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A Better Tomorrow

A Game of Freedom Fighters by Michael Sweeney, based on the work of Olly OíGrady and David Stott.

Ever had a cause worth dying for? Ever wanted to climb the barricades and strike a blow for freedom? Now is your chance...
In this game you play not just one character but a whole organisation dedicated to a cause, with many of its members embarking on specific missions, from assassinating the evil dictator to rescuing the Holy Pants of the Prophet(tm) from his wicked demon-spawn mother who thinks they need a trip to the Place of Unholy Cleanliness (well, the washing machine actually).

Organisation Creation:
Each group has 30 points to spend at the start of the game on all of its resources (including members), further stuff can be gained through roleplay at GM discretion (if anyone out thereís mad enough to play this more than once). The various categories you can spend points on are as follows:

Active Members: 5 active (PC-able) members per point.
Training: 1 point per extra level of ability for 5 members.
Sympathisers: 100 people per point, fewer if any of them are important - an international movie star would be worth at least 100.
Heroic Individual(s): basic cost is 1pt each with further points adding even more to their prowess (see character creation below).
Money: £10,000/$15,000 in available cash per point.
Equipment: Enough basic equipment for 5 people per point (a car, a few weapons with a little ammo and a few mobile phones) more points get more stuff like safehouses, cool gadgets, better weapons, fake I.D etc.
Contacts: Arms dealers, corrupt policemen, used car salesmen and other scum that donít support you but will sell you equipment/information. 1pt per big contact or per half dozen lower contacts.
Hero (Nutter) Points: For every five points spent every member of your organisation gets an extra ĎHero Pointí as standard (see character creation below).
Random: Anything that isnít covered above, cost at GM discretion.

Character Creation

Stats: A basic character gets a D6 + 6 points to spend between these stats, one extra point can be gained for every two negative points of stats. No Stat may be taken above three or below minus two (which is a really bad score to have).
Agility: How quick a characterís reflexes are and how fast he/she can run.
Hardness: Physical strength and stamina, each level of this gives an extra wound and gives a hand-to-hand damage bonus of Hardness -1 (minimum 0).
Looks: How good-looking a character is.
MPDS (Make People Do Stuff): Some do it through charisma, others through being manipulative and others through looking vulnerable, it all amounts to the same.
Mental Alertness: How quick-witted, perceptive and aware someone is.
Hero/Nutter Points: These cost 3 character creation points for every one point of stat (extras available from organisation points). Represents the overwhelming passion for the cause of a character - and can be spent in bad situations (see Rules section).

Skills: Each character has 12 points to spend on skills, 3 is the highest any skill can be. Anything a that both GM and player think is useful can be a skill, but basic stuff like being able to ride a bike, read or cook a Pot Noodle doesnít have to be paid for.

Some sample skills:
Driving, Automatic Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Pistols, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Computers, Seduction, Oration, Lying, Melee Weapons, Torture (not that any of you at home would dream of using this skill in a game), Interrogation, Orienteering, Wearing-Balaclavas-without-them-slipping-round-your-head, Propaganda, Knowledge of Causeís Doctrine (useful in arguments with fellow revolutionaries).

Extra Training: Each level of extra training gives a character 1 extra point to spend on Stats and three extra points of skills.
Heroic Individual: A Hero gets 1 Free Nutter Point, D6 + 9 points of Stats and 15 points of skills, for every extra organisation point spent they get an additional point of Stats and 3 extra points of Skills. They may also exchange these three points to take a skill they have at three to four, or five for another 3 skill points. Three stat points can be spent to do the same with a stat they have at three (so an MPDS of 4 would cost 6 stat points), in the case of Nutter Points this still only costs 3 points.

Wounds: Each Character gets D3 + 3 + Hardness Wounds, a character at zero wounds will die within minutes without medical aid, below zero and they die instantly.

Game System

To attempt an action a player rolls a D6 and adds their level of the relevant skill and stat. If they get equal to or above the difficulty number set by the GM then they succeed, if not, they fail.
Sample difficulties:
Driving a car in good weather on an open road - 3
Hacking into a very well protected government mainframe - 9
Shooting at a stationary target at close range - 5
Shooting at a stationary target behind some rocks at medium range - 8
Punching someone - 3

Combat: Each combatant gets one action a round which can be used to move, dodge or attack. The character with the highest Initiative (take the average of Agility and Mental Alertness) goes first In the case of drawn initiative players should roll off: winner goes first. If a character is attacked they can choose to dodge before any dice are rolled, provided they can see the attack coming (not from behind). If they do this then their Agility is added to the difficulty of hitting them.

Unarmed attacks: 1 wound per hit, plus 1 extra wound for every three points the attacker scored above the difficulty of the attack.
Armed Hand-to-Hand attacks: do 1 wound plus any weapon damage, plus one extra wound for every two points the attacker scores over the difficulty of the attack.
Knife: + 1 wounds
Broadsword: + 2 wounds
Billyclub: + 1 wound
Chainsaw: + 3 wounds

Ranged Attacks: weapon damage plus 1 extra wound for every point scored above the difficulty of the attack.
Bows/X-Bows: 2 wounds
Light Pistols/Revolvers: 2 wounds
Heavy Pistols/Revolvers: 3 wounds
Sub-Machine Guns: 3 wounds
Assault Rifles: 4 wounds
Heavy Machine Guns: 6 wounds
Grenades/Bombs/Missiles: Lots of wounds

Nutter Points: A player may spend a Nutter Point to do something stupidly heroic. Like being shot to pieces but still running 2 miles to hand on the secret microfilm, enduring evil tortures etc. It does NOT let you automatically hit someone and kill them or succeed in any normal action.

Examples: Sample Group: Fully Respectable Arenít Nasty duCks Evil Society
20 Active Members (4pts)
600 Sympathisers (6pts)
2 Nutter Points (10pts)
1 Heroic Individual (5pts)
Equipment (4pts)
Contacts (1pt)

Catchphrase: "Eat lead Web-Footed Facist!!"

The first mission is to cleanse the local Park of the Evil Duck Menace &trad;, 5 normal members and the heroic Franny. N. Cez set out for a lightening raid. Using their contact in the Parks and Recreation Dept. they know only one Parky will be on duty, the worst Duck Collaborator around.
Itís rainy and horrid, so the other members of the team donít want to go out: Franny uses her MPDS (4) and Intimidation (4) to persuade them. The player rolls a three to give a total of 11, the difficulty was only 4 so she succeeds by lots.
Having arrived at the Park the team sneak up to the Park Hut where the evil Duckfriend is eating Marmite sandwiches, gloating as old ladies are forced to feed his masters bread by the pond. Enraged one of the team sneaks up a throws a grenade: with an Agility of 2 and no throwing skill the GM decides the difficulty is 5, sadly the player rolls a 1 and the GM rules that the grenade spins off towards the old grannies. Not to be deterred another player tries to throw a grenade and this time hits blowing the evil Parkkeeper to smithereens.
Now all the team needs to do is avoid the armed response unit...

All right, not the greatest ever example... not the greatest ever game... but at least it filled some pages.
Michael Sweeney
(The author and the editor wish to point out that this game is intended to be a joke. Everything is said in a light-hearted manner, and no offence to anyone is intended - Ed.)