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The Nimyek peace conference on Omicron Station has announced its first success. Shortly after talks started on the first of this month, pirates from the Clans and traders from the Aamei announced an anti-piracy treaty, inviting all attendees to commit their governments to this step towards harmony. Organiser Amelia Gossage is said to be 'thrilled'. The signing of the treaty will take place at an official ceremony at next month's conference.


The music establishment claimed to be 'amazed by the stupidity of some publishers' as Virgus Music, the rising music publishing corporation run by the man who used to run the Virgin Bar, decided to release the Anthem Anthem in all formats earlier this week. So far there is no evidence that the song has been selling well. Perhaps the traditionalists have the edge this time.


Within the last few hours, a major terrorist assault has been made by guerrilla forces on Hel. The group, known as the C'Knights, has been active at low levels for ten years, but was previously considered by the Helyan government to be a nuisance rather than a threat. However, in a daring daylight raid, they have destroyed several major landmarks, including the Capitol. Casualties amongst government officials are as yet uncertain, but probably in the hundreds. Several C'Knights were killed when security forces arrived.

Within hours of the attack, a videodisc was delivered here to the CCTV studios. It features an unidentified, heavily obscured face, urging Aamei everywhere to rise up against the Helyans: "And as the flames are burning, the new age if freedom for the Aamei is heralded in the blood of our oppressors. Stand now against this vile regime, or fall forever beneath the crushing weight of Helyan hatred."


So, for the first time the Stem gets a chance to meet a mate? Our reporters will be on Omicron station for the latest developments in their raunchy relationship. And hang on to your stamen - this one's going to be a shocker! Next week - Photographs.


The missing leader of the defunct Holy Church of Pure Data was seen by our reporter leaving the Nimyek Peace Conference last week. He refused to comment on what he was doing on Omicron station.


It has now been confirmed that, although casualties are lower than originally thought, the current count being 84, there are several government officials unaccounted for. Spokesmen for the Helyan anti-terrorist services have refused to confirm that C'Knights are currently being questioned. It has also been denied that CCF weaponry was used in the attack. The tapes received by CCTV depicting Helyan ministers in captivity have been officially declared to be faked. Any connection between the C'Knights and the Plantain race has been dismissed as 'idle speculation, with no basis in reality.'


After a retirement of over two years, Saul Deoth has returned to the Muat-Tien, although he is rumoured to be active in illegal games as well as the three legal events in which he has played. His fighting style is a little different from before, but he can certainly still bang heads together, and has so far had no major problems.


Following the release of a video composed of footage of some members of the Anthem Revolution doing a provocative dance routine, sales of the Anthem Anthem have taken off across CivCore. 'It's great! Definitely the dance of the decade!' panted one happily gyrating couple.


Hot on the heels of the Anthem Anthem comes another cultural hit: the Impossible Missions Team. This fast action, high profile, dangerous secret mission squad, based on Omicron Station, have blanketed the airwaves with their new series of multi-mercials, in collaboration with the Muat-Tien, Integrated Weapons plc, and Smith's F*&%-off Huge Guns, to name but a few. The commercials, directed by action specialist John Wow, have made the Team ever more popular. The Team's attempts to patent the format, however, ran into problems when it was discovered that a thirty year old patent already exists, owned by the tiny Infomercial Channel. Their representatives, Soom, Grabbit and Runne have stated that 'The lawsuit should be worth millions in fees alone, never mind the settlement.'


Amoria has declared a day of celebration to be held tomorrow, the first of the second month, following the removal of all New Empire interests from the planet. Flight representative K'Tana is seen as a heroine. 'K'Tana's diplomatic efforts at the Nimyek Conference have more than paid off,' said a spokesperson, 'Amoria is free.'


- We want to know where Officer goes when he leaves the station every month. Nippy little ship, that - if we could just take a look at the flight logs.

- The Impossible Missions team has been seen hanging around the Shades. Rumours have reached us that there is a bomb down there, some Doomsday Device that not even Pariah Larmion can disarm. It might self-destruct at any second!

- Is it me, or are we moving? The station seems to be slowly drifting relative to the jump gate. Sources in the Engineering department deny this: surely the only logical explanation is a cover-up?

- A new philanthropist has arrived on the Station: Dr. Quentin Volte held a free party on Level 63 last week. Drinks were free, but no sound system was provided until one of the lads turned up with his boom-box. Everyone got on down, and a good time was had by all. Thanks, Doc!

- The peace conferences are failing! Illisthian Ambassador thingyTanawatsitjobby has left the Station. Scuttlebutt says that she was not in a good mood, and usually-reliable sources state that she was seen to slap the faces of several station staff as she left. It's all going horribly wrong!

- Dodgy obscured face with words 'Kris-Ret' appears on video screen in Nimyek Conference. Dodgy obscured face claims responsibility for attack on Helyans. Coincidence? I don't think so. Apparently a few civilians on the station have been found to belong to the 'Cult of Kris-Ret'. Just how large is this Aamei-sympathising quasi-religious para-military hyphen-inducing cult?

- We were a bit worried when a moon-sized black leather clad spaceship arrived at Omicron, but it's only the brothel, P5, out for a good time.

- Skithrass hackers report that the matrix security on Station is being better enforced. Station staff found logged on to the popular 'Butt Nekkid Grls' matrix node, or playing 'Wobble v. LXXVI' have being given a stern talking-to by computer chief Almar on the subject of appropriate use of resources.

- With the influx of people from P5 on what they call 'shore leave', the Anthem Anthem has hit the station. Look out for people dancing in the aisles