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ICON News 0


Our reporter was near one of the planets of the Karellian Federation when he noticed that the moon-sized brothel P5, now famous for catering to every debauched fantasy in the known universe, was displaying a green neon announcement, unusual over the past decade. Looking altogether better against a black than a pink background, the announcement, surrounded by green neon stars, read 'One Million Telurians for the Return of Beaker to the Anthem Revolution'. We don't know who this Beaker is, why they want him or even what the Anthem Revolution is trying to achieve, but we're sure that many of the mercenaries in CivCore might want to take a shot at that one.


The New Empire were once again set to overreact today when a dilapidated Imperium ship appeared in Amorian space and was almost shot out of the sky. Amorian patrols realised immediately that the ship was not set up for battle and placed themselves physically between the New Empire and the refugee. It is known that no-one aboard the Imperium vessel was killed in the assault, but so far there is no information on how the ship got to Amoria, why, or who was on board.


The newly active Anthem Revolution, led by T'ashar A'shan, may have found some new followers and some new enemies today as they demonstrated their complete lack of taste and musical talent in the demonstration of a disgustingly popularist dance routine on P5. Clips from the event show a number of garishly dressed individuals staggering around in what seem to be the advanced stages of drunkenness before some very large and humourless black-clad guards wade in and start throwing them about, which is where coverage breaks off.


There has been an upsurge of concern as the Commission of Enquiry into the disappearance of a ship carrying over a hundred refugees from the Mesh planet Boreas declared that they could find no evidence. Karellian citizens are demanding an explanation from their government.


The renowned musicologist Artor Kruser has declared himself horrified by the 'atonal' qualities of the Anthem Anthem. 'It cannot be described as music. There is nothing to recommend it. I was so horrified that I could not sleep in my bed after seeing only a few seconds on CCTV News. I'm sure that this travesty will do their cause no good at all.'


We are looking forward to reports from the Nimyek peace conference, due to begin in just over a week's time. There are still fears that the Helyans are boycotting the conference due to the attendance of the Aamei as they have announced no delegate. Amelia Gossage of the CCF for Peace said she was 'disgusted' by this attitude towards a commemoration of one of the greatest Helyan heroines of recent years.


- The new Legion officer on Omicron Station seems to be a good investment, whatever his race. He has been noticed giving a helping hand to almost every section of station staff, and his ability is considerable, even though he has clearly not yet got a handle on all the CivCore routines.

- Impossible Missions expert Silas Black is still engaged on his magnum opus: after five years living on the station, he still insists on trying to learn the corridors, ducts, passages and crawlways. In the past few weeks his dust-covered form has been an even more common impediment to travelling Skithrass. Perhaps he thinks he is almost finished?

- Rumour has it that Medril Raskar, Station Commander, has high up relatives in the Helyan meritocracy. But does he have as many eyes and ears around as we do?

- We've noticed something a little strange about that room of Pariah Larmion's - it certainly seems to be somewhat bigger on the inside than on the outside. Pity we can't get a closer look.

- Sonali Nimyek, well-known Omicron Station socialite, is already trying to get the new Ambassadors involved. Before they even arrived, she was seen carefully preparing gilt-edged invitation cards for her famous soirees.

- Officer, the Legion member of command, was congratulated today when he cleared up a disturbance in one of the bars on the station without any need for security to get involved. Not more than one or two blows were struck when members of Clans Irnab and Xitra met in the bar - Officer noticed the fuss and quieted matters down before a full scale barroom brawl could occur.

- Apparently Commander Raskar will be holding interviews for a deputy when the conference begins. We think that, given recent events, the outstanding candidate is quite clear.

- There's a new barman who has just been employed to serve during the conference, and when he unpacked we noticed FAR too much black leather in his suitcase. He hasn't done anything with it yet, but as we always say, it's only a matter of time.

- Ambassador L!ortanatheriil Al'thiorana'karaan of Illisthia was held up on arrival at Omicron Station by a 'routine security check'. Fortunately, the following 'evacuation drill' got her off her ship fast enough to make up for lost time. Station security staff performed with their regular enthusiasm and flair.