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*Nightflyer 31 cover, by Dom Camus:
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*An easy guide to Were-beings, by Frances Hardinge.

My first is in Gygax, and also in Dungeon... (article)
Dom Camus and Tim Harford try to take a sensible look at puzzles. Epilogue by Philip Stevens.

How to be a Truly Dodgy Bastard (article)
Anthony Rickey provides training in ten easy steps.

Why the Pen is mightier than the Sword (article)
All about turnsheets by Daniel Singer, a man who has never written one.

Its All a Matter of Trust (article)
Hanbury Hampden-Turner looks at whether the GM has ultimate authority.

*Hero with Dice, by Frances Hardinge.

Fair Play (article)
Dawn Camus considers ways for GM and players to achieve better game balance in RPGs

*Little Spiny, by Frances Hardinge.

Quake: the best CRPG around? (article)
Chris Venus on exploration, killing things and kebabs.

The Co-GM is in here! (article)
Rhiannon Lassiter and Liz Smith discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working together.

Role-playing with Clio (article)
Martin Lloyd writes about his favourite lady.

*Unicorn, by Frances Hardinge.

In Nomine Paranoia: Players Introduction (article)
A very sensible players guide to the angelic minions of the Computer by Steve Jessop

Bookends (article)
Tim Harford points the way to some inspiration on the Internet.

Artwork and design of front cover by Dominic Camus.
Artwork throughout Nightflyer by Frances Hardinge.

Editorial Policy - Nightflyer is for the publication of articles by members of OURPGSoc regarding role-playing in all its forms. Fiction articles are welcomed, but non-fiction will be given priority.
Many thanks to Tim Harford, Daniel Singer and Mo Holkar for their help, and a big thank you to all contributors to Nightflyer 31.

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