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ICON News 11

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ICON News 11


The Rocarnan ambassador, Elegis, was shot dead on Omicron station just over an hour ago, following the agreement of a treaty with the Tharil Empire. It is speculated that the treaty involved some sort of antidote for the 'Tharil flu' in return for complete withdrawal from Rocarna. A spokesman for the Prime has stated that for the moment the treaty will not stand and further negotiations will be opened in due course.


Following her broadcast of a recording of the Tharil Lord High Arbiter apparently holding Empress Barratt against her will, Sonali of Omicron Station has issued the following statement:

I recently made public a short video clip of the Lord High Arbiter of the Tharil Empire. The Empress Barratt has requested that I explain certain events which took place beforehand. Shortly before making the statement revealed in the clip, the Lord High Arbiter had been told that I intended to have him killed. This was true at the time; I believed that he had been interfering with the Empress, and that he needed to be removed for her safety. It may have been in response to this that he said what he did.

The Empress has since assured me that she is in no danger, and has not been unduly influenced. I regret having attempted to have the Lord High Arbiter killed, and apologise unreservedly for this, and for the distress I have caused the Empress. I was interfering in something I didn't understand.


The new administration of the Imperium formerly known as Zhan has suffered further setbacks. Despite the fact that the new government is effectively dealing with problems of famine and homelessness, groups of malcontents have risen agianst them in many areas. The rebellion appears not to be well organised: groups ranging from Imperial nostalgists to extreme anarchists are simultaneously saying 'no' to democracy. However, the military seem to be dealing with the worst of the troubles.


Tactical specialists are not convinced by the actions of either the brothel P5 or Omicron station over the past little while. 'You see, it is sheerest folly on the part of Mistress Teela to shoot a gun such as the Libido Enhancing Laser at a place that might be expecting the attack. Such a financial assault demands that you are careful and leave the area before reprisals are taken. However, that Omicron station should have been prepared to destroy hundreds of thousands of innocent customers of all races, threatening the station and perhaps the Shari with assault from every race in CivCore - well, that cannot be sufficiently well thought out either. Thank goodness P5 has such incredibly good operators on its jump drives.'


The Dark Legion waylaid several Black Media relief ships going to impoverished areas of CivCore today. Thankfully, the Amorian pilots, piloting the incredibly fast and manoeuverable Amorian ships, escaped without engaging the might of the Legion.


The ETA, the E-team Tribute Association, led by the dashing, cigar-smoking Colonel John 'Scipio' Jones Jr., has been hailed by Aamei colonists as respected and revered for their recent actions. The group prevented several villages from being repossessed by a hastily set up and undemocratic government on an Aamei colony world, then ensuring that others would not suffer from this terrible regime. As Colonel Jones pointed out, they ask 'only expenses for worthy causes, not at all like other, more mercenary organisations.' It is suspected that he refers to the well-known IMF...


In conjunction with the Pariahs of Shari, Omicron Bank has finally managed to issue a stable currency. Backed by the 'Telhassium reserve' of the planet Shari, the new money looks set for success, although arguments still rage over the name of the currency, currently tentatively referred to as the 'Omicred'.


Since early this month, there has been a Tharil blockade around the world of Rocarna. Although press are not being allowed through, the Empire assures us that there is 'nothing to see'.


CCTV has just received recent footage from the Rocarna system:

<Visual images. From a distance, the planet of Rocarna, surrounded by Rocarnan defences and with a Tharil fleet withdrawing. The planet has one Tharil flagship on either side. There is a sudden rippling effect around the two flagships, and they head straight towards the planet of Rocarna. Then they start to fly *through* the planet, disappearing from view. The surface of Rocarna starts to buckle and flame. The flagships appear again from the other side of the planet. The whole of Rocarna is starting to break up, and as the Tharil fleet withdraws further, flame and pieces of planet emerge from the smoking remnants of Rocarna...>

<Visual images. Space debris only. Cut back to reporter, who is wearing all black now.>

CCTV deplores this act of genocide. CivCore must take a stand. If anyone who stands against the Tharils is to die, then we must all stand together or else lose our liberty. In mourning for Rocarna, there will be a blackout on all CCTV channels except the news for one day.


Less than one month after 'jump relay stations' were built at several important trading points, the improved drives required to use them are on the market. With money once again viable, these high-cost, low availability items may just have a chance with 'bleeding edge' enthusiasts. Dr. Volte and Dra'Naar the designers of the system, assure users that their products are fully upgradable, and that there is no 'planned obsolescence', but we remain to be convinced.

The new drives allow a single jump from anywhere in range of a relay station to anywhere in range of any other station. Even without use of a relay, the drives themselves are also at least as good as any other commercially available product.


The infamous Dark Legion has sided with several groups of rebels against the Confederacy-In-The-Same-Place-Tha-Zhan-Was. These new forces appear to be tipping the balance against the new government, which is on the defensive, and has been forced to retreat from both planets in the Tormai system.


And finally, we have comedy footage of the ETA aboard P5. Promoting their group, they left leaflets and flyers around and stopped for a few drinks with the staff and clientele. Who are this ETA? Well, this is CD Maracas <large man doing benchpresses with bar stools>, this is Bob <man wearing a very silly hat stroking and talking to a rubber plant> and this is their leader, Scipio Jones <man with ridiculously large cigar clamped between his teeth waving affably at the camera>. If their popularity on P5 is anything to go by, the ETA look like they'll be around for a while.


You break from cover and run towards the bunker. As you approach the guards spot you and guns start firing. You press the trigger on the controller in your hand and a barrage of gas grenades shoots over your head and encases the guard posts in smoke. You run on to the bunker and quickly gain entry. You dispatch two guards just inside the door and make your way through the bunker. The alarms are blaring but the guards seem lethargic almost like it is a drill. After a long time you gain access to the central storage area in the bunker. you slip past the security and find the access panel. You tap in the codes and the data cube rises from its place of safety. You grab it and turn. Now all you need to do is get it safely back home. Infiltration is the latest expansion for the Genocide universe. The role of the spy is an ancient one but still important. Have you got what it takes to take what they've got. Infiltration, an expansion to Genocide. Buy it. Play it. Live it. Genocide and its expansions, only from Matrix Shaft.


- Hey! Did you see that? Elegis, the Rocarnan ambassador, was shot dead just a few minutes outside the conference room - by a Tharil. Wonder why he did it when there were witnesses and security cameras?

- Security must be worried. Witnesses to the attack have been taken into protective custody for their own safety...

- Dear Editor, Where have all the Tharils gone?

- Empress Barratt ordered them off Omicron until she could find out which one of them killed Elegis, of course. Don't ask stupid questions - Ed.

- I knew there was something funny about Dr. Vaincourt. All those cattle prods were obviously bad for him: he has had to retire after an unfortunate incident in which he made the mistake of monging in the bath.

- Losing hope? Drugs inspire smiles and satisfaction; take Illicit Larry's Laudanum. Don't overdo depression- get 'Yummy'!.

- Does anyone else think that last message was odd? There have been loads of adverts recently, and the people in them don't even exist! - Ed.

- A new station commander has been appointed: Commander "I don't take no shit from my Pariah" Anderton. He's a Shari, but he isn't incompetent. Weird. He's even hired a bunch of competent mercenaries from around CivCore, and a Dalamar to lead them.

- Hey, Nax, buddy! Where were you last month? We missed your smilin' face.

- There's a new vid out, showing ETA rescuing Silas Black from Omicron cells. Loads of explosions! Corrugated steel plates! Great stuff! At last the IMF and ETA have stopped fighting long enough to co-operate on an action film. Let's hope for more in the future. ****1/2.

- Damn, but those new mercs are good. They keep catching people doing things wrong, and throwing them in the cells, and then guarding them so that they CAN'T ESCAPE! What's going on?

- Dunno why that Illisthian engineer just upped and went like that. No staying power these days, that's what it is.

- Has anyone noticed whether Ambassador 100 has been doing much lately? It just seems to spend a lot of time in the greenhouse. Dodgy if you ask me.

- The former proofreader of Rat's Eye View would like to apologise once again to Ms. Germansausage, misrepresented as 'Pepperoni', and Dr. Electric Bath Tub, whose name was unfortunately misspelt 'Van der Graaf' due to a typographical error.