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ICON News 8

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ICON News 8


The known Aa'meian terrorist/freedom fighter Sks'Khan, who had gone to ground on Omicron station, has finally met his end.

The events began when, as a routine supply ship was leaving Omicron, an Aa'meian fighter craft jumped into the system. The two ships docked briefly, then the fighter jumped out while the supply ship continued to the jump gate.

After some time, the following message is broadcast all over Omicron by Aa'mei-Cron TV: the message begins with Sks'Khan crouching fervently in a darkened passage, talking into the camera. He says,

"Friends - and others - I was placing you in danger by staying here, and doing nothing to further the glory of Aa'mei. I am leaving to continue the work that my Father began.

"People of Omicron, you must never despair. The glory days of the Great Aa'meian Empire were not built through despair! You must rise up in arms against the tyranny and opression of the Helyan rule, and together, you can begin the process that will overthrow the CCF!

"What you will see next is footage from my ship, as I do what little I can for the good of us all. Never lose hope. Remember, the day shall come when the Aa'mei shall rule Civ-Core once again!"

After a brief burst of static, the screen shows Sks'Khan in his ship. He walks from the camera to his seat, and it can now be seen that the ship is coming down through the atmosphere of a planet. The shape of a CCF base, which, in happier times, was a symbol of hope for the galaxy, can be seen below. Sks'Khan grips the controls, and tenses his body.

It is not long before fighters are launched from the base, and a large aerial battle is fought. Sks'Khan can do nothing against the CCF's fine military technology. Eventually, when his ship has been hit once and crippled, he flicks a switch marked 'ARM', points his ship directly towards the base, and takes the ship up to maximum speed. He is not shot down before he reaches the base. When he does, there is a blinding flash of white that, on the screen, seemed to come from everywhere; then nothing but static.


The Tharil Empire today welcomed news that in diplomatic discussions with their Lord High Arbiter CCF representatives agreed that the Tharils were owed compensation for their years of hardship and agony at the hands of CCF personnel. Terms are being considered by both sides. The CCF is said to have assured the Empire that they are currently holding no Tharil in captivity.


In meticulous formation, a group of lost dragonriders returned after 'immense navigation blunders'. Officers with squadron advised your startled correspondent 'always keep East.'


A New Empire spokesman confirmed today that a new Emissary was to be dispatched to CivCore. Legion has slowly been regrouping and seem to have found a new cause behind which to stand. 'We will aim to visit and correspond with major diplomatic centres. No, at the moment we have no plans for war. Our mission to save the universe has unfortunately failed, and we must look to our own worlds and borders before those of others.'


After several weels delay due to technical problems is post-production, 'Silas Black - The Final Mission' has finally been released to an eagerly-awaiting public of CivCore. Reviews are good, although the fact that the film is tells the true story of Black stealing high-tech equipment from a secret CCF installation has annoyed some. A spokesman for Black Media Incorporated said that 'The CCF knew the risks inherent in any top-secret hush-hush technological advance. They chose to take those risks, and they were unlucky. It is wonderful to see that some good, namely this fine feature film, has come of their evil plans for galactic domination.

In the pipeline are a computer game from MatrixShaft, Black's autobiography, and a range of action toys, although sales of such 'luxury' products have been hit heavily by recent economic factors.


The political leaders of Illisthia, Hel and the Karellian Federation were suprised this week by receiving boxes labelled Charitable Supplies sent direct to their offices. These were filled with a strange collection of underwear, mostly leather bras and G-strings. Each box is reported to have contained a note from the proprietor of P5, Mistress Teela, and a single black rose. Speculation as to what might have prompted this move is rife.


A spate of new reports have ascertained that a number of terrorist attacks have been made against Xitran vessels. Tharil vessels have been identified as the assailants. Asked to speak on this matter, one Tharil insisted that after they were kept in imprisonment and fear for so long, war with the slave traders was inevitable.


While harrassed accountants try to hide, essential averages radically surpass expectations. Dryden-Olafsson enumerations seem to herald a Telurian making everyone's annuities null.


Well, with all the mishaps that Xitran transports and individuals seem to have been suffering recently, perhaps the old joke has some currency:

What's yellow and stupid?
A Xitra's fruit!!
<visuals of transports and vessels burnt out in space>


A recorded statement from a man claiming to be the mysterious businessman and arms dealer Xylo Treem, was released yesterday. He declared that the organisation Octopus had his full support in its opinions and actions against the CCF, which he described as 'The most foul and evil force ever to sully CivCore with its presence'. Details of various alleged CCF atrocities were also provided. These cannot be broadcast for legal reasons, since CCF spokesmen deny all such activities. Lawsuits are being prepared in all CivCore jurisdictions for when this miscreant can be found.


Last month's collapse of the Telurian has been followed by the fall of the Karilon, the main currency of the Karellian Federation, following a spate of irregular transactions. It was to this currency that most financiers had turned for stability following the loss of the Telurian. StarMerc, the largest remaining company in CivCore, has taken a major blow, since it was one of the first major players to turn to the Karilon.

Economic chaos has resulted: interstellar markets are at an all-time low, although the pulling power of independent economies such as that of Omicron Station has remained high. Meanwhile, thousands are starving in some areas, especially the Aamey system. Rioting and looting are common in many cities across CivCore. The Aamei have only been able to continue due to the efforts of relief troops from the CCF. Generosity from Helyans, Karellians and the CCF has been notable.

Preliminary reports suggest that it was cynical manipulation on the part of StarMerc that caused the fall of the Telurian and the GMG. Rumours abound that the sabotage of the Karilon was a revenge move by the slighted GMG. It seems likely that the current chaos and famine across CivCore are solely the result of greedy manipulation by these two organisations.


Hornlu of the stem has given advance notice of a new, limited edition, range of perticularly attractive decorative plants due to hit the market as soon as his marketing people can come up with a snappy name.

Tragically Bob's hydroponics company has been one of the many to fall in the recent spate of currency collapses. Confined to his wheelchair, Bob was unable to speak to our reporters through his agony at having his favourite pastime AND his range of motion taken away from him. Offers of support have been rolling in.


Finally a CCF spokesman has replied to the allegations of splits in the Force. 'We were of course split between those who advocated peace at any cost to CivCore and those who recognised the very valid reasons to maintain a capable army. The resolution of that split has led to some difficulties and some appearance of partiality. However, the CCF of today can assure CivCore that we are as devoted to maintaining security within our area as we have ever been, that we are still a Force which is responsible to and for the whole of CivCore and that we have finally eliminated the dissension which some have seen in our ranks. The CCF of today, just, fair and impartial, will be the CCF of tomorrow. Thank you.'


The Karellian Federation has offered several safe worlds within its borders to the use of the Tharil Empire, and has begun drafting an alliance treaty with the so-far peaceable leonine race. The Lord High Arbiter, who has made several diplomatic visits to the Federation, is said to welcome this new development.


Reports are beginning to reach CivCoreNews that there has been extensive armed conflict within the Imperium of Zhan. No details are yet forthcoming, but it is believed that Ragma vessels have engaged a renegade or guerilla fleet.


Apparently there has been an access of religious fervour sweeping the Bellum homeworld. The root of this new religion is unclear.


Somewhere in a secret meeting place, plans are afoot...

"So group A is going to take out the planetary defences giving group B the opportunity to get the ships clear. Our Counterparts from the Yamin, Cardras and Oliss are doing the same thing. If things go right we will have a fleet large enough to either give us peace or at least a chance for us to stop the atrocities."

At the stroke of Midnight GST the biggest military defection in known space began. At 2 minutes past midnight all the parts of the largest renegade fleet were off to a rendezvous. Two hours later the new fleet was formed. A fleet large enough to attempt to stop the atrocities that began with Genocide (TM). Buy it. Play it. Live it. Genocide and is expansions, only from MatrixShaft.


- That Dr. Vaincourt is at it again! First he was carrying on with that Clans trollop, now I catch him with a cattle prod up his arse! What sort of leader have we got here? Disgusting, I say.

- Silas Black, the Final Mission is a load of old rubbish. There is not nearly enough of Nax in it. Buy our re-formatted Nax version, at only 49.99. Cheap at half the price, and no mistake.

- The Tharils have a Top Secret Secret Thing, and it is Very Important that we don't find out what it is. So that we know where not to look, we are trying to find it. Any help would be useful.

- Oh, Security! Y'know all those cameras that have been going wrong? We know why...

- Things have been a little quiet around Engineering recently, and finally Sickbay is getting sorted out.

- WE GOT THEM! WE GOT THEM! First exclusive pictures of Sonali in her wedding dress! View now for only 6.99 at matrix node 23-06-19.

- Far too many electric cattle prods around these days. Must be P6.

- Hey Nax, buddy, hope they all helped. And don't worry, all your secrets are safe with us. Wouldn't want your friends to get killed, after all.

- There's a weird historian on the station dealing with the Tharils and chatting to Dra'naar. Illisthian, I think. Calls himself Wraxilian. He knows lots - never realised you could gossip about an entire species before...

- Larmion's been looking troubled recently. Wonder why?

- Omicron seems to be the first port of call for this renewed Legion emissary. Well, we'll find out what he's got to say for himself watching through the walls at the meeting...