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Level Summary

Level   Hit     AC    Skill    Special 
        Points        Points   Abilities
1st     32      2       1      1 handed weapon
2nd     40      3       2      2 handed weapon
3rd     48      4       3      +1 Damage
4th     56      5       4      Paired Weapons, 6th sense, Presence Attack
5th     64      6       5      +2 Damage


Warriors are the primary fighting force of any party. Warriors usually come from either the Warriors' Guild, or the Army. Army warriors have a rank that will usually increase after each level of experience (as they are decorated for their services). Guild warriors do not have rank, but they may come from the peasantry, gentry, or nobility.

Army warriors will come from a particular regiment, such as Dafron's Skirmishers or the Redscarves. They wear the colours of their order with pride. Rivalry between regiments is not unheard of, but in the current climate the brave men and women of the armies put any differences aside to defend the Bastions and their Lord.

Although the simplest class, warriors are also the most diverse. The warrior is present in almost every culture. Terevanni warriors are taught both hardship and virtue from an early age, eventually joining Lord Terevan's Snow Knights. Wrathian warriors are often templars, champions of a particular religion (usually Mil). Brandelers tend to be woodsmen and skirmishers, equally suited to large scale battle and smaller scale melee. There are few Chorovian warriors outside the army, and of those few, they tend to be educated and some even versed in the arcane arts.

In addition to their standard fighting abilities, the warrior gets specific skills. Taking a skill twice gives that character a superior skill. A first level warrior may select one of the following skills, and recieves a new skill point per level of experience to spend in developing that skill, or learning new ones:


"Mow them down!"
General Accident, at an adventurer briefing

Presence is the skill of leaders. With presence, the character may influence a large number of people, and inspire them with his awesome ability (whether he has any or not). A Presence Attack may be used once per encounter. The superior form of Presence is the Awe Attack. This ability will stop most monsters dead in their tracks, and will make seasoned warriors think twice before attacking.

At 4th level, a warrior automatically gains a Presence Attack. If he or she has selected this skill once, it is automatically upgraded to an Awe Attack. If an Awe Attack is already possessed, the warrior has such startling Presence that he or she may display Mighty Presence once in an adventure. This will gain the attention of vast numbers of people, make weak monsters afraid to attack the character's party (let alone the character), and generally will make anyone in the vicinity take notice of what the warrior is saying. Such individuals are destined to become great leaders, and command great respect (or fear) among those under their command. Others would follow such heroes to the gates of hell, without question.

Battle Cry

"Begone, lest ye feel the pointy end of my blade!"
Lord Wrath, at the Battle of Skair Ridge

Once per adventure, the character may place such Fear into an opponent that they flee the area entirely. The superior form of this ability is Rout, which terrifies large numbers of monsters.

Mighty Strength

Skaros, Terrevanni Berserker

Once per adventure, the character may raise the bloodlust within himself to the point of frenzy. At this time, all of the character's blows are +1 damage, and through increased resistance to pain he gains +1 AC. The superior form grants +2 damage and +2 AC for one encounter/combat.

Thrown Weapons

"Har har, stupid humans can't catch me "
last words of Grott Bilget, orcish warrior

Due to the ridiculously powerful damage inflictable by this ability, it has been rewritten. It is now mainly a defence against spellcasting, as it can be used to distract people in the middle of incantations. One level of this permits a warrior to carry one thrown weapon per level per adventure. Thus at 5th, one point gives you 5 'singles', two points give you ten singles. ( I think - this may well need to be rewritten, cos I've forgotten).


"En garde"
a Bhelthorian duellist

This ability allows a character to disarm his opponent, once per encounter. The disarmed monster must drop it's weapon, which may be recovered. The advanced form is Weapon Breaking, where the character strikes his opponent's weapon with such calculated force as to destroy it.

Sixth Sense

Fourth level warriors develop 'eyes in the back of their heads' which enable them to percieve when someone/thing is sneaking up behind them. This means it is extremely difficult to backstab a warrior of above 4th level unless you are of a similar level to them.