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*Nightflyer 33 cover, 'Dweomer weaver' by Frazer Payne (all work by Frazer Payne is subject to copyright. Enquiries and commissions welcome : 01816754085 or

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The Generation Game (article)
Tim Harford on character creation systems.

Uncle Luluís Nocturne Advice Column (article)
People from the land of Nocturne by Eleanor Orebigann.

Blatant Space Filler Article (article)
The secret of writing for Nightflyer in a few short pages from Ralph Lovegrove.

Imagister - The B-Movie (article)
The last society game through the eyes of Chris Venus.

Twelve reasons why you should play Camarilla UK (article)
A blatant plug by Serrændipiti.

Who Gives a stuff? (article)
Simple yet exciting combat systems for roleplaying by Ralph Lovegrove.

A better Tomorrow (article)
A game of Freedom Fighters from Michael Sweeney.

The Royal Assassin (article)
Fiction by Sarah Blake.

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