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Grand Mercantile Guild

The GMG was founded 309 years ago by Aamei traders to protect their interests. Since then it has been opened to all types of commercial organisations, and virtually all companies with interstellar interests are members. Its core functions are to provide security to its members, a trade information network known as MEX, and to an intergalactic banking service. The Bank is the central clearing bank of CivCore, and its currency, the Talerion, is accepted throughout CivCore at least as a second currency, and is often preferred, as it is very stable. Major members are CivCoreTeleVision (CCTV), Galactic Enterprises and Mining (GEM) and the Old and Glorious Interstellar Freight Company to name a few of the largest companies in the CivCore: most interstellar companies are members.

The GMG is run by the Managing Director, who is elected every five years by its members. It is a very powerful organisations, when its members can agree about a certain matter, what extremely rarely happens.


StarMerc is the CivCore's largest single corporate entity. It split from the GMG 140 years ago, and fought the GMG for three years in the so called Corporate War, until both companies reached a sensitive status quo. StarMerc is run by a giant bureaucracy, with many layers of management. While it sells and produces everywhere, it suffers from the attempt to always act alone and unaided: especially by members of the GMG.

CivCore Forces

Around a hundred years ago Havena, a Helyan woman, convinced soldiers and officers from all known planets to follow her to the destroyed system of Grangor, home of the ancient Oracle, where they constructed giant bases. The CCF have since then been averting unwanted wars all over CivCore, saving millions of lives. For over 60 years the CCF saw it as their duty to protect the HCPD. To this end, there were extensive covert and intelligence operations.

Recently, the CCF has further emphasised its role for peace, changing its official title to the CivCore Force for Peace. This was done under the leadership of Grand Admiral Nimyek. (see history)

The Game Worlds

The Algol game worlds use cutting edge technology to create almost any gaming experience players may desire. Although most games are conducted via the Matrix, the most prestigious are in the Muat-Tien Battlegrounds, which are used as a relatively safe forum for the settling of differences, and also for commercial gladiatorial combat. Regular winners of these public tournaments become household names.

The Holy Church of Pure Data

The HCPD is now defunct, after a scandal involving a computer security breach resulted in the revelation that it was a cynical hoax, its purpose to gather information and power. The current whereabouts of the former High Priest, Tarek, is unknown.

The P5

The Party at the Palace of Perfect Penultimate Pleasure, previously a large pink interstellar-travelling, peaceful disorganised brothel, is now a large black interstellar-travelling, peaceful, disorganised brothel with some nasty looking modern weaponry. The reason for the change is unknown.