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* Proposed Constitution, for voting at the TGM. Also, see the old version, which was revised at the EGM last term to produce this one.

- Victoriana - Victoriana The Society Game, open to all members.
Vampire- Refraction, a new live-action game of Vampire: the Masquerade, set in modern-day London.
Termcard - Read the current termcard to find out what is going on. Note that the online termcard will also contain corrections to the physical termcard as the term progresses.
News - Read the latest news from the society. This includes news of events and corrections to the termcard and news of additions to this web site.

* Information on the RPGSoc mailing lists

* A page listing the currently available items in the RPGSoc Library.

* The silly photos of society members . Come and see just how daft they look...

* Silly Pictures of Society members v.2. They really look silly, and this time they don't even need help!

* RPGSoc has its own newsgroup, ox.clubs.rpgsoc You can read it with your WWW browser if it supports Usenet, or use a dedicated newsreader. Come and join in the discussion.

Note that this newsgroup is not propagated outside of Oxford, and only appears on the Oxford newsserver

* Come and put your point of view across or post articles on the rpgsoc discussion board You'll need to sign up for an ezboard account in order to make a posting