O.U. Roleplaying Game Society Termcard.
Hilary 2003
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Regular Events

Victoriana: Every Tuesday, 7:45pm - 10:30pm, in the Oakeshott Room at Lincoln College, Turl Street.

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to this once in a lifetime extravaganza of the mighty and the magnificent, the sinister and the strange, the glorious and the downright gory... Victoriana is the new society game, set in an alternative 19th century, where the players control the fate of the world from the high society parties of the Venetian Conference. The world is changing; the United States is being torn apart by civil war, France is as belligerent as ever under the control of the new Emperor, and secretive Japan is beginning to reveal itself to a curious Europe. Where will you stand in the Brave New World?

Visit www.sorsegods.co.uk/victoriana for more details, or mail their_majesties@yahoogroups.com to contact the GM team.

Games Night: Every Thursday, 7:30pm, Venue TBC

A relaxed atmosphere for plotting, playing board games and playing or arranging tabletop games, and an excellent drop-in event to get to know members of the society and socialise. You can also look in our extensive archives, containing loads of books, games, and details of ex-society games. users.ox.ac.uk/~rpgsoc/info/library.html has an inventory, ask Archivist Laura Campbell if you want to borrow anything.

FLRP: Saturday of Weeks 1/3/5/7, 11:00am, 81 Southfield Road

A live action combat game set in an exciting high fantasy world centring around the mystical White City. Contact the FLRP organiser, Natalie, for details on how to create a character and get involved. The FLRP web-site can be found at flrp.anang.com/whitecity

FLRP Campaign: Saturday of Weeks 2/4/6/8, 11:00am, 81 Southfield Road

The first White City Campaign is looking for hardy adventurers to take on the mysteries of the new FLRP world. This will require a regular commitment from players, as it will be an ongoing saga. Monsters can turn up as and when, but as always, the more the merrier!Contact the FLRP Organiser Natalie for details on how to play or monster. The FLRP web-site can be found at flrp.anang.com/whitecity

Special Events

Strawberries and Cream and Termly General Meeting: Saturday 5th Week (May 31st) 2.00pm, Parson's Pleasure in the University Parks

Come join us for a gorgeous, luxurious summer's afternoon wallowing in decadence with strawberries, and cream, with your once-a-term chance to officially have your say in the way the society is run.

Pub Crawl: Friday 4th Week (May 23rd), 7.30-11pm

Join us as we stagger from pub to pub. This term we're using a revised North Oxford route:
  • 7:30 Eagle and Child
  • 8:00 Lamb and Flag
  • 8:30 Royal Oak
  • 9:00 Rose and Crown
  • 9:30 Gardener's Arms
  • 10.30 Jude the Obscure

    Punt Party: Saturday 7th Week (14th June), 2pm, St. Hilda's lodge

    Ahhh. a relaxed afternoon floating down the Cherwell in Oxford's favourite mode of summer transportation! Come along and bask in the sunshine as one of your mates gets soaking wet paddling you along the river and tries to avoid decapitation by low-hanging branches. Great fun!

    Unofficial Events

    These are games and events that aren't official society events, but may be of interest to members.

    Camarilla UK - "Oxford, the Heart of the Rose": Function Room of the Port Mahon pub, St. Clement's, next game Sunday 1st week (27th April), further dates TBC.

    A modern day supernatural game of mystery, conflict and drama. Play a mage or a werewolf in a mystical Oxford eerily similar to our own, interact with other characters from across the country and become part of a long running live role-playing chronicle set in White Wolf's World of Darkness.
    For further information visit http://www.oxfordcam.org.uk or email Chris Venus at dc@oxfordcam.org.uk

    Oxford Brookes WARP Society:

    The Wargames and Role-Play society of Oxford Brookes University. They meet Tuesday evenings at Morrell's bar, and welcome all-comers. Contact brookes-warp@yahoogroups.com for details of meeting times and available games.

    Oxford Living Greyhawk - Thursday & Monday evenings, venue TBA

    Heroes wanted to overthrow a tyrannical dictatorship in the rich and detailed setting of the Greyhawk fantasy world. Amass power and influence playing professional quality Dungeons & Dragons modules from the RPGA, with the chance to take your character on further adventures at conventions across the country. Email Jason at tassek-owner@yahoogroups.com to get involved, and visit www.tassek.anang.com for more information.

    Elsewhere: Play By E-Mail

    An award-winning fantasy game set in Zehazel, a city teeming with intrigue and drama, a city seeking immigrants. Citizens flourish swords, thwart evil, discover love - and return in time to enjoy a pint at the local. Virtue and Vice, Friendships and Enemies, Ecstasy and Sorrow. All to be found at www.siliconhenge.com/elsewhere

    Stuff to Know

    The Library: We own an extensive library, full of books and games. It also contains stacks of information about old society games and so forth, which is well worth looking over on a rainy afternoon. Contact the Archivist or come along to Games Night if you want to borrow anything.

    Nightflyer: The Society's very own magazine, published by our Nightflyer Editor Arthur. Articles are always welcome - a tangential relevance to roleplaying being useful but by no means vital.

    On the Net: Our website is at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~rpgsoc, but far more important is our array of mailing lists. To subscribe to one or more RPGSoc mailing lists, send an email to: "-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk" where is one of the following:
    - rpgsoc for general discussion (you really should join this one, as well as rpgsoca)
    - rpgsoca for announcements (see above - join this one)
    - rpgsocs for the society game (Victoriana)
    - rpgsocf for FLRP. Join these if you're interested in the relevant games.
    - rpgsocj for random nonsense. Join this if you like silliness.

    To unsubscribe do the same, but substitute the word 'unsubscribe' for 'subscribe'.
    To send mail to a list, address it to @maillist.ox.ac.uk. So for example, to subscribe to the 'rpgsoc' list, send the e-mail: rpgsoc-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk, once subscribed you would post to rpgsoc@maillist.ox.ac.uk and to unsubscribe, send a mail to: rpgsoc-unsubscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk.
    To see if you are subscribed to a particular list, send an email to: -query@maillist.ox.ac.uk.
    Further information can be found at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/email/maillists/ezmlm/
    If you have any problems getting onto the mailing lists contact our NetRep, Josh.

    Please note that in order to reduce spamming, now only subscribed members may post to lists, so even more reason to join up! :)

    The Committee (with Amusing Discworld Tie-In)

    Please feel free to contact any committee member with your queries, or if you're interested in any society games or events, or if you want to make contact with the society without subscribing to a mailing list.

    President: Jennifer Spencer as Angua E-mail: jennifer.spencer@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk

    Secretary: James Wyatt as Ponder Stibbons E-mail: james.wyatt@st-peters.ox.ac.uk

    Treasurer: Eleanor Smith as the Death of Rats E-mail: eleanor.smith@st-catherines.ox.ac.uk

    Social Secretary: Rachael England (Lady Margaret Hall) as Agnes E-mail: solitude_saiyajin@hotmail.com

    Campaign Organiser: Jacob Malone as Nanny Ogg E-mail: jacob.malone@st-catz.ox.ac.uk

    FLRP Organiser: Natalie Watkins as Granny Weatherwax E-mail: natalie.watkins@somerville.ox.ac.uk

    Archivist: Laura Campbell as Magrat E-mail: laura.campbell@somerville.ox.ac.uk

    Nightflyer Editor: Arthur Boff as The Librarian E-mail: arthur.boff@merton.ox.ac.uk

    Netrep: Josh Fox and Joseph Williams (from 7/2003) as The Patrician and Sergeant Colon E-mail: megabrainz@graffiti.net, joseph.williams@st-catherines.ox.ac.uk

    Webmaster: Richard Pigott as Mort E-mail: cthulhuspawn@ntlworld.com

    Mascot: Xan Ophis as Greebo E-mail: mascot@ophiuchus.freeserve.co.uk