The Inferno Houses List

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This is a list and description of the Houses in inferno.

The fundamental thing to clear up is that Houses are NOT character classes. They are packages of resources that their members can draw on, they tend to select a certain type of person who they believe to be compatible with their aims and intentions, they will invariably try to use their members to achieve these aims. But their members are not all alike, and indeed it is often the case that oblique talents are initiated into a House, especially at a low level of clearance, to see if their new perspective can provide something useful.

With this in mind, here's an overview of the 12 Houses.

Aries - Adventurers.

This House is considered to be the most daring and dashing of the twelve. They are in some ways like the Secret Service as depicted in the James Bond films - they tend to be able to procure leads, clues, tip-offs, architects' plans and the like from their sources, and rumours that they have an embryonic Q division can surely not be unfounded... their training facilities are excellent and they have a fine transport network and local agents throughout Europe. As a House they have a reputation for fair play and working tirelessly to combat the dastardly enemies of all that is cricket (or the European equivalent).

Taurus - Gadgeteers.

A wealth of accumulated technical knowledge is Taurus' greatest resource, and their members tend to have been given the best scientific grounding of any House. As a result members of House Taurus have a natural advantage in coming up with weird and wacky technological ideas and finding the facilities and materials to build them with. Their House is rumoured not to possess great material wealth, no doubt having sunk it all in some harebrained project a few decades back...

Gemini - Politicians.

These are NOT necessarily politicians in th prevalent sense of the word. House Gemini's great strength is its network of contacts spanning Europe. Think like the Masons - if you're in Gemini you've got connections that can take you places. You don't necessarily have to be a public figure but many Geminis are.

Cancer - Summoners.

This school of Magi has perfected a technique of magick that involves bringing vast and often barely controllable energies from beyond the Veil and throwing them around in their original form. Pyromancers use fire energy like this, necromancers use death energy, and so on. Not subtle, but it works.

Leo - Generals.

Originally a military secret society, Leo puts its trust in manpower and lots of it. You need reliable people to carry out your plans, Leo are the ones to provide it for you. A Leo character will normally be in direct command of a body of loyal followers. An equivalent force of mercenaries would cost more cash than you're likely to have. Lead and the world shall follow.

Virgo - Technocrats.

These sinister people, which is rumoured to have had its roots in Hawaii (but only by very silly people like me) see science as a tool for the creation of a better tomorrow, a utopian paradise. They got Babbage Machines to keep tabs on the population, they got eugenicists, they got fluoride in the water and they maybe even got Mind Control Lasers. Now they're coming to get me...

Libra - Arbiters.

A body formed early in the history of the Illuminati for internal moderation, the Librans are charged with ensuring good behaviour from the other members as well as protecting the Illuminated body from external threats. The intelligence network that they have established to achieve this is second to none with the Twelve. Librans have eyes and ears everywhere (and still manage to remain perfectly facially proportioned). It is occasionally whispered that Libra has manipulated its vested powers for her own ends, but only filthy subverts would whisper a thing like that and they will soon be annulled.

Scorpio - Enchanters.

The descendants of the witches and warlocks of yore, Scorpios are magicians with a reputation for loucheness which is true of only some of its members. The fact is that their magic entails summoning magical forces *into* things, and one of the most effective vessels can be one's own body. More conservative magicians see this as an arcane variant on prostitution. As Scorpios can summon energies into objects, familiars, all sorts of stuff really they are a lot more diverse than their detractors would claim.

Sagittarius - Warmongers.

These people are not partisans of any specific military power, but it is they who arrange many of the wars and tip the balance in one side or the other's favour as their long-term plans dictate. The Illuminati as a whole can often seize much advantage from the chaos stirred up by Sagittarius action, and so their activities are often greatly appreciated by other Houses.

Capricorn - Frontiersmen.

These are popularly perceived as the archetypal mad scientist figures - embittered loners with vast schemes and a grudge against the world that has persistently refused to recognise their genius. There is some truth in these depictions but nothing is ever so simple... A Capricorn character can possess at the start of the game a Grand Idea which is their life's work and pretty much functional. Examples are Captain Nemo's submarine, Steam Zeppelins, Moon Rockets... or much more inventive concepts.

Aquarius - Puppeteers.

The Aquarians have their fingers in a lot of pies. Unlike the Gemini they prefer to get other people to do what they want to do than go in themselves. Their resources seem to be considerable, for a start, and Aquarians can often hire other clans to do what they need done. They are the puppeteers. They pull strings.

Pisceans - Magi.

This House claims to have access to a purer and better form of magic than its Cancer and Scorpio brethren - where the latter summon forces of dubious controllability, Pisceans claim to derive their power from within themselves, to considerably more subtle effect. As one Piscean enigmatically said - "You children wield energy. We ARE energy." Then a Leo assassin shot him in the back of the head with a Taurus experimental sniper rifle. Or maybe he didn't.