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Level Summary

Level   Hit    AC  Dodge  Backstab  Healing  Sneak  Disguise  Special
        Points                                                Abilities	
1st	30     1    1     Double    2/enc    10 m    1        1 handed weapon,
                                                              Brew Potions
2nd	36     2    1     Triple    4/enc    8 m     2        1 Language
3rd	42     2    2     Quad      6/enc    6 m     3        2 Languages
4th	48     3    2     Quin      8/enc    4 m     4        Cosh/Throat Slit,  
                                                              3 Languages
5th	54     3    3     Sex       10/en    2 m     5        +1 Damage,
                                                              4 Languages
Brandel's scouts are the finest in the Bastions. Equally suited to front-line combat and reconnaissance, the scout is a jack of all trades, and a master of none. A scout can sneak up to an enemy and fell his foe before he is even detected. He can bind wounds, brew medicines, and fight efficiently as well.

Some scouts are loners, others form groups that are organised much like the special forces in the army. Darton's Rangers are one example of the latter. In times of war the Guild of Scouts has proved to be invaluable, and Lord Brandel now employs the guild for extensive scouting activities, ever watchful of the enemy. Coincidentally, this effort saw a remarkable fall in petty theft within the city...

The scouts' abilities are explained below:


Once per encounter, the scout may dodge a certain number of blows, thereby escaping the most serious injuries in a fight. The battleboarder will tell you which blows you should dodge if you don't know.


If a scout is presented with a clear view of an opponents back, and may attack unseen, he may perform a backstab. This may only be done once (after you strike the monster they tend to realise you're there). The damage done is greater than a normal blow: eg. a first level scout will do Double, a fourth level scout will do Quin, etc.


Scouts are healers as well as warriors. They may heal up to 2 points of damage per encounter per level, by binding wounds and administering poultices.


If a scout is sneaking and is in reasonable cover, he will not be detected by monsters if he is at a distance away greater than the distance noted in the chart above.


A scout may select one disguise when appropriate. This is changing one's appearance to appear as a member of a different race (Orc, Dark Elf, etc), but should be a humanoid race: no giant scorpions or lions. The character may alternatively choose to look like a different human. In addition, at 4th level or greater, the scout may attempt to disguise himself as a particular person. The effectiveness of this depends upon the likelyhood of the disguise succeeding... "y'know, I coulda sworn Thrud was bigger... hey you, wait a minute!"

Brew Potions

Scouts may brew healing salves and blade venom, and other natural drugs. They are considered to make one level of potion per level of experience per adventure - first level scouts receive one free potion, second level scouts may choose two first level or one second level etc....

Cosh or Throat Slit

The scout may, if they have a suitable weapon (a small cosh or a dagger), incapacitate an enemy if they manage to sneak up on the monster without noticing. This does not work if they are detected.