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Letter from House Ophiuchus

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Letter from House Ophiuchus to the European Cell

From the unworthy representatives of House Ophiuchus to their august fellow-cellmates, greetings.

You will all have read and appreciated the signficance of the message from the enlightened Mr Midwife, with far greater promptitude and comprehension than was managed by the inadequate persons of House Ophiuchus.

Although this novice Hose was not sent a message by 0001 in the meeting, these persons later learnt that a message had been sent to His Imperial Majesty the Son of Heaven (our member of the 13), in Kyoto. This is the text of it:

To House Ophiuchus:

You should aid the other Houses in the completion of their duties, and should open yourselves to offer all your House's resources and skills to them in their time of need. If any other members are so busy with their specified higher duties that they are unable to administer firm control of their Earthly possessions, you should aid by acting as caretakers where they so wish it.


These are instructions which these persons can carry out with a relatively light heart, as they seem in no way harmful to members of other Houses: so that members of this House will be able to look at 0001 with a clear conscience and (hopefully) without fear of Demolition by the egregious Mr Midwife.

Therefore His Imperial Majesty the Son of Heaven has instructed us to offer membership in House Ophiuchus to any members of other Houses who fear the consequences of non-compliance with the orders that House was given by 0001. House Ophiuchus welcomes members of whatever skills and capabilities, and can find useful work for all. But most importantly, joining it should render you safe from 0001's wrath.

To those others who may not wish to join House Ophiuchus, these unworthy writers make the offer that they will be happy to aid with any administrative matters that may need taking care of while august persons are occupied with higher concerns.

Konishi, Yasuhara
Nomiya, Maki
Satoh, Tomonori
Watanabe, Yoshinori
Iizuka, Ryutaro