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Unlike traditional tabletop roleplaying, in which no more than six or seven players participate, sitting in a room and describing the actions of their characters, freeform gaming can accommodate practically any number of players, moving, acting and sometimes even dressing as their characters would, with game mechanics and dice rolling making as little intrusion into the flow of the game as possible.

This is the fifth year of the Oxford society game, which has involved up to forty players in its weekly meetings. The game boasts sprawling political intrigues in a fully interactive world - players meet every Tuesday evening to scheme and plan their actions in the face of the GMs' (and each other's) plots, and hand in a turnsheet detailing their between-meeting activities at or by the Games Evening the following Thursday night. With so many people contributing to the texture of the game, an immensely complex state of play can be built up, in which characters can pursue wildly different careers and goals, abetting each other or getting in each other's way as the plot develops. No one person can know everything that is going on and any player can help to move the game in directions of interest to them: there is no right or wrong way to go about interacting with the world, and if there is any way a character's turnsheet can go as planned it will!

This year's game, which will be running in Michaelmas and Hilary term, is Inferno, set in a steampunk Victorian setting loosely based on the world of the Castle Falkenstein game. The year is 1876, and players are members of the secretive organization of the Illuminati, dedicated to consolidating and extending their power in Europe and the world beyond. Politicians and generals mingle with mad steam-age scientists and sinister magicians, vying with each other to realize their sometimes conflicting goals across the face of Europe. On December 31st of each year, Illuminates meet in London's exclusive Inferno Club to forge alliances, seek patronage, harangue rivals or merely partake of the fine companionship. In a Europe on the verge of war, with dark shadows waiting for their chance to emerge from the wings, it can be guaranteed that things will not stay unexciting for long...

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* The history of the INFERNO world
* Science in INFERNO
* How to write a turnsheet
* The twelve Houses
* Stats and System