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Inferno Charter

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The Charter

I. Rules of the Illuminati

I.I. Thou shalt not endanger the Illuminati by informing, directly or by implication, outsiders of its existence or plans.

I.II. Thou shalt not diminish the power of the Illuminati by affecting the positive work of other members, nor by any other means.

I.III. Thou shalt not change the Order of the Illuminati without reference to the Twelve, followed by a majority vote.

I.IV. Thou shalt not divulge secrets of the Illuminati to outsiders, nor divulge confidential secrets of individual Houses to any person.

I.VII. Thou shalt not disobey reasonable, direct orders of members in your House with a higher security clearance, nor reasonable, direct orders from members of House Libra with a higher security clearance. The wishes of others with a higher security clearance must be respected.

I.IX. Thou shalt not kill any member without Infernal Retribution first being brought upon that person, nor shalt thou maim or otherwise injure the member physically or magically if this would disrupt his work for the Illuminati. (See section VI ) This does not affect orders of Infernal Demolition.

I.XII. Thou shalt not use violence, physical or magical, nor kill in the Inferno Club without permission from the Visier or Inquisitor.

I.XV. Thou shalt not abuse any influence over the lower tiers of the Illuminati, except where this will lead to an increase in the power of the Illuminati as a whole. (See also section III, the Lower Saluter)

I.XIX. Disobeyance of these orders may result in punishment from House Libra, individual Members being expelled from the Illuminati, or in the Charter being revoked.

The Order of the Illuminati

II. Structure:

The Illuminati is hierarchically structured, and it is expected that Members will try to improve their position within the Illuminati. The European Cell is one of the higher Cells in the Illuminati. Above this is the Twelve. The Illuminati is divided into four Elements, which are in turn divided into twelve Houses, these corresponding to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Each House has different resources and training available to it, depending on its nature.

III. Elections:

Elections will be held every five years within this Cell to establish individual positions of authority. The number of votes given to each Member will be dependant on prestige based on calculations made by the House Libran analytical computation engine, using data from international newspapers, the international stock exchange, parliamentary voting patterns, telegraph wire communications, international banking credit ratings, military dispatches, etheric resonance patterns, academic publications, patents pending, and social ruminations. A positive vote of no confidence in a member with a position of authority will result in elections being called for that position.

The positions available at Election are as follows:

This Member will coordinate annual meetings at the Inferno Club, and will chair any formal proceedings, such as votings. The Visier is answerable only to the Inquisitor. The holder of this position will be given 4 votes.

This Member will oversee and represent their Element within the Cell, and will chair any formal proceedings for that Element. There will be one Elemental chosen from each Element. The holder of this position will be given 3 votes.

This Member will act as a liaison with Outsiders, and is responsible for the club's security. The holder of this position will be given 2 votes.

This Member will act as a liaison with other high Cells of the Illuminati. The holder of this position will be given 2 votes.

This Member will act as a liaison with the lower Cells of the Illuminati. The holder of this position will be given 2 votes.

This Member will interrogate any Member within the Cell who has disobeyed the Charter, and any other Members in connection with this disobeyance. This Member must be of House Libra. The holder of this position will be given 1 vote.

This Member will ensure that any voting procedure is not tampered with, and will count the votes following any voting. This Member must be of House Libra.

This Member will be the spokesperson for their House. This position will be given automatically to the Member in each House who holds the highest position within each House, and will change accordingly.

The Visier, Elementals, Saluters and Inquisitor will form the Council of this Cell.

V. Votes:

A vote may be called by any member of the Council on any issue. A request for a vote can be made by a Voice to any member of the Council, or by individual petition to an Elemental if necessary. In the latter case the vote will be called at the discretion of the Elemental. (See also section XII) A trial can be requested in the same way. (See section VI)

VI. Trials:

A trial may be called whenever there is evidence that a Member of the Cell has contravened any section of the Charter. If a trial is called, the member wishing to allege a crime against the Illuminati must present the evidence to the Inquisitor, and the defendant will be given an opportunity to prove that the evidence is false or to argue in his defence why he has not contravened the Charter as alleged. The Inquisitor will decide whether or not the Charter has been contravened. If a verdict of guilty is reached, then punishment will be decided as follows.

VI.I. Punishment- The Inquisitor and the defendant will each choose an appropriate punishment, and these will be given to the Visier to read to the assembled Members. The Members will vote as to which punishment should be received. The final decision of the Inquisitor must be obeyed. The choice of punishment may take any possible form, including death or worse if this is appropriate to the contravention in question. In extremus, an appeal can be brought to the Libran member of the Twelve. (See section VI.III)

VII. Infernal Retribution:

The only other recourses to punishment available are Infernal Retribution and Infernal Demolition. (See section VIII for Infernal Demolition) This can be called in extremus by agreement of the Visier and the Inquisitor where no specific breach of the Charter has occurred but where a Member nevertheless provides the Cell with continual problems. Infernal Retribution can only be dealt on a Member by a majority vote in closed session by the Council, with the Visier voting last, after the other votes have been counted. If Infernal Retribution is dealt on a Member, their membership of the Illuminati is instantly revoked, and all their rights to life are removed. They may subsequently be killed by any Member of the Cell.

X. Security Clearance:

X.I. Gaining Security Clearance- Security clearance is dependant upon work done for your House within the Illuminati. Acts which increase the power of your House or which please your House in other ways will be rewarded with stars. When five stars are obtained, an increase in security clearance will be given. If your House is displeased with your efforts, black marks will be issued. Five black marks being obtained will result in a demotion in security clearance. This grading will be decided each year by the appropriate member of the Twelve.

X.II. Security Badges- Security clearance ranges from blank red at the lower end of the scale to full violet at the upper end of the scale. Badges showing security clearance must be worn at all times. Badges of lower Cells can be recognised by the lack of gold edge.

XII. Voting Procedures:

Whenever a vote is required on any issue, the following procedure shall be followed. Each Member will approach the Visier as they are called in order of prestige, and they will receive the correct number of votes. They will then proceed to the Counter's table, where votes may be placed in any combination into the two bags, which will each represent a choice of vote. At the end of the vote, the pieces will be counted and the result announced to the assembly. (See also section V)

XIII. Bureaucracy:

The Illuminati has a complex network of administrators who can carry out various tasks, although these persons and companies will generally be unaware that they are working for the Illuminati. Sensitive information should not be passed through this network. There is a secure internal postal service which can be utilised by all members to contact other members of the Illuminati. Such mail can be given a certain security clearance on request.