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A character in Inferno has 10 stats, ranked in order from 10 (highest) to 1 (lowest).

PHYSIQUE (P) = Strength, Health, Beauty

1  - Deformed
3  - Scrawny
5  - Healthy
8  - Athletic
10 - Ubermensch

DEXTER (D) = Competence

1  - Incapable
3  - Clumsy
5  - Able
8  - Deft
10 - Lightning-Quick

CRAFT (C) = Skills, Education

1  - Untrained
3  - Semi-Skilled
5  - Knowledgeable
8  - Well-Educated
10 - Polymath

Focus (F) = Concentration

1  - Slapdash
3  - Careless
5  - Thoughtful
8  - Methodical
10 - Meticulous

Uptake (U) = Creativity

1  - Mindless
3  - Dull
5  - Imaginative
8  - Inspired
10 - Genius

Belief (B) = Willpower

1  - Neurotic
3  - Indecisive
5  - Uncertain
8  - Conviction
10 - True Faith

Trust (T) = Manipulation

1  - Dodgy As Hell
3  - Shifty
5  - Believable
8  - Honest-Seeming
10 - Silver-Tongued

Ruth (R) = VtM Humanity, Moral Sensibility

1  - Depraved
3  - Amoral
5  - Law-Abiding
8  - Good
10 - Saintly

Stature (St) = Position in External Society, Personal Wealth, etc.

1  - Gutter
3  - Middle-Class
5  - Respected
8  - Important
10 - Internationally Famous

Sinister (S) = Status in House, Secret Society Backing

1  - Novice
3  - Journeyman
5  - Initiate
8  - Trusted
10 - Enlightened

Right, the way these work:

PHYSIQUE is fairly obvious. Get into any sort of violent or dangerous situation and you'll need this to pull your fat out of the fire... or else spend months laid up in hospital, at the very least. An important stat for Fire signs. It also entails external beauty and as a result is good for quick seductions or making favourable first impressions.

DEXTER is general, intrinsic competence at physical things. You need it to be able to wield a sword, to carry out complicated repairs on a device, or to run across a burning bridge seven hundred feet above a crocodile pit whilst bleeding and clutching a jade idol to your chest. Magi without it may well have difficulty getting out of the way of rampaging demons...

CRAFT is a measure of education and areas of expertise. For every point you have in Craft you define an area in which your character has been trained or has special knowledge which will give her an edge. Craft slots can be doubled up (or more) in one area, e.g. Fencing-3 or Zeppelin Construction-2. A little bit of training is worth a great deal of natural talent, especially if in a field of narrow usefulness.

FOCUS is the prime stat of magi due to their over-riding need to maintain complete mental control over their summonations. However it is of use to all characters, because the more you have in it the more competently you carry out whatever you are doing on your turnsheet. A scientist with Uptake 10 but Focus 1 is likely to build devices of unprecedented ingenuity but with a fair chance of backfiring. A military operation or political infiltration at Focus 1 may be sloppily done in the same way.

UPTAKE is the prime stat of scientists, since it is a measure of ideas, vision and conceptual clarity. Like Focus it is of use to all characters, this time because it is a measure of how quickly you come to a realization of how best to get things done. A mage researching the way to summon an unknown daemon will be sure of his rituals more quickly with a high Uptake. Likewise to perform an infiltration or military action successfully requires preparation which is speeded up by a good Uptake. In general, the number of months it takes to adequately plan an action, spell or device is equal to its Complexity minus your Uptake, minimum 1. Say discovering the mole in your intelligence network is a Complexity 11 action. With an Uptake of 4 it would take 7 months of observation to nail him, with an Uptake of 10 you'd realize the incongruities in his behaviour patterns in a matter of weeks. Of course, if you'd been looking for him with an Uptake of 10 but a Focus of 1 you'd have tipped him off that you were onto him by leaving memos to yourself on his desk saying "Is this one the enemy agent? Must investigate further." :)

BELIEF is my perhaps slightly contrived means of representing willpower, resistance to magic, torture, mind control, etc., in a way that's conducive to making colourful characters. Every character must believe IN something - with a low Belief they are wracked by doubts and insecurities, whereas a high Belief confers unassailable conviction that you are in the right and nothing can stop you. It is perfectly possible to believe in your own supermanhood if you want to, but I'd hope for some more imaginative suggestions... Mad people can have a very high Belief indeed. :)

TRUST is the measure of how ready people are to give you the benefit of the doubt, and generally to do what you want them to do on account of your high plausibility. Good politicians have a high Trust, and so do actors. A military man with a high Trust will be loved and respected by his men. A general useful stat in any kinds of negotiations or interactions with NPCs (PCs know for sure that you're a dodgy secret society member, and so don't have to be fooled).

RUTH is equivalent to the Vampire game's Humanity stat, *is* a real English word, and can be remembered by the simple fact that if you have no Ruth you are Ruthless. Unlike many games of Vampire your Ruth level in Inferno will have a definite effect upon gameplay... but surely you didn't need to know that, appreciating as you do that moral goodness is its own reward.

STATURE is a quotient of your rank, wealth, fame and contacts within the mechanisms of the non-Illuminated world out there, and can be defined as you see fit. If you are a mage or scientist, you can put Stature points into fame and respect as a member of your profession - people are more likely to want to deal with you if you have a reputation. And naturally more likely to want to take you down, but that's just the way things are. As power in the outside world is the prime concern of the Illuminated, those who achieve it will be accordingly respected within meetings.

SINISTER represents the level to which you have risen within your astrological House, and thus the degree to which you are being let into their secret plans. It will also determine how much assistance and information you can rely on them giving you - if your Sinister is low you will only recently have been inducted into the House and they will want you to prove your worth to them by carrying out more menial tasks before they are willing to raise your consciousness to a higher level. The member of any given House with the highest Sinister will be the spokesperson for that House within meetings, and may be called upon to convey messages to the assembly or attempt to win its support on certain issues...