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Silly Photos 2 - the new botch

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Pictures of members of the society. Unlike the old lot, they aren't at all modified because they don't need to be.

* Tony(ina), Ex-president. 19,693 bytes.

* Emma proves 'best-roleplaying' award is justified with her reaction to her (empty) prize. 34,666 bytes.

* Andie painted green. 32,476 bytes.

* Dan the glitter fairy strikes at the Christmas party. 18,759 bytes.

* The Souledge fighters come to life. 48,718 bytes

* Frances, catalyst for catastrophies. 21,716 bytes.

* Hanbury (right) and Walrus. 38,115 bytes

* Ralph is a badger. 23,902 bytes.

* Chris prepares to repel boarders.33,984 bytes.

Technical comments to Steve <>, blame to Andie.