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*Nightflyer 32 cover, 'The World' by Frances Hardinge:
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Favours and Face: Social Interaction in Games (article)
Tim Harford reinvents honour in RPGs.

*Contract, by Frazer Payne.

Deities to Believe In (article)
Sarah Blake explains why believable deities can be inspirational.

*'Party Strategy: Plan A' by Frances Hardinge

Essence Perception through Triat/Sphere Manipulation (article)
An in-character look at magickal esoterica by Ralph Lovegrove

In the beginning... (article)
To prelude or not to prelude? A few alternatives from Tim Harford.

*'Party Strategy: Plan B' by Frances Hardinge

The HOL Charts (article)
The wonderful 'Steve and Andie HOL character creation system' (TM).

*A typical HOL player group by Martin Lloyd

No sects please...(article)
Ralph Lovegrove discusses the potential advantages of games on different levels.

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