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ICON News 7

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ICON News 7


[The following message was received by those who have attended ICON staff/ambassadors' meetings.]

Staff, Ambassadors, and others of Omicron Station, I have discovered information which concerns us all. I have also arranged for an expert to discuss certain issues with us. Please log on to the matrix at 2145 hours, during your next monthly meeting, when I will speak to you further. ICON.


The strange ships that have been seen throughout CivCore in recent days have been confirmed as part of the fleet of the Tharil Empire. A Tharil spokesman from their Karellian colony told CCTV News that the Tharils were here to stay, but seemed confused as to where an entire Empire might have sprung from. All major governments are arming in preparation for an onslaught.


Over ten years ago, the Imperium of Zhan and the CCF set up barricades around the jumpgate known as Zhan Gateway. These were designed to forcibly preserve the peace by preventing forces from entering or leaving the Imperium. As of less than forty-eight hours ago, those barricades are down. We have reports of the debris of CCF ships from this side of the Gateway and our expert hackers confirm that the jumpgate has indeed been activated. No explanations have yet reached us, but let us all hope that we have not just seen the prelude to war.


Unprecedented panic hit the CivCore financial markets over the last few hours as companies fled the usual security of the Telurian for the recent strength of the Karellian Karilon. Dealers warn that the Karilon has been built up to a level unable to be sustained in any reasonable financial situation. GMG stock is falling by the hour, and there are suspicions that the GMG emergency meeting to be held this afternoon may announce a sell-out to Starmerc. Probably a good time to buy stock in GMG, we'd say!


Financial meltdown threatens as the Aamei leaders of the GMG perished this afternoon as they met to discuss their situation and a potential buy out. A somehow hidden energy bomb, possibly planted by the same terrorists who have recently been active in the Karellian Federation, wiped out the entire board. Companies affiliated with GMG have fled to the Karilon and to the safer umbrella of Starmerc. It is unlikely that the GMG will be able to rebuild itself swiftly, if at all. CivCore faces an economic crisis of chaotic proportions.


An organisation known as Octupus, which obviously has considerable funding and matrix expertise, has made itself known over the past week. It is currently engaged in disseminating anti-CCF propaganda, and offering cash retainers to those willing to agree to undertake future sabotage work. CCF efforts to investigate and remove this pernicious group are underway.


Look out in the brothel! Distraught relatives have been contacting P5 regularly to see if there are any reports confirming the safety of Helyan soldier Casee or Karellian civil servant Astoth. Other disappearances are suspected. In particular, Astoth's family warn patrons not to go near the Old Quarter, which is where they believe he was kidnapped. 'We gave him the trip for his coming-of-age gift,' wept his mother. 'He has so much life ahead of him. Whoever you are, just return our son.' The Karellian government is offering a reward for Astoth's safe return.


Rumours are spreading that the recent terrorist action in the Karellian Federation could be linked with the disappearance of the Mesh transport almost a year ago. The Commission of Enquiry is handling both matters, but refuses to comment on whether they might be linked.


CCTV is pleased to confirm that no major losses seem to have been taken by any major institution following the temporary Matrix aberration. Specialists suggest that this was an isolated occurence, but that banks and governments might like to consider putting failsafes in place to deal with anything similar.


The Karellian Federation has declared a welcome to the Tharil Empire, expressing the wish that the Tharils would be able to live in peace and harmony with the rest of CivCore and offering their aid in setting up suitable planets for Tharil habitation. The Federation was the first to open its doors to Tharil refugees and ex-slaves over a decade ago.


Personal and government fortunes were made and lost today as the Telurian comes close to ceasing to be a valid currency. The CivCore wide unit of trade has fallen in less than six weeks alongside institutions as major as the GMG. Aamei force in trading has suffered with the Telurian, and their political situation is more than tenuous, according to our Aamei correspondent. Food shortages are already hitting Aamei colonies. Donations please to CCTV Aid to Aamei. Warnings continue to flood in that Starmerc and the Karilon are unstable and at an artificial high. Under the bedclothes is probably the safest place to invest your money at the moment.


CCTV apologises for the cessation of news regarding the movements of the Tharil fleets. Planetary governments are uniting behind a news blackout until the aims and abilities of the Tharil empire have been satisfactorily established.


It is a peaceful day on Wadworth. There have been some spectacular meteor showers in the last day and the population are happy that the war is going well. Suddenly a news flash comes on the vid...

"...at a state of war. Repeat Wadworth is in a state of war. An insectoid race has arrived, believed to have arrived with the meteors that have recently crashed on the planet the creatures have massacred the research team that was investigating the sign and the local vilalges seem to have been turned into feeding repository or breeding sight. There are several different creatures that are seemingly adapted for different roles in the attack on the planet. Reinforcements are being called from by the nearby attack fleet but.." Here the broadcast breaks up into static as if the station has been destroyed.

The galaxy has a new race, seemingly as hostile as the rest but these are completely unknown. What is to be done to them is up to you. Defeat them if you can... Play Infestation, from MatrixShaft.


- A message from Officer: After the recent upheaval of my race I am seeking to discover what occured and, more importantly, how many others of my race survived. Anyone with information on the events on or around the day of the Fall or on the current whereabouts or health of any Legion member will receive from me monies relative to the value of the information, along with my undying gratitude.

- Whew! The breakaway CCF ships have left the area. That's a relief.

- I got some GREAT christmas presents from that Pariah bloke in the red. Apparently it's because I didn't shout, cry or pout.

- We've noticed a new spirit of co-operation amongst the command staff. Go for it, guys!

- It looks like we have our very own society heroine on Omicron. Sonali, Sonali, let down your hair! Tell us what colour you're going to wear... Personally, I think you make a lovely couple.

- Anyone know what that Bellum was doing poking around Sickbay? Security, we've said before that you need to get your act together in that area.

- Erm... anyone noticed that the Tharil flagship looks just a little bit like that big scary CCF ship? And it's backed up by quite a few weird-looking Tharil ships. Omicron is surrounded.

- He ran from the meeting, dropped stylishly into a tube which whizzed into a little car bouncing along a way until he gracefully skipped onto a moving walkway, through the Shades and to that really cool spaceship. Hey Nax, buddy, great exit! (Videos priced 19.99 - no Telurians accepted!)

- Suddenly, people on the Tangled Web is offering a lot more money for information. We know about most of it... Give us the money!

- The Tharil presence on Omicron is ever greater. And we've heard that cute little Barratt is the True Empress of all Tharils! Will wonders never cease... She seems to have a fairly long term companion in that big lion-chap in the red and gold. Don't tussle with him, the rumours say that he can see into the future! Oh Security - how do you feel about all these big hard Tharils running around Omicron?

- If you need a problem, if no-one else can help and if they can find you, maybe you can hire: The E-Team!!

[Requests for information whizzing round the Tangled Web: ]

a) The Shari... Background and various comments on their evolution and existence and abilities of the pariahs.

b) Tharils... Information on them and their sudden appearance in CivCore.

c) Anthem Revolution - What they are doing? What are the true motives of the leaders?

d) Anya... Whatever did happen to the Dra'zan ambassador?

e) Voration... Information on the voration reappearance. Is it true that it has moved across to the Imperium of Zhan?

f) Handrahen - What was the Handrahen spaceship doing outside of Omicron a while back? Who was it and what did it want?

g) Auspex - Any and all information on these greatfully appreciated.

h) Beaker - What is this scientist up to at the moment?

i) Arama Station - Whatever did happen on Arama Station? Who killed everybody?

j) Dark Legion... What are these rumours about the dark Legion about? Is Lord Nemesis still around (or at least somebody who claims to be him) and who is Kris-Ret?

k) Hel and the CCF. What are they doing out there? What are their final aims?

l) What was the shooting in sickbay on Omicron all about?

m) What can people tell me about the technomonks or the staff that Brother Karel has?

n) Where is Valomo?

o) What is going on with the Metal planets? Do they really have something to do with the Animals being more vicious?

p) Is Tarik still alive in the Matrix? If you have any recent information regarding him then do tell.

q) What happened with the New Empire: has their homeworld really been destroyed?

r) How did the Dragon Riders jump through the Shari Jumpgate without any form of Matrix connection?

s) All information on the Star Destroyer called, I believe, Annihilation, will be greatfully received.

t) Special 10 000 Telurian reward for the first photographs of Sonali's wedding dress.