The Inferno News Week 1

There follow the news reports from 1866.

After the near victory against the Prussians at the Battle of Konigseig Bavaria is safe from depredation for the moment. But the conquered provinces of Hanover and Hesse-Casell seem likely to remain in Bismarck's tyrannical grip, and the paper tiger that Austria proved herself to be is unlikely to provide adequate defence against a reconsidered and renewed Prussian assault. Either we must look to the technological supremacy that won the day at Konigseig or seek alliance with the might of Napoleon III of France, but Bismarck will show no mercy if we allow him to seize an advantage.

There has still been no word of King Ludwig, who vanished from Castle Neuschwanstein towards the end of October. Neither Court Magician Algernon le Strange nor Captain of the Guard Dionys von Ritterburg can offer any explanation of how the King was extracted without their knowledge. One thing is for sure, the King's literally barking mad brother Otto is in no way fit to rule Bavaria in Ludwig's absence.

Bavarian scientists and military men have high hopes of coming to an agreement with the famous submariner Captain Nemo regarding the defence of the Bavarian coastline. Meanwhile Bismarck is rumoured to have engaged the services of one Ferdinand Zeppelin, newly returned to these shores from America, though what his special field of expertise may be is unknown.

A young woman was burnt at the stake in a small village two days ride from Regensburg. It is thought that this may be the work of the Jesuit witch-hunter Karl von Stuck, well known for his calls for a holy crusade against sorcerors who he claims are universally abominated in the sight of God.

The noble houses of Munchen are investing heavily in security in an effort to thwart the nocturnal entrances of a mysterious burglar an assassin who goes by the name of Jonas Ark. The trail of dead guardsmen and plundered vaults across the city has led to a criminal reputation second to no other.

There was not a dry eye in the (British) Empire as Queen Victoria presided over the wedding of Princess Helena. Meanwhile Prince Edward, or "Bertie" as he is affectionately known to his subjects, has established himself as the social lion of British society by founding his exclusive Marlborough House Set, of which anyone who is anyone wants to be a member. And the popular writer Charles Dickens has started a new magazine to promote his literary endeavours.

Bavarian agents report large amounts of mechanical componentry and personnel being transported to a factory outside the Prussian coastal town of Leipzig. What dastardly project can be underway here?

A little-known professor, James Moriarty, has published his Mathematical Theorem and caused quite a stir in academic circles. If he can build on his discoveries he may be a name to watch for in the future.

The Bavarian government has received several threatening letters promising dire repercussions unless it ceases to rely on scientific and technological progress as the mainstay of its policy. Signed "The New Luddites", the correspondence has thus far been dismissed as a tasteless hoax.

(News reports culled from the Suddeutche Press and other sources.)