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ICON News 3

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ICON News 3


Omicron now has its own TV broadcasting station! With the support of the Pariah Larmion, the Aameians on the station have begun broadcasting to CivCore on their own channel, which they have named Aamei-Cron TV. A typical sample of a day's viewing pleasure would be:
16:00 News; including special report on the Helyan's atrocities
16:30 Wish you were There. Travel programme. Today's programme features the planet Hel, especially pointing out the easily bombed places.
17:00 Event Horizon. Science programme. Can there be a scientific explanation as to why the Helians are so evil?
17:30 No'Ledmnd's House Party. Featuring the lovable children's character Mr. Helian.
The programmes are introduced, and some presented, by Molly from P5.


ARE YOU A TRADER? Do you trade? Do you enjoy trading? Then why not go to Clan Xitra's Trade Fair? Meet lots of other traders -- and trade with them! Will you end up making a profit or a loss? Only time will tell!


Inspector Hercule Clouseau of the Karellian Federation, most revered xenodetective of his generation - he claims to have invented the science - has once more found his man. The murder of Amelia Gossage was orchestrated by a rogue Dalamar residing on Omicron, Silas Black. 'When I left the security services had matters nicely in hand,' explained the famous detective, 'and I don't think we're going to have to worry about the evil machinations of Black ever again.' He has been given another commendation by the Federation for excellence in off-world service.


Following a lukewarm reception in the publishing industry to the new song suggested by the Anthem Revolution, Calamity Records decided to go it alone. Reviewers have said that the increased musical quality of the piece is not endearing it to the young audience that bought their debut, and the feel-good factor of the Anthem Anthem is lost in the new song by constant criticism of a bureaucratic system. Rage against the machine just isn't as popular as boppy dance tunes, it seems.


Look out, the woods of CivCore are becoming dangerous places! Normally savage animals are becoming even more savage and more willing to seek out their prey. Rocarnan expert Maradin, a household name on that planet, pointed out that occasional disturbances in natural habitat can cause deadly responses. He is going to carry out a study over the course of the next few months - anyone who has been viciously attacked is asked to contact him on matrix node 23-12-42, especially if they can provide the animal's body.


Our reporter has left to cover in person the private parts of the opening of P6. We will refrain from passing comment on the celebrations until he has recovered sufficiently to produce his documentary. But as a tasty reminder, the events include cocktails, erotic dancers of all sizes, races and species, bondage demonstrations and introductory offers


Matixshaft(TM) have released the Cyber(TM)Pet(TM). These sweet little pieces of software need constant maintenance, but have nevertheless caught on. They do everything one would expect: eat, sleep, play, fight and occasionally crash.


Although his early past is shrouded in mystery, the work of this great statesman through decades of CivCore's somewhat chequered history speaks for itself. Founder of the Holy Church of Pure Data, he always maintained his belief that information was the highest good and should be sought whenever possible. Dramatically, Tarik perished violently on Omicron Station. Details of his death have not yet been released by Omicron authorities, and many current and old HCPD members are clamouring for the release and public burial of Tarik's corpse.


Larmion and Dr Vaincourt will be feeling the pinch shortly as trade barriers start to be lifted by the CCF fleet stationed at the Shari jump gate. Even with such low taxes, few traders are likely to brave the might of the CCF to offload their goods.


A large number of CCF members have been convicted of treason lately. Most have been executed, always without appeal. Is this the reult of the organisation's recent change of direction, or is something far more sinister happening? CCF spokesmen have stated that the convictions have all been watertight, but otherwise refused to comment.


In a return to earlier form, P5 has opened a section called the 'Old Quarter'. Claiming to cater for the luxuriously decadent and those with a distaste for natural fibres or love for red velvet, P5 spokesthing AVIS described the reversal as 'inevitable. P5 is always happy to cater to the demands of its clientele, whatever those demands might be.' The opening days of the new section have proved to be unusually popular, with old clients coming to P5 from all over CivCore.


Helyan sociologist Angrath Nitt has radically increased the vitriol of his writings. He speaks of the rest ic CivCore 'attacking our capital, stabbing us in the back even as we tried to deliver them from Zhan, the foul murder of the Grand Admiral even as she fought for the safety of Amoria. We released them from the tyrannous yoke of the brutish Aamei! We have protected and aided them for years with the lifeblood of our greatest and wisest, and what is their thanks? What gratitude did they show Medea?'. He goes on to exort Helyans to overthrow and exterminate the lesser races, and to rule as only they are wise enough to do.


With the High Priest's body still unforthcoming, the followers of Tarik claim that the spate of sick jokes regarding the obscure claim in his recent letters that he would die and rise again should be stopped. A foremost comedy show produced this recent item:
Comedian 1 - Look matey, the High Priest wouldn't rise again if I put four thousand volts through him. He's bleeding demised.
Comedian 2 - He's not, he's pining for the HCPD.
Comedian 1 - He's not pining, he's passed on. This priest is no more. He has ceased to be. He's expired and gone to meet his maker. This is a late priest. He's a stiff. Bereft of life, he rests in peace. He's rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. This is an ex-priest.


Illisthia once again has an official ambassador on Omicron. Tarqaxsithil Lathrandimir arrived last month, and is beginning to pick up where L!ortanatheriil Al'thiorana'karaan left off.


Ships attacked by a small fleet described as a mixture of Zhanian and CCF vessels are calling for CivCore wide action. The brutality and pointlessness of the attacks on traders and travellers, breaking off before destroying their targets in almost every case, is described as 'terrifying and devastating' by one of the victims, who will 'never trust the CCF again.'


The Muat Tien is still as popular as ever. The current official champion, Rampage, has declared himself prepared to take on all comers in friendly matches to prove his superiority. So far matches lined up include one which is being hyped by the media as a conflict of the old and the new, with Rampage facing an experienced mystery opponent


Plantlife on Karellia and Hel has been making aggressive moves towards animals and people. Most describe the fear of the violent plants as meaningless paranoia, but warnings have been released on a number of Karellian colonies that children should not be allowed out alone in areas rich with plantlife. So far there have been no reported Karellian fatalities.


Rumours abound in CivCore that the Dark Legion, the vicious fleet led by Lord Nemesis in his devastation of CivCore, has been reformed. Pictures of raiding parties including Zhanian and CCF ships attacking random traders and travellers have brought about considerable concern on the part of authorities. Sightings of Lord Nemesis have been reported across CivCore, none by reliable witnesses. Ravings about seas of blood and death have appeared on the Tangled Web. Tactical experts say that the evidence is inconclusive.


Do we really want to be pawns in the games played by the CCF, New Empire and Imperium of Zhan? I say we form our own forces and exercise our rights to do what we want.


- Strange goings on in the Shades. Anyone going to take a look?

- Where has Officer got to? The disappearance of the second in command has worried Station Security, who have slackened their desperate pursuit of Valomo for a few minutes to find out where Officer might be. Well, we last saw him leaving the station.

- There are some strange men watching the entry ports to Omicron.

- Wow! That P6 opening was sure a blast! Oh, I don't need to say any more, you were at the party of the century, weren't you?

- Dra'Zan ambassador Anya has been spending lots of time plugged into the Matrix.

- Impossible Missions expert Silas Black has been seen hanging around seedy areas of Omicron and exchanging money under the table with known dealers in illegal substances. Allegedly. Other than that the IMF have been squeaky clean for almost a month.

- Hey, Nax! Great new horn. Keep it up, buddy.

- Anyone notice how there are fewer of them Kris-Ret fellows around these days? Odd, that.