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ICON News 10


An official meeting of the handrahen council has been called. Our sources discovered that the meeting would take place at the semi-official conference held on Omicron Station. The handrahen ambassador dinnex has been cited as the person to demand this rare event - we can only speculate that the council will discuss potential moves against the increasingly aggressive Tharil Empire.


Video footage shows the new Dark Legion ships attacking outposts in Karellian space, stealing supplies and killing indiscriminately. Murmurs from Karellian sources suspect Tharil involvement.


Black Media Inc. have finally released their sought-after version of Dra'naar's Tharil history, the slim volume entitled 'Tharils' [visual of black lettering on a silver background, with the picture of two dangerous looking Tharils on the front. Think the cover of Trainspotting]. Advance orders are in the hundreds of thousands, and despite the terrible recession individuals across CivCore are acting to secure their copy of the first printing.


There has been some concern about the disappearance of several jump ships and the suspicion that they are being traded on the black market, possibly as far away as Zhanian space. Rumours of protest groups and rebellion are becoming more prevalent in the Confederacy.


The new, improved jump drives from Dr. Quentin Volte and Dra'Naar will be available as soon as production can be implemented, according to a press release today. CivCore's economic problems have caused production delays, but the so-called 'jump stations' are already on their way, and are due to be installed at major intersections any time now.


Following diplomatic overtures at the last Omicron meeting, the Tharil empire has withdrawn completely from Confederacy space. A small detachment of fighters has been left at Zhan gateway, but it appears that these are only to check who comes to CivCore, since no attack has been made against any traffic. The Empire has made a public announcement of lack of interest in the Confederacy.


The latest intelligence suggests that the new Dark Legion, which has been continuing a reign of terror, taking supplies from impoverished worlds, is based on the dead planet of Cymlana. The reports are unconfirmed, but certainly the Legion attacks from the direction of Cymlana space.


Seemingly overnight, P5 has blushed as pink as the decade it was painted that colour. When asked for a comment, AVIS said only that it must have been a management decision.


A Tharil fleet, possibly from a breakaway Imperial House, attacked Rocarna in the early hours of this morning. Footage shows dragons eating through ship hulls and numerous explosions. The Tharils appear to be taking a beating.

Newsflash! Following a distress call from the Tharil fleet, one of the Empire flagships has arrived at Rocarna with a considerable fleet. The fighting continues...

Newsflash! Tharil troops have landed on Rocarna. The conflict in space has quieted considerably, and the Tharils are thought to have taken Rocarna.


Silas Black has been angling for the title of CivCore's greatest philanthropist recently, with an economic initiative funded by Black Media Incoporated. The object of the project is to stimulate agriculture, in an attempt to remedy the famine in certain areas of CivCore. However, the low availability of interstellar transport remains a problem.

In a shock late report: Evidence has come to our attention that putative statesman Silas Black has a past in the Tharil Slave Trade. Documnets received by us, if genuine, demonstrate that as a young man, Black dealt extensively in the then-lucrative Tharil market, using the profits of this dealing to set up the IMF. Is the IMF based on the immoral products of a despicable trade in misery?


The Brotherhood following the prophet Karel and Ariacel are spreading like wildfire in CivCore. Bacchanalian revels, sometimes further stimulated by the presence of the New Empire empathic Singers, have been seen and enjoyed on most major planets. Zealots worshipping Ariacel have encountered, embraced and sometimes attacked those they wish to convert. This religion of energy and enthusiasm is taking the people by storm.


Taking plenty of customers from Shari space, and particularly from Omicron Station, P5 jumped to the Virgus system for a wild night. Takings were apparently up a considerable amount, and Mistress Teela has announced that this economically viable and considerably brightly coloured day of entertainment shows the beginning of a new co-operation between the Anthem Revolution and the management of P5. Returning to Shari space the next day, there were suggestions that this sort of co-operative day should be made a monthly event.


A deadly new disease has started to spread amongst Tharils, prompting calls for quarantine and some type of cure. It seems to have a long incubation period, and almost certain fatality once contracted. So far there is no evidence that the illness can spread from the Tharil race to any other.


A small room in the back of a house somewhere on Oliss Prime. There is a scruffy youth sitting in the chair. There are discarded food wrappers litering the room. In front of him sits his computer to which he is linked by his implant. He leans back and takes a swig of drink again and belches. He pauses and a few minutes later unplugs himself from the computer, smiling to himself. This person has just been responsible for one of the biggest losses of the genocidal war which shakes the galaxy. The hackers have moved in and have the potential to turn the tide of the war. Cyber-wars, an expansion to Genocide. Buy it. Play it. Live it. Genocide and its expansions, only from Matrix Shaft.


- The Lord High Arbiter and his Empress left Omicron pretty fast after that last meeting and hot-tailed it out of the Shari system. Must be after something pretty important.

- Perhaps Security can tell us why they allowed Karel (Oh Prophet Enlighten Us!!) and Deoth to shut themselves in a Security cell a few days ago. Trioc has no control over his people, that's what it is. And the Tharil's a drunkard. Honestly, leaving his post to go down the bar in P6... No wonder he couldn't find Valomo.

- Don't know why that disclaimer's in with the Chenaal 5. Doesn't bother us in the slightest, although the stuff certainly has more of a kick now.

- Ginger haired and slim, Carla, a Karellian entertainer and nightclub dancer, weds intergalactic living legend Eran Andros today in the Omicron Kitchens.

- Hey Teeth buddy! That ETA stuff is cool. If you want a hand, you know where we are. Oh, and chew a cigar end for us. And Security, I don't know what you're on about. Isn't it clear that you just want them for a crime they didn't commit? I'd look for Silas Black if I were you.

- Sonali has hit the bottle rather hard lately. Something seems to be wrong. Cheer up, it might never happen!

- That Singer was a bit strange. Anyone know what I should think about an image of a black void teeming with life?

- I wanna know what happens at the handrahen council. dinex, won't you tell your friends?

- Someone mentioned a teleporting clown around the place. Well, we haven't seen him. What are you on about?

- Hey, that's nice. Those bright green signs on P5 - up for about an hour. 'Omicron Appreciation Night: Free Drinks for all Dragonriders, and two hours on Levels 17-23 Free to Pariahs.' Thought you might like the opportunity to go take a look.

- The proofreader of the last month's 'Rat's Eye View' would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the spelling errors in that edition. He assures us that he has had his glasses fixed since then. In particular, he wishes to personally apologise to Pepperoni, whose name he mistakenly spelt 'Salami', and to Dr. Van der Graaf, written 'Van Kurt'.