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Pages from society members

* Mo Holkar owns Undying King Games, one of PBM's most innovative businesses. UKG runs several games commercially: Unexplained, Pieces of Eight, Europa, Corporation, and their latest offering, Mammon Incorporated.

UKG recruits playtesters, designers and GMs from RPGSoc members, so if you're interested in PBM, get in touch!

* Rupert Smith runs a page for an Ars Magica campaign.

* Elsewhere, by Matt Marcus, who describes the pages: "At the moment they are totally un-self-explanatory to anyone who's not actually playing the game, but I'm working on the site fairly diligently and eventually it'll make more sense. There's some nice things to read there anyway". If that's not recommendation enough I don't know what is.

* Roleplaying with Clio, an RPGnet column by Martin Lloyd, discussing the use of history in RPGs.

* Josh Fox's website, contains various links to games run by Josh.

* Miravlor is a free downloadable fantasy role-playing game, written by Matt West.

Other Oxford Societies

* OUSFG - The Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group. The society for discussion about and writing of speculative fiction, as well as drinking.

* DipSoc - The Oxford University Diplomacy Society. The society for the board game Diplomacy, and other games.

* Taruithorn - The Oxford Tolkien Society. Pretty self-explanatory really.

* Oxford Camarilla UK - Oxford Camarilla UK - A monthly live roleplaying game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness, where the players take the part of werewolves and mages in an uneasy alliance against a hostile world. Part of a larger national (and international) campaign with a richly detailed setting and strong links between games, including widespread email and IRC interaction, the chance to take your character to other games around the country, and regular visitors to the Oxford game from London, Reading, Birmingham and Cambridge. The game is currently run by Mike Sweeney, with the assistance of Sarah Bouchier, and has a large crossover of membership with OURPGSoc.

Other RPG societies with cool pages

* GEAS, the Edinburgh University Roleplaying Society has a superb page based around a village.
* Also at Edinburgh is the Encylcopedia GEAS which gives lots of RPG information.

* If you are more interested in Cambridge than Oxford, have a look at CURS, the Cambridge University Role-Playing Society. Interestingly, there does seem to be a large number of the Oxford RPGSoc who are actually from Cambridge.

Other RPG related pages

* RPGnet is pretty much the industry-focused RPG web site - probably the busiest non-commercial RPG site anywhere. Pages and links on companies, games, art, games references, pretentious essays etc.
* Woodelf runs a rather nice page as an index of RPG sites. It unfortunately has a tendency to move about a lot, so apologies if this link breaks again...
* Another good introduction and resource site is Tannis RPG Resources.
* Fallows Cross is a Multi GM AD&D campaign.
* The Three Suns is a site for a PBEM game set in a fantasy world.
* FUDGE is a RPG system freely available on the net. You can get the zip archive from
* The Role-Playing site with discussion forums (fora?) and a few links.
* Henrik Andersson has a small site, Lt. Cariad home, with RPG text resources, including character sheets, and handy Latin-English and English-Welsh word lists.
* The Dociverse is the home site of Robert "Doc" Cross, author of three of the four TOON RPG Game books.

Games Companies

For a very long list of games companies, see the RPGnet Industry Directory.

* Undying King Games, described above.
* Steve Jackson Games produce various products including Illuminati: New World Order and GURPS.
* Wizards of the Coast: Magic: The Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings, (A)D&D and...Pokémon. Acquired by Hasbro in Autumn 1999, so this might be your last chance to get their rpgs. Also have a look at the MoxPerl site for a very useful guide to Magic: The Gathering.
* In June 1997, Wizards bought TSR, the makers of D&D and AD&D.
* White Wolf have apparently published some games.
* The Guildhall Press is a Canadian company still offering a free demo of their game B-Movie
* Flying Buffalo, whose most famous prducts include Tunnels and Trolls, Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes and Nuclear War.
* Atlas Games, featuring Ars Magica, Over the Edge and others, and a link to RPGSoc on their 'Links of Bliss' page.
* Fasa: Battletech, Earthdawn, Shadowrun.
* Iron Crown Enterprises: Middle-Earth Role-playing, Rolemaster, Fluxx.
* Kenzer and Co. A slightly strange company producing a comic strip, Kights of the Dinner Table, a CCG, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and an RPG, The Kingdoms of Kalamar.
* Mayfair Games. They don't make RPGs. They don't even write most of their games themselves. But as the makers of Settlers of Catan and Family Business they account for an estimated 32.8% of all games night activity.
* Eden Studios (Conspiracy X). Listed here almost entirely because it isn't in the RPGnet directory.
* Uncle Bear, a games distributor (I think), with free games, fonts, links, and other interesting stuff.
* Games Workshop, which is, according to informed sources, a 'major games company'.
* Hogshead, which writes an actual RPG under Games Workshop license, now also has a web site.