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Netflyer 34

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Aries You may find yourself in a sticky situation. A union jack parachute and a swift abseil down the millennium dome should get you out of trouble. Now would be a good time to check which wire you should cut when defusing a nuclear warhead.
Taurus You may find yourself being a bull in a china shop, as every high-tech gadget you use seems to get blown to pieces. If you use a horse instead of a car watch out for hidden traps.
Gemini Do not trust any lesbian twins, no matter how friendly they first seem. Things could lead to an encounter in a swimming pool. A friendly sheikh could get you out of trouble.
Cancer Beware of promiscuity as your sign is prone to the dangers of hedonistic pleasure. Instead, you could find distractions in your underwater lair.
Leo Once again, the stars hold the possibility of a warm comfortable place to sleep. Don't take this for granted as your evil overlord master could be killed or horribly mutilated and where would that leave you?
Virgo Love could be on the cards very soon. Romantic evenings stranded on a boat with your lover may be frequent. Experimentation with body paint could lead to more excitement.
Libra Keep in mind that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Knowledge of the laws of physics could be useful when dealing with strong electromagnets and with fast centrifuges.
Scorpio A laser gun may have a sting in the tail. Someone close to you may appear to be gaining weight rapidly - beware of outbursts. Monorails could provide a convenient mode of transport.
Sagittarius If you decide to practice your archery skills with grappling hook guns, watch out for strange ninjas creeping up behind you. Skiing could be an exciting alternative.
Capricorn Don't kid about with gold bullion - it may prove too radioactive to handle. If you can't keep away from the stock markets, don't invest in computer technology - the computing industry is prone to attacks from psychotic millionaires.
Aquarius You are the water carrier, so you should be able to shake up a vodka martini. Don't drink too many if you plan to win at the casino.
Pisces If you are planning to finally capture the person who has eluded you for so long, make sure you take the necessary precautions. Ensure that your mutant sharks are suitably ill tempered and that your piranhas haven't eaten for quite a while. After all, you expect your prisoner to die!!!

Flabberghasted is the rpgsoc astrologer general.

Rpgsoc accepts no responsibility for any predictions that come true.