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ICON News 4

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ICON News 4


The four engineers, suspected of insanity, who call themselves the "E-team" and who were imprisoned only a few days ago, have escaped. No one is sure quite how they did this; however, the Shari guards assigned to their cells tell of an alluring female who claimed to be visiting them. It is believed they have descended into the Shades, mainly because of the words "E TEAM" found blasted into the wall near a Shades entrance.


Despite the fact that conferences are continuing on Omicron Station with almost precisely the same delegates as the original Nimyek Conferences, the CCF has denied that these are in any way an interplanetry peace initiative. A spokesman said "The Nimyek Conferences were planned and organised by the convicted traitor and murderer Amelia Gossage. Their foundation was corrupt, which is why they were cancelled. Any attempt to revive them is doomed to failure."


The smash hit Aamei-Cron TV chat show Op'rinfry has recently had a somewhat mysterious guest: almost the only personal information known is his name, Sk'Thon. The program was called "Yet more reasons to hate the Helians" (after last week's "More reasons to hate the Helians" and the previous week's "My daughter is dating a Helian"). Sk'Thon spoke on the subject at some length.

"The atrocities committed by the Helians are unforgivable. Having taken over the CCF, it is clear they will stop at nothing until they rule us all. We must act now to prevent..." etc.


The advertising machine for the Clans trade fair to be held on Omicron Station, starting in a month's time and continuing for six weeks, has certainly gone into overdrive! What do you mean you haven't heard of it? Where have you been? Posters, CCTV adverts, songs and more sophisticated advertising devices have been swamping CivCore for a while now - and they show no signs of letting up. At this rate Omicron won't be able to hold all the visitors!


The Anthem music machine has listened to its fans and produced a new track which MEANS NOTHING AT ALL!!! 'It's great,' claimed one relieved, scantily clad teenager, 'nothing to tax the brain - just party.' Virgus Music have happily produced this track, and whilst nowhere near as popular as the Anthem Anthem, it has acquired somewhat of a following and is certainly making money.


Dr. Quentin Volte, of Omicron Station, has independently produced a treaty guaranteeing the Station's neutrality and security. He is expected to unveil his masterpiece at this month's Nimyek Conference, where it will be considered by delegates before being distributed to all powers of CivCore for signing.


The pointless attacks spearheaded by the small CCF and Imperium ships continue. No ships have been destroyed in the past weeks, but many have been seriously damaged. Extremists claiming that Lord Nemesis has returned have been planting incendiary devices in factories, power plants and dams, but so far all have been found before detonation. The Tangled Web bulletin board continues to be unusually active.


The uncharacteristic attacks on people by plants and animals across the planets of CivCore have risen in frequency and violence. Lives have been claimed on almost every world, and Shari civilians live in fear of the marauding Saar Cats. Botanical gardens and safari parks have been closed in order to avoid legal liability for casualties. Rocarnan expert Maradin is convinced that the plant and animal attacks have a mutual source, but is unsure what that source might be.


After spending several weeks searching the Shades, Vo'ka von Smirnoff has finally managed to recapture the E-team, despite their somehow having turned a standard engineering van into a fully armoured battle tank.


Rumours have started to circulate about why the moon-sized brothel, P5, is still in Shari space despite the restriction of trade which has been caused by the CCF. A source close to Mistress Teela let slip that the moon was actually unable to move at the moment. AVIS, P5 spokesthing, dismissed these claims and stated that P5 was overseeing the first few months of Annex P6.


The Clans have been objecting to the actions of Clan Xitra in setting up an 'illegal' trade fair when clearly banned by Clans tradition. The Maj of Clan Xitra, an immensely fat and charismatic spokesman, pointed out that they had a venue, they had all arrangements in place and if they had an agreement with the CCF that visitors to the Fair can travel to and from the Shari system in safety, surely their own people can stand by their achievement? He cited Centari as one of the major movers in setting up the Fair, calling the Ambassador a 'talented and respectful protege.' The future response of the Clans Council is eagerly awaited by Xitran organisers.


In recent weeks, a large vocal movement calling themselves the Stop Angrath Nitt Talking Association (or SANTA) has arisen on the station. Their tenets are that Angrath Nitt is a Helian extremist who should not be trusted, and that he sets Helians against others, so that they do not realise that what they are doing is wrong. Aamei-Cron TV has given the association a lot of favorable coverage, but Nitt's voice is still heard across CivCore thanks to a number of documentaries, discussion programs, and a new children's program 'Tea Time, With Angrath Nitt', featuring the immensely popular 'Thought for the day' slot.


Software - Genocide - This is the latest in interactive gaming experience from MatrixShaft. Feel the thrill of combat as your cobra fighter executes a graceful arc as you line up another of the worthless Dranils in your sights. Experience the responsibility of control as you control a battle cruiser, a battle group or perhaps an entire fleet. Can you direct your forces to a victory? Find out with Genocide.

This new game will allow users from accross CivCore to log into the same, gigantic game and play as a member of one of four races who are all struggling to wipe out all traces of the other races. Genocide on a galactic scale, coming to a retail outlet near you.


Although many have taken him up on his offer of friendly fights, and he remains unbeaten, Muat Tien champion Rampage was disappointed a few weeks ago when one of his scheduled adversaries decided not to participate after all. A major competition season is set to begin in short order, and the Algol game worlds invite all fighters to participate.


A new program has been released by the Anthem Revolution lambasting the P5 Leathermen. In Leathermen Behaving Badly, two Leathermen play drunken louts who are continually upstaged by their roommate, who is (unbeknownst to them) a member of the Anthem Revolution. The pilot will be shown on CCTV next month. If successful, it is set to become a weekly series. Our original polls show that the dumb but endearing Leatherman, Billy Bob, is considered by audiences to be the hero of the piece.


- How strange. K'Tik has been very polite for the last few weeks. Almost a complete change of character. Perhaps he just doesn't want us to tell anyone what he's been up to lately.

- That big spaceship was a little scary. Still, it's nice to have a Pariah on your side.

- Wonder what happened to the Impossible Mission team? Just trying to wander into the Shades and they end up outside it again...

- There's a plague of rather annoying insect around on Omicron at the moment.

- Nax, buddy, here's a clue about the Shades problem - try a different entrance. Cool shades, by the way.

- Promotion on P6 for a truly great cocktail - the Pan Galactic Revolution Red Light Special. Green, bubbly, gives you a good time.

- Officer's been slaving long hours over letters and logs in the past month. Now, where's those security codes?

- Trade Fair starts in only three weeks. Get stuff to sell, decide what to buy and go along. Trade Fairs are meant to be a blast.

- If you want security codes, you can just ask Valomo. He's living in the greenhouse with those Stem thingies.

- Officer keeps disappearing. This time, though, he's left his ship, and his quarters are in a bit of a mess. Oh Security! Perhaps you should take a look.

- Can anyone else hear that whistling noise?