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Blatant Plug Productions' presents

Twelve Reasons Why You Should Play Camarilla UK

that's a bit cheeky, isn't it ?

what, writing a Nightflyer article to promote the game I'm running ? not at all. Kavitha, like every Nightflyer editor ever, is desperate for articles and the game could always do with a few new players. so we both benefit. everyone wins !

so what is this Camarilla UK thing, anyway ?

it's a White Wolf LRP game. no. wait. come back ! you see, Cam UK is different. for one thing it's part of a big, big (we're talking seriously huge here) international organisation, officially approved by White Wolf. there's lots of other things which make it different and worth playing as well, for example:

one - not just vampires

I know. it seems like you can't turn a roleplaying corner nowadays without tripping over someone running a live or tabletop Vampire game. but while there are often Mage tabletops, Mage LRP is very rare, and when was the last time you knew anyone running a Werewolf game ?
at the Oxford Camarilla UK game you get to pick your choice of the three, and they all interact together as fellow PCs in one big happy(ish) family.

two - peace at last !

another unusual aspect of the Oxford game is that we're all friends. most White Wolf games are filled with politicking, backstabbing, and general sneakiness, usually between the players as well as the NPCs.
the Oxford game is different. we're all friends. we get along and help each other out (most of the time anyway - hey, nobody's perfect !) the vampires aren't part of the politics-obsessed Camarilla, and we exiled those dodgy Tremere from our nice city centuries ago. the city does have a loose structure of authority, but is primarily ruled by a democratic council of the vampires, magi and garou. we're very careful about who we let live here, in order to help maintain our fluffy harmony.

three - not just RPGSoc

not that there's anything wrong with RPGSoc members. they're as weird a bunch of beings as you could hope to meet, and are lovely people. but it makes a nice change to roleplay with other folk as well now and then. other Cam UK players come and visit our games from all over the country...

four - plot in distant places

...and you can visit their games as well, taking your usual PC to play in foreign parts. meet new people and try not to piss them off too much ! make friends, enemies and allies across the globe, both in and out of character ! you can't wait, can you ?

five - big balls

you also get to go to some truly spectacular roleplaying events. the highlight of the year for Kindred is the National Assembly each April. this attracts around three hundred of the major and minor players from across the country, with Clan meetings going on all afternoon and the main event lasting from six or seven in the evening until one a.m. at night. the last one was held in the Cutler's Hall in Sheffield - a really posh place, with chandeliers on the ceiling and a mirror on the stairs as big as the Tanner Room
the Magi and Garou don't miss out either, with their own weekend long Daylight Savings event taking place around midsummer.

six - vacation boredom cured

looking for something to do outside term time ?
suffering from LRP withdrawal over the summer ?
Cam UK games carry on all year round. if you aren't in Oxford over the vacation, you can probably carry on playing at a game near your home. if you can't get enough of White Wolf LRP during term time, you could even visit other games then as well. if you wanted to you could probably play in a Cam game every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening all year round !

seven - it's only once a month

most of us settle for just playing once or twice a month though. the Oxford game runs once a month, with times varying so as to try and avoid clashing with other stuff. come on, just one evening a month, you can spare that much for us can't you ?

eight - plot in distant places II
(you too could be famous)

with games going on around the world there's never any shortage of news and plot. there's local plots, regional plots, national plots and even international plots. and you can get involved in them all ! people around the world could end up reading about and being affected by your actions.

nine - longevity

few campaigns last very long. the Society Game is one or two terms, the Vampire game changes every year or two, and most of the other games are either one-offs or usually tend to last between a few weeks and a year.
the Camarilla game started in the US in 1992, and the UK branch began the year after. the Oxford game has been running since the summer of '97. all this means that the game has an unprecedented amount of depth and background, and once you start playing you will be able to watch and nurture your character as they grow and develop over the course of several years (provided you don't do something foolish and fatal in the meantime, of course).

ten - glorious newsletters

actually only four. you can play in the local game without officially joining the organisation, but once you do cough up your membership money, you get a copy of the wonderful 'Nightworld' magazine roughly quarterly, keeping you up to date with current goings-on and providing numerous other articles of interest. joining also gets you marbled laminated membership and character cards, occasional Clan (or Mage or Garou) newsletters and a list of every registered player in your Clan (or all the registered Mage or Garou players) in the country.
you also get a copy of 'Hart Beat' at each game, Oxford's own glorious news sheet as written by yours truly.

eleven - now under new management !

now makes your whites redder than ever before !
I've just taken over, so it'll be a while before all the new changes get underway. as well as the news sheet, the game should also soon have it's own up-to-date Web page, email list, and starter packs for new players. and since I don't have a job or any other justification for my existence, I can devote my entire life to running a glorious game for you !

twelve - capital free power !

it's a little known fact that capital letters at the start of sentences are an insidious invention of the Technocracy, designed to enforce conformity to the Technocratic paradigm and reduce creativity. being a capital free person, I run a largely capital free game, which means almost unlimited creativity enhancement ! and more exclamation marks, too !

sounds great ! where do I sign up ?

I'm Serrændipiti (yes, that is my real name) and you can find me and talk to me about joining us at most RPGSoc events.