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ICON News 6

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ICON News 6


Limited maps of the Shades have started to appear on the Matrix. They are being posted anonymously, and made available to everyone. Naturally, they are nowhere near complete; they show a lot of detail around the entrances, and a few single passages penetrating deeper mapped out in full; the rest is blank.


On the first of this month across CivCore every member of Legion simultaneously collapsed. There were few enough still in the area, but it transpires that some way into the New Empire Legion has also suffered, and the events seem to have happened at exactly the same moment. Psychologists reports reveal tremendous loneliness, which has already caused some individuals to commit suicide. Others are under full time mercy guard. With reports coming in of the New Empire and the Legion homeworld, Deus, being under threat from the Imperium of Zhan, it is perhaps time for CivCore to worry about the next Imperium moves. Our reporters have heard rumours that the CCF and Imperium, possibly allies, have somehow sabotaged Legion, perhaps through some biotech weapon. Certainly it is unlikely that the New Empire will stand for much longer when their leaders are dead or insane.


For approximately fifteen seconds the other day a large green neon sign appeared on P5. Allegedly the notice attempted to compare the Helyans to the rather disgusting Velutian Dung Beetle. It is unknown how or why this sign appeared, but a public apology and investigation has been announced by Mistress Teela of P5, who denys any involvement in the incident but has accepted all responsibility. The Helyan Government and the CCF are awaiting reports.


All reports of the trade fair on Omicron have been positive. Clan Irnab seems to have boycotted the proceedings, but a Xitran spokesman who described them as 'bolshy females who should be seen and not listened to' claimed that this was no loss at all to the Fair. Profits are said to be high.


The battle seems to be won, the enemy forces are fleeing towards the jump gate. "Destroy everyone." comes the order from your commander. you move towards the enemy when suddenly a ship jumps into existance. It is a collosal ship brimming with weaponry. Before you know it it opens fire and your ship dissolves into molten metal.

Annihilation introduces a new element of warfare. The four races have been developing super weapons. Ships of gargantuan size and tremendous firepower. Lesser ships must find the weaknesses of these titans befroe they can have a chance and battles between the titans are not survived by many. Annihilation, can you survive it?


The cessation of violence from animals and plants across CivCore has been tracked back to a sudden change around the beginning of the month. Planetary governments are breathing a sigh of relief and attempting to avoid paying compensation to too many angry relatives...


Inhabitants of certain areas of Shari tried to protect themselves from freezing cold a few weeks ago as their weather control systems went on the blink. Offers of aid have been arriving from the Karellian Federation.


Here are pictures of soon-to-be blushing bride, Helyan socialite Sonali Nimyek. The graceful and beautiful daughter of the CCF heroine is said to be planning to marry a relative unknown living on Omicron, a handsome Karellian who was once in holy orders. We think she's ravishing enough to persuade any man away from his faith! Sources close to the happy couple say that the two are inseperable, and we have an amazing ceremony, already being secretly organised, to anticipate. Good luck to them!


The Algol game worlds have tracked down the software error which allowed Muat Tien fighter Bob to be paralysed, and have issued an official apology, paying Bob sufficient compensation to allow his hydroponics company to establish three new branches: on Carillon, the third Illisthian trade moon and in the Aamey system. 'None of our fighters need to worry about this sort of mistake happening again,' said the apologetic spokesman.


- What is Vaincourt doing? There's been a ransom demand for Officer and he just seems to be ignoring it. D'oh!!!

- Hey, Nax, buddy! Great chat. Got to come visit again sometime.

- Pity about those ill Legion folks. Hear that one of them's dead on Omicron. Wonder how that happened?

- Our Commander Vaincourt has been spending a lot of time with that Clans woman he got given. Rehabilitating, he calls it. Disgusting, I say.

- These Bellum ought to move occasionally. This one's just been monging all month.

- Come to think of it, that applies to the vast, threatening CCF fleet over the other side of the system, too.

-The IMF are being mysterious this month: we have no idea what they've been up to. Someone lost our photocopy of their top secret orders...

- Hmm. Something wrong when all the dragonriders go for a quick jaunt through the wormhole, perhaps. They don't have matrix connections, for one. Wonder how they did it?

-FOR SALE: One jumpship, CCF issue, with top of the line extended range drive. Stealth and ECM equipment. One careless owner. Apply to Honest Joe's second hand vehicles, Level 57.

- Now that's interesting. We seem to have another Pariah on Omicron. And she's brought a load of cavalry with her. Hope she gets on with Larmion all right...

- Oh, Security! Tighten up around the medical bay. Gunfights around the injured aren't the best of ideas.

- That Big Bob: he's well dodgy. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was some kind of High Priest of a secret cult of evil Dragonriders. The kind of unholy rituals they get up to don't bear thinking about. I bet they've got a deal going with the Ikzari, or the Rocarna, or the Plantains, or the All-Carillon Ladies Hockey Team or something!

- Oh yes, and K'tt'k: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

- Hee hee.

- Ahem.