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ICON News 12

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ICON News 12


The Tharil Empire has suffered a justified setback in their genocidal attacks. The CCF, once more showing their commitment to all the races of CivCore, returned in order to join forces with Karellian, Handrahen, Shari and the IMF ship Annihilation. Together, these forces destroyed the two Tharil flagships, which were responsible for the Rocarnan tragedy. Tharil fleets in the area were decimated, in this first step towards freeing CivCore from the Tharil threat. The CCF and their allies have the full support of CCTV in their battles.


The Lord High Arbiter of the Tharil Empire, arrested on Omicron Station shortly after the battle, will be tried as soon as possible for crimes of genocide. We have as yet received no description of where the trial will be held, other than 'a secure place'. It has also been revealed that his judge will be Marcus Harrison, a Karrelian renowned for his fairness and his adherence to proper procedure. He has now been transferred to the trial location, but prior to leaving Carillon, he stated that 'Many people think this trial will be entirely one-sided, but I am determined that the Tharils will be permitted to state their Lord High Arbiter's case fully, and without undue interference from the prosecution. This is by no means a kangaroo court.'

An agreement about exchange of prisoners has been reached with the pro tem Tharil command, the Empress Barratt being currently unavailable for diplomatic discussion.


CivCore residents have been barred from New Empire space, Emissary having stated that any who try to make unauthorised entry will be met with deadly force. All journalists and envoys have been deported back to CivCore. Our own reporters noted that there is a 'state of anticipation' in the New Empire which seems not to be fully understood even by those who live within its borders. Suspicions are rife that the New Empire is mobilising for an assault...


The CCF are chasing down and attempting to destroy strongholds of Tharil military resistance. Civilian targets are being avoided.

Newsflash! A Tharil force has just destroyed a CCF detachment with the aid of ships resembling the Dark Legion. It seems that the Tharils and the Dark Legion are now working together, although there has been no prior indication of any alliance between them.


Members of the Brotherhood of Ariacel have been returning from all over CivCore to their monastery on Carillon. No reason has been given for the migration, which is presumably of a religious nature.


With their new manager, Solomon P. McShifty (famous for his work with Johnny Vlarg and his round of entertaining and lucrative chat show appearances in the wake of Vlarg's untimely death), the ETA have become the biggest money spinner in recent years. Cheap and colourful toys are hitting shelves across CivCore, coinciding with the beginning of economic recovery to show that McShifty has again predicted the market perfectly. Examples of currently available items include harmless, if not colourful, ETA toy vans, latex masks made to resemble members of the team and other toy equipment bearing the ETA red stripe. McShifty says that the swell of interest is in response to support from fans all over CivCore for the freedom fighters, and that he is looking at various offers for a TV series.


A new disease has hit the Karellian Federation, its primary symptoms being induced paranoia, aggression and psychosis. The proportion of the population so far affected is as yet insignificant, but specialists say that the disease is airborne and will certainly propagate. Spaceports in the Federation have been closed in order to prevent more widespread transmission, and some Karellians have begun to evacuate hard-hit city areas. Rumours of poisoning and cross-species transmission of the Tharil Flu are being swiftly scotched by the Karellian government, which is also working hard to prevent widespread hysteria and panic.

So far, only Karellians have been affected. However, it is as yet unknown whether other races can act as carriers of the disease, so all races are to be included in any necessary quarantine procedures.


Karel, who was recently on the verge of being denounced by the Brotherhood of Ariacel as a heretic, has apparently been welcomed back into the fold. The following message has been broadcast across CivCore on behalf of the Brotherhood:

Rejoice! Prophet Karel has saved us all from the corrupting influence of the Matriarch. Nothing now stands between us and the true light of Ariacel! Rejoice, brethren, and praise the name of Karel!


A single, purportedly from retired IMF hero Silas Black, has hit the stands. We seem to hear Silas Black crooning a slushy number about his love for fellow IMF member Sonali, and his fantasies about her mother and friends. However, Black Media immediately denied the authenticity of the recording, which has been declared suspect by independent experts. The embarrassed publishers have withdrawn the single from sale, proffering a sincere apology to Black for their mistake. Copies already sold have already quintupled in value, and public pressure is rising for Black to record and release his own song. Meanwhile, the legal department of Black Media Incorporated is preparing for a confrontation with Solomon P. McShifty's newly formed 'Ultimate Media' group.


Recovering interplanetary economies are making even the high prices of the new-generation jump drives affordable to many traders. Demand is meeting and exceeding current supply, leaving many customers waiting for their orders to be filled when new production facilities come on line. Those who already have the new drives, meanwhile, are able to beat their competitors for speed using the jump relay stations, traffic on which is light enough that there is rarely any delay at all waiting for processing.


Somewhere in the Dranil research facility an important breakthrough has been made. The scientists there have built the first ever Psychic Channeler. The Psi-Chan allows the .05% of the population with Psychic powers to channel them into useful functions, destructive functions. <cuts to man with a strange headband in the middle of a room which has a machine in one corner> This psychic is about to demonstrate what can be done with the Channeler. <five Oliss prisoners are brought in and unchained, they try to attack the man but after a brief moment turn on each other. The last one standing turns back to the psycher and then collapses to the floor> The Psi-Chan allowed the Psychic to confuse the mind of the enemy, causing confusion and chaos. Could this be what finally wins the war? Psi-Gen, an expansion to Genocide. Buy it. Play it. Live it. Genocide and its expansions, only from Matrix Shaft.


- Hey, Security? We know where Valomo is. Behind the stairs next to the 'synthetic-carbohydrate-u-like' on level 34.

- Dear Sir, Level 34 has already undergone a full security sweep. I assure you that Valomo is not there. In fact, he has been dead for months. Now stop pissing about, before we chuck you in the cells. Yours sincerely, Lieutenant Marlow, Station Security.

- Ooooooo! Was it something I said, or are you always miserable?

- Hey, Teeth mate? What went wrong? Surely you should have been expecting those alarms, sirens, automatic cut-outs, and pilot's seats that are too small for anyone, if you try to take Amorian ships from Black Media? Unless it wasn't actually you we saw scuttling away afterwards.

- We're trying to work out here whether last month's scrap was the Fourth Battle of Omicron or the Fifth. Can anyone help?

- Did anyone else notice that the Handrahen seemed to be hanging around looking for something after the big fight? I wonder whether they found it.

- Hey, I found a machine deep in the Shades - you know, really deep - and I pressed a button, and it started producing this weird black fog and saying the universe is going to be destroyed in eight years' time!

- Only kidding; actually, I dropped some coins next to it, and it gave me some batteries.

- Is K'ttk still on the station, or is that a different Bellum? Only he hasn't been pestering us for ages, and they all look the same anyway.

- I bet you anything that Karellian disease was made by the Rocarna. They did Tharil flu. They did Skithrass with glowing red eyes. They did Dragons. Bound to be their fault. Even if they aren't alive any more.

- They've finally finished repairing the holes that the dragon riders made when they flew straight through the station during the Saar-Cat attack. They have these new grill thingies in the ventilation shafts, which I think are supposed to stop us living there. Nice try.

- We realise that this is a trying time for Sonali, what with Empress Barratt being completely fruitloop at the moment, but you'd think she'd sort out some priorities. When's the wedding?

- Hey, Trioc. How come you used to be head of security, but now you have to take orders from that Dalamar Runny Walter bloke? And how come you let him seal up all the cool secret routes into the important bits of the station. Suddenly, we can't get anywhere near the Pariah's throne room, or the Ambassadorial quarters, or the conference rooms, or the cells, or anything. Mind you, we can still get into the cinema for free, so at least they haven't spoiled all our fun.

- Dark Legion. Hmmm. Very dodgy. But we saw Silas Black, tooled up to the max, punching his hand into his fist, and muttering 'Come on then Nemesis, if you think you're hard enough', so he'll probably fix it.

- Empress Estate Agent's in a bit of a bad way. We tried cheering her up with some Exploding Rock Balls - like little round fireworks, kids love 'em - but it only seemed to make her worse.

- You know those toasters Darke is selling? You know that he won't actually sell them to toaster wholesalers? What you probably didn't know is that if you steal one while he isn't looking, and unscrew the front plate, and look behind the heating element, then you'll see some kind of military grade guidance circuitry. And if you pull off the handle, there's this little directional magnetic field generator behind it. And in fact, the element is less of an electric heater, and more of a laser. Wierd way to make toast, if you ask me.

- Been in an accident? Need some help, 24 hours a day? Come down to Dr. Ex-Muat Tien Fighter Bob's First Aid Clinic. (Sorry, we do not do house calls.)

- Dammit! There's more of these adverts appearing everywhere! Where do they come from?

- That Lazlus Alalalala fellow - you know, the Zadani with a face like a Skithrass. He's only gone and dismantled all the lovely homes we made out of the electronics! It's not as if anyone has ever used them.

- They just found our way into the cinema. Bastards. This isn't democracy! Well, okay, it never was democracy, but you know what we mean.

- The editors would like to apologise for their mistaken report last month that Dr. Vaincourt injured himself with an electric cattle prod. In fact, he's dead.