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Netflyer 34

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Brand new original games!
Or, "these sound familiar"

Kamikaze Jenga

Set-up: Build a tower of Jenga bricks.

Aim: To knock down the tower using only the power of catapults.

Each player makes a catapult out of three Jenga bricks (or mini tumble bricks for added variety!).

Rules: Make them up, but they must be stated before play, unless someone decides to change them.

Disclaimer: Neither the author nor Nightflyer can accept responsibility for any injuries obtained by playing this game. Nor will we accept responsibility for anyone pointing and laughing at you if the said injuries do occur.

Star Trek, Spiderman, Rock

This game is based on scissors, paper, stone, but it is a lot more fun (it really is, honest!). The Star Trek symbol is obviously fingers outstretched, middle two fingers forming a "V". Rock is the internationally accepted rock music salute. Spiderman is the same as Rock but with the thumb out to the side. Attempts have been made (rather pathetically) to draw these symbols.

Game play: You know how to play scissors, paper, stone, don't you?

What's that I hear you cry? Which symbol beats what? Well, it's simple of course (theories have been put forward to the origins of this ordering, but unfortunately the true reasons have been lost in the mists of time)

Rock beats Star Trek
Star Trek beats Spiderman
Spiderman beats Rock. New Rule: These hand symbols have, in the past, proved difficult to form from the first position. This led to the rule that if, for example, a player displays the Spiderman symbol to get beaten by Star Trek, if that player declares that he/she meant to display the rock symbol, but got his/her thumb in the wrong place, that player will be declared a cheat, and everyone in the room may question his/her integrity.

Warning: These hand symbols may cause finger fatigue. There is no cure.

Gemma Lowe is quite, quite mad.