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Editor: Joshua Fox
Contributions by: Frances Hardinge, Martin Lloyd, Sarah Blake, Gemma Lowe, Joshua Fox, Chris Rogers, Krystyna Joyce, Tim Harford, Matthew Marcus, Daniel Hemmens, John Phillips, Serraendipitti, Steve Pearson.
Cover art by Frances Hardinge.
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Thanks to all who contributed.

To contribute to Nightflyer, contact the editor, Joshua Fox, at Somerville College, or alternatively email him:
Finally, you can collar him at games night, Vendetta, or Inheritance.

Nightflyer is the magazine of the Oxford University Roleplaying Society.

AGM: Sex, Lies and Videotapes
Corporate People
City of Night
No more weirdness!
Tea Leaves
Brand new original games
After the Fall
Apocalypse - 1000 AD
Ask Jabba

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