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ICON News 13

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ICON News 13


A press release from the IMF recently announced that Lord Nemesis, the leader of the Dark Legion, had been killed by Silas Black. At the same time, a Legion flagship was destroyed.


A chamber on Shari, which has become known as the Heart, has been opened and entered by a group of people including Empress Barratt of the Tharils. Reports from Omicron Station indicate that the Heart may grant immense, perhaps even total, power to its occupants. Considering the individual power of a Pariah of Shari, these possibilities cannot be safely discounted. Governments are trying to enter into diplomatic discussions with the occupants of the Heart, to ascertain their abilities and intentions. Meanwhile, the people of CivCore wait nervously for answers.

The Pariahs of Shari are thought to consider the entry to the Heart as a trespass oh their mutual domain, and therefore a crime of the highest order.


The removal of large areas of Omicron Station by the star destroyer Annihilation has allowed it to use the Jump Gate to escape the possible wrath of the Pariahs of Shari. It is currently residing in the Aamei system. The move is said to have been made with no casualties. Commander Anderton has stated that the Station has established cordial temporary agreements with the Aamei government, and will consider returning to Shari once the current crisis is over.


An apparent kamikaze attack has been made on Omicron station by a Dark Legion craft. The explosives were detected with long range sensors, and the ship destroyed when it refused to answer challenges, so damage was minimal, however one vessel leaving a docking bay took severe damage.


Unconfirmed reports have reached CivCore that the reason for the expulsion of non-natives from the New Empire may be less sinister than first thought. It appears that preparations were underway for some kind of festival to celebrated the consolidation of the New Empire's religious beliefs.


Amorian ships operating for Black Media have again been attacked by the Dark Legion. Unlike the last such conflict, the Dark Legion did not demand surrender, instead performing a brutal ambush that left one vessel destroyed, and others badly damaged before they could jump out. The Star Destroyer Annihilation responded to distress calls. The IMF has not yet reported the results of any retaliation.


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- Tell the Heart's attendants that Skithrass all love liberty, freedom, and other like kinds of stuff.