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ICON News 2

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ICON News 2


Only a few days after the New Empire withdrew from Amorian space, a fleet of Ikzari ships arrived and took over the planet. All Amorians on the planet are dead from some strange and virulent disease. One rumour suggests that the disease might have a New Empire origin. Luckily, a few Flight pilots were on Hel at the time training with the CCF. So there is a chance for the race. CCTV deplores this genocide and offers their condolences and support to the only surviving Amorian ambassador, K'Tana, based at Omicron Station.


K'tana, Amorian ambassador to the Nimyek Conference, has given a heart-rending speech to the people of CivCore:

"The genocide of Amoria, in a time of peace, by the treasonable acts of the Ikzari and the New Empire, is the most terrible thing ever to have occurred. My people - my family - my friends - suffered terribly before the rain of bombs which destroyed us utterly. I cannot..."

Here, she broke down in tears. When she had recovered her composure, she continued:

"I do not know why this atrocity occurred. Perhaps still some grudge against R'Tani, who first left their ambassadors to the vicinitudes of the enemy a decade ago. Perhaps they just wanted to make a point.

"As one of the last of a dying race, I demand with the vaias of all the dead that we are avenged. Our blood feud with the Ikzari will not end until the death of one race. And beware, CivCore, of remaining neutral. They may yet turn on you."


Through Dr. Vaincourt's medical genius, M'Lane, the plagued Amorian pilot and member of Flight who arrived on the station last month, has recovered. K'Tana has promised his services free of charge to anyone who wishes him to fight the Ikzari; otherwise, they are available at a cost of 50 million Talurians.


Across CivCore, several broadcasts began that appeared to be criticising the Helian government, and started to show Helians attacking an Aa'meian ship. The broadcasts were all cut off quickly.


The Anthem Anthem seems to be the new anthem of the younger generation. A music and dance craze which started only a month ago, many millions of copies have been sold throughout CivCore, and Virgus Music is swiftly becoming the most popular music publishing corporation in the business. Let's all chant it together... 'If you want to join the Anthem Revolution...'


Helyan governmental officers thought lost in the terrorist attacks last month were recovered yesterday. They are currently recovering from their ordeal at the hands of the Aamei terrorist group known as the C'Kights.


Following the shock breakup of the CCF and the Galactic Harmony movement just over a week ago, CCTV News can reveal exclusively that the Nimyek Conference has been forcibly cancelled. Not only were two of the ambassadors absent at the last meeting, one having been kidnapped by his own government for attempting to impose an anti-piracy treaty, but CCF troops on Omicron were forced to announce the unfortunate death of Medril Raskar, commander of the station, at the hands of conference head Amelia Gossage, and to enforce her execution after swift court-martial and confession. At the moment the status of Omicron is uncertain, but there are CCF troops protecting the station from around the Shari jump gate, which must make them feel safer.


P5 has announced the opening of a snazzy new annexe to be decorated in various shades of black. The new brothel, to be called P6, is going to be set up on Omicron Station under the watchful eye of Larmion, the infamous Flying Pariah, who seems very happy with the arrangement. An Opening Night party is arranged for the 3rd of next month, as the management hope to attract any passing diplomatic trade should the Nimyek Conference actually persist.


CCTV is proud to reveal exclusive footage of the CCF in action on Omicron Station last month. As the film shows, a small force boarded the station, to ensure that the trial of Amelia Gossage could be carried out without interference. Meanwhile, a larger military force remained docked at the Station. After the trial, the CCF withdrew to a nearby system, until they realised that the New Empire and Zhanian forces were holding a pitched battle in the Shari system, at which point they returned and secured peace.


The Karellian government has issued a statement declaring that it believes the killing of Amelia Gossage by CCF representatives to have been an illegal act. 'We will not allow one of our citizens to be killed without taking any action,' said a spokesperson. 'Our detectives will not rest until we have come to the full truth behind these violent and abhorrent acts.'


Mr and Mrs Gossage, who have very recently moved to Hel from a Karellian colony, announced today that they were ashamed of the terrorist acts of their daughter in killing Commander Medril Raskar of Omicron Station. 'We are deeply saddened by what Amelia did, and we're pleased that her crimes have been dealt with justly. We would ask the Karellian government not to make this time any harder for us by uncovering more details of our daughter's shame.'


After three weeks of skirmishing around Amoria, the CCF and Ikzari fleets have funally met in a decisive battle. Displaying forces far greater than expected by military experts, the CCF has routed the Ikzari invasion fleet. The destruction was not total, but the Ikzari are finally on the run. Their annihilation is inevitable.


Zahnian technology has been discovered on some CCF personnel. Our reporters will be making a full investigation. If you have any further information, please get in touch.


Reports from Grangor are that some kind of energy weapon has destroyed a transport ship carrying Grand Admiral Medea of the CCF. Government spokesmen across CivCore have condemned this cowardly attack on the destroyer of the Ikzari invasion fleet. CCF are conducting their own investigation into the security around their leader, and the precise nature of the murder weapon, which is as yet unknown.


The Clans are looking for a venue in which to hold their next Trade Fair. At the moment, they claim to be interested in putting the event on Omicron Station, if they are allowed free passage by the CCF fleet which is holding the Shari jumpgate.


Last night, an as yet unidentified assassin slew Ambassador Tae Loquelis Ikzara on her arrival on Omicron Station. The killer first opened fire with an automatic rifle: it is unknown whether the shooting was fatal because he then triggered a bomb, killing himself, the Ambassador, her bodyguard, and three station security staff. A further four civilians were injured. The ambassador's presence was expected to begin a new series of peace talks to replace the Nimyek Conference.


Officer speaking. As you probably all know the station is currently surrounded by CivCore ships. There is no need to panic. I repeat, do not panic. Station personnel are dealing with the situation. Please remain calm... oh, and anyone with any ideas about how to stop us all from being killed please speak to Dr Vaincourt, Trioc or myself... but as I say, there is no need to panic. We will keep you updated on the situation.

- I hope that the malfunction of the Imperium of Zhan's weaponry was useful. No charge this time. --- Xylo Treem

- Well, all this CCF nonsense is flapping the normally dour Officer. That announcement he made was a little off the wall, and the rush of people running to their ships to investigate sent a couple of people to Casualty. Be more careful next time.

- They seek him here, they seek him there, those Security Guards seek Valomo everywhere. We know where he is! But we're not telling.

- The Nimyek Conference isn't a very safe thing to have around. It's just come to our attention that there were at least two people killed at the last meeting, in addition to lots of bodies in CCF uniforms making the station untidy. You should have looked at the conference chamber after they left. Blood everywhere.

- What the hell does Security think they're doing? Living in a dreamworld? The so-called followers of Kris Ret, the Dark Lord have killed at least one Skithrass on Omicron in the past week. Forget about finding Valomo and sort it out, guys!

- Oh, Security! Listen up. That Valomo is living in the Wyre with the dragonriders. Larmion put him there, it's all very hush hush.

- Has anyone lost a lot of bombs? 'Cos we've got loads of them picked up from all over the station. If you want them back, just ask.

- No-one has a clue of the danger that lurks in the Shades except us. And we're Skithrass, so we're not worried.

- Oh, Security! Listen up. That Valomo is hiding on Dr Vaincourt's ship. You can't go looking there with impunity...

- There's a man in black leather and chains who has approached *all* the Ambassadors *and* both Dr Vaincourt and Officer. Weird.

- By orders of Dr. Vaincourt, security has been outfitted with decent communicators. We feel much more secure now.

- Almar, the head of Omicron's computing department, has given permission for games to be played on Station computers. Restrictions have been imposed preventing staff from playing during their working hours.

- The Rat's Eye View has just received a tip off from someone called Zanthia (who you?) that the CCF forces are working with the Imperium of Zhan. We have to say we're not surprised.

- Oh, Security! Listen up. That Valomo is living in The Tubes with the Skithrass. Good luck finding him down there.

- P6 is going to be opening in a week or so. Any freebies for Skithrass? We can give you good publicity...

- Hold onto your body! Apparently there's a strange man on Omicron who wants to buy your bod. Whoever you are, you're not having mine!

- Oh, Security! Listen up. Valomo has been seen down in the Shades. We have no idea how he got in there.

- Visit Queue gardens, on asteroid Shari-3b:4537. See the Stem's collection of interplanetary flora. Over 30 distinct environments to explore, from the mundane to the extreme. Non-humanoids should bring own environment suits.