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The two player characters Johnny Vlarg and Drax (more commonly known as Lord Nemesis) feuded throughout ICON 1. Their character sheets and turnsheets give some idea how the society game can be played. Note especially their skills at grovelling when turnsheets were late.

It is also worth noting that not all of their plans actually worked: this is what they were trying to do.

The character statistics were created using ICON 1 rules, which is why they don't look like an ICON 2 statline.

Johnny Vlarg Character Sheet
Johnny Vlarg Turn 1
Johnny Vlarg Turn 2
Johnny Vlarg Turn 3
Johnny Vlarg Turn 4
Johnny Vlarg Turn 5
Johnny Vlarg Turn 6
Johnny Vlarg Turn 7

Drax (aka Lord Nemesis) Character Sheet
Drax Turn 1 - only ever arrived in hardcopy.
Drax Turn 2
Drax Turn 3
Drax Turn 4
Drax Turn 5
Drax Turn 6
Drax Turn 7