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Inferno - Ragnarok

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The world has obviously changed, but how will these changes effect you?

For one thing you'll have to get used to the black mist that obscures your view of anything at any great distance. Fortunately, during the course of the year, this will seem to roll back further, eventually allowing you to see comfortably to a distance of 100 yards. If you talk to other people you will discover that everyone can see a slightly different distance into the fog... Illuminati members (tending to be exceptional individuals) can usually see rather further than the normal man-in-the-street.

It is also rather quieter - in fact you will come to realise that you can only hear things within the radius of your 'mist circle' - things more distant, no matter how loud, will not be audible to you. Initially you may have a few problems remembering things too - important events aren't too much of a problem, but little things like where you left your keys, what you did last Tuesday, or what time you said you'd meet someone, may be impossible to recall. However, during the course of the year your memories will get back to more or less normal.

The world as a whole has changed somewhat... for one thing there are those bloody great 'entities' wandering around. Luckily, large entities are fairly uncommon, and you will see little or nothing of them... unless, that is... well you know that 'unimportant' Ruth stat? The lower your Ruth the more the 'entities' are going to seek you out... the more you will see of them, and the more they may get in your way. This may not be entirely a bad thing, as some may be quite cooperative - but others may not be.

Although the large entities may be quite uncommon, the smaller variety do turn up all over the place - looking like gremlins, goblins, and nasty little fairies, they can be a pest. Persons of very low Ruth may have to contend with minor infestations of the things in their homes - they figure you were made for each other. However, finally having real people to play with they are somewhat... playful, shall we say? Expect them to leap out at your from cupboards, buzz around your bed at night, and torture house-hold pets to death - that kind of thing... You may want to take action against them, or they may get in the way of your plans during the course of the year.

Of course, one thing about them you will notice: they don't seem able to interact with objects - they can walk through walls, fly, and pass through things if they want to. Living things, however, they have no difficulty with - they can rip them apart as easy as anything. This does mean that you can't hurt them with swords, bullets, or anything of that kind... You could always try punching them, I suppose.

Oh, one important note to Pisceans: entities really hate you. I mean really, really. We strongly suggest you take serious precautions to escape their attentions - or you may wake up missing an ear... or a head for it to go on.

The world looks a little different in other ways too - for one thing, you may occasionally see the clouds part to reveal what look like building up in the clouds... great palaces containing who knows what? And those woods that people believe have fairies or goblins in them? The fairies and goblins are going to be a lot easier to see now... Everything will look rather more 'magical' than before - stones that people believed you could see faces in now quite definitely have faces.. some even talk. That goes for 'sacred trees' too... The 'Man in the Moon' is much more prominent - although sometimes it looks like a woman. Even the sun seems to have a face now and again (strangely, you have no problem seeing these at great distance). Night and day look very similar, though: the presence of sun or moon is the only way of telling them apart. There are no stars or planets visible.

But everything that used to be there still is... or at least nobody seems to care about anything that's missing.

Luckily you live in an age where the 'man in the street' has very little imagination or curiosity. Thus, mostly, they will go along with things the way they always have done Of course occasionally some of them will get ripped apart by an 'entity' in a bad mood, but that's to be expected... however, taking action to reduce public concern might be a good idea.

Commerce will proceed much as before, although large factories may find that quite a lot of their stock is missing... But, with concentration and effort on the part of the workers, production can be stepped up again.

Wars can carry on pretty much as before too - although it will be rather more difficult to see what is going on at long range. The same problem with factories, and stock, will apply to ammunition - you will find a lot of it missing. And factories will become very inefficient at producing it, too...

Maybe time to invest in swords? Oh, and the other thing about wars is that you may get the occasional 'entity' turning up and getting involved for the hell of it.

Pretty soon you are going to hear tell of a war in the North - a big war. But most of the competitors are going to be gods, so there's no need to worry... (er...?). According to legend, if this is Ragnarok, Odin will soon be making his last stand.

Inventors can carry on inventing things - although they may also initially suffer from a lack of 'cogs and twiddly bits' which seem to have unaccountably disappeared... Of course it's entirely possible that there are a whole load of new things to do now - new phenomena to investigate, new things to look at...

And that must go doubly for those of a heroic turn of mind - it's a brave new world out there, there must be plenty of fun things to explore.

Oh, and some of you may be wondering if the 'change' is reversible... who knows?

Anyway, apart from the occasional bothersome entity (which, lets face it, are only a real problem for 'bad' people) there seems to be nothing in this new world to worry about...

Addendum - Death after Ragnarok

One thing you will almost certainly notice in the coming year that didn't make it into the handout is what happens when someone dies after Ragnarok. The one thing that dosen't happen is for them to collapse in a nice familiar way into a crumpled (possibly blood soaked) heap on the floor and stay there. The body will be faintly visible after it falls, seperating from the person like a shadow, although it will look no more real than the tables and chairs around it. Meanwhile the person, seemingly as solid as ever, will remain standing where the body fell, or continue running away from whatever just shot him in the back. What happens next will be different for different people. Expect people to be engulfed in blue light and disappear to the sound of choirs of angels, Valkyries swooping down from nowhere and disappearing with fallen warriors, people being sucked down, screaming in agony, into pools of flame licking around their feet, or simply people gradually becomming more and more transparent until they fade away. And of course there will be the odd one or two who do not disappear at all, but simply hang around their homes or bodies, walking through walls and generally being a nuisance.