE shall carry this
war to the heart of the Empire and tear it out just as I have torn the
heart from this man. We shall be victorious." 

Takes off helmet and laughs, revealing his Aaemie features.......

I then infiltrate my way out of the planet, pausing to gun down all those
rapid reaction people who are busy arriving. 


The idea is to make the killing such a savage act of unalloyed barbarity
that it pushes the war to a new level of nastiness. All over Aaemie blood
maddened troops demand the destruction of Hel, Helyans declare that there
is no depth to which their opponents will not stoop and resolve on
genocide. The Imperium of Zhan looses it completely and starts on a
serious campaign of annihilation. As the temperature rises casualties
mount, the scars of this war will run too deep to ever be healed.

Just to raise the indignity further arrange to be presented with a medal
for this by representatives of the NE and CCF.....

1 Plan : Dra-nar

OK I have to stop Tharik getting the blame for everything he's done so
far. Hmm, honestly I'm a killing machine not a super-spy. Ah well I'm sure
I can think of something. I'll suggest to Tharik that we sacrificce an
underling, a well placed churchman, but one who is not involved in the
secret stuff. Then we'll make Tharik look like someone who's been
manipulated, plant appropriate evidence and let dra-nar find it. 

1 Plan : Screwing the Shari

Right clearly the Pariah's are God like types etc. This is quite frankly
bloody annoying. The revised plan is as follows. Sneak onto Shari while
some odd space phenomena are occuring, sun spots, asteroid showers
whatever. Head for the frozen north pole with a large nuclear device.
Detonate said device and be quietly amused as large areas of Shari are

Hopefully as this is not a **direct** attack and presumably occurs several
hundred miles away from the nearest Pariah they won't be able to stop it.
Claim responsibility on behalf f the Empire Of Zhan. (anonymously)


Sorry this isn't that good but I'm knackered and have been busy/drunk (or
both) all week.