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Termcard for Hilary Term 1995


This page contains the contents of the Termcard for Hilary term 1995.

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The Termcard

Special Events

Introductory Meeting

Sunday 1st week, 1pm: Seminar room, Wadham

Come and listen to the committee tell you of the joys in store for the forthcoming term. Get a new game or players for your game, or just be sociable.

The Pub Crawl

Friday 4th week

Ah well, it had to happen.

There is a gap in the schedule waiting to be filled; the Bullingdon Arms is a possible candidate. Suggestions are welcome; we could also try out the Hobgoblin rather than the Eastgate or Half Moon. Any ammendments will be published in Ikaros.

The Banquet

Saturday 6th week, 7:30pm onwards. Venue tbc.

Errata: Saturday 7th week in Luna Caprese (?)

Each year, RPG soc has its banquet. This involves dressing up in black tie, sitting down to a superb meal after pre-dinner drinks, steadily getting less sober as the night goes on and eventually listening to the president and others making farewell speeches (our retributive strike, heh heh) over port. It has always been a great event. Please talk to Ralph for details; tickets should be about 20 pounds, which includes wine, port and three courses.

The FLRP Masqued Ball

Saturday 5th week, 7:30 pm. (probably) The Lower Oscar Wilde room, Magdalen

An indoor FLRP related event. Kar-Brandel has a Masqued Ball once every year, a party given by our Lord Brandel himself. Come in character to this freeform event. The last Masque was a superb event, with murder, sex and violence (in a loose sense...). Don't worry if you don't FLRP regularly, just come along anyway and the GMs will help you with a character. Talk to Reuben for details.

Nightflyer and Ikaros

Nightflyer is the society magazine, as you should know; the latest edition should be winging its way to you rapidly following the termcard. Tim, the editor, will accept articles of any length (preferably in disk format); you can write reviews, short articles, vignettes for RPGs, replies to previous articles, the list of what you can do is endless. We are also looking for artwork.

Ikaros is the newsletter, with mid-term updates on social events, and should be out at the end of 3rd week. If you are looking for players or a GM, this is a good place to put a "small ad".


Sunday 7th week, 1pm. The Wadham Seminar Room.

Errata: Sunday 8th week.

The Annual General Meeting of RPGsoc will see the election of the new committee, and voting on constitutional alterations. Proposals, and nominations, to John Reynolds.


The Library

at Pembroke Staircase 15, Room 4

The library has had recent additions to its already (ahem) overflowing ranks. Visit Alistair at Pembroke, for all your gaming needs! Donations to the library are, of course, most welcome.

The Thieves' Guild

Thursdays, 7:30pm: Lincoln Oakshott room, also other Lincoln rooms; see the board in the lodge.

Well, if you were here last term it's time for another round of backstabbing, politicking and maybe just a little campness in the society's freeform Live Action game. If you haven't tried freeforming before, and missed last term's sessions, do come along for some really good reloplaying, action and adventure as a thief on the island of Six Castles.

Who will die next?


Meet at 8pm in Alistair Jackson's room, Pembroke 15/4.

Last term we had a wonderful influx of new players; keep it up! Hope to see you all at the Masqued Ball too. If anyone fancies writing for the Brandel Bugle, give Reuben a shout.

Games Night

Tuesdays, 7:30pm: Wadham Seminar Room.

Another round of the popular laid-back evening involving boardgames, Magic the Blathering, the unholy Jyhad, and furious turnsheet writing for Thieves' Guild... come along when you want to, stay as long as you wish, and (usually) drink as much as you like.


THE NEW DESIGN IS OUT!!!! Deadline for t-shirt order is Friday of 5th week. Ask Kate for details.

The Bulk Order

The Gameskeeper, the best RPG shop in Oxford, offers a 5% discount with your membership but with the Bulk Order this is increased to 10%. Even without this bonus, it's still excellent value. Ask Alistair for more details. Deadline Friday 5th week.
Is it a bind? Is it a pain, No, it's the


Well, that looks like the last one for me folks...



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