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Help!... Introduction and help. This includes information about this web site and an introduction to roleplaying and the Oxford RPG society . Also included is contact information if you want to find out more.

Info.... The main information section. This includes lots of current information about the society, including the society mailing lists

- Victoriana - Information on the current Society Game, Victoriana.
Netflyer... Netflyer, the online version of Society magazine Nightflyer. Take a look at Netflyer 33.
Vampire... Information on a new Vampire campaign starting this term.

FLRP.... The FLRP page. Contains background information on "Nocturne", the Society's live action game.

- elsewhere - ELSEWHERE. - a fantasy PBeM set in a city in the mists that lie between the worlds of the multiverse. The emphasis is on storytelling and intrigue and players can spend as much or little time playing at they like. Run by Matt, Rhiannon and Adam.

News.... Latest news about the society and this web site.

Termcard... The Termcard. Termcard for Michaelmas.

Links... The Link Page. Yes, it's a page of links to other sites related to role playing games.

Archive... The Archive. This contains old information which is out of date, but may still be of some use. Includes the latest version we have of the voting rules for the election of the committee, and the mailing list archive indices.

Further Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a convenient committee member.

Alternatively, send email to Josh Fox at megabrainz@bigfoot.com

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