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Special Events

The Pub Crawl

14 February 1997- Friday Fourth Week

Update: Due to objections from various people, the date and route may be subject to change. Look out for further details.

You all know how this works, so I'm not going to explain further. A copiously alcoholic evening.


The route (as suggested by the Campaign for a Proper Pub Crawl) has been changed to the following:

* 7:30 The Pub Oxford. - Ok, this one's alright early in the evening.
* 8:00 The Angel and Greyhound - Much larger, nice beer garden (if necessary)
* 8:30 The Temple Bar - larger, dual-action pub for the talkie-types amongst us
* 9:00 The Oxford Blue - far too nice to have at 8:00 says the CPPC.
* 9:30 The Magdalen Arms - Large, lots of pool tables...
* 10:30 The Philosopher & Firkin - Large, beer tables outside, close to Cowley road for the finish, (buses, kebabs, fish'n'chips etc. etc.)

For reference, the route used to be (do NOT use this one):

* 7:30 The Pub Oxford
* 8:00 The Oxford Blue
* 8:30 The Half Moon
* 9:00 The Bullingdon Arms
* 9:30 The Cricketer's Arms
* 10:30 The Magdalen Arms

The FLRP Event

Keble Pusey Room - 22 February, 1997 - Saturday Fifth Week, 7:30 pm

A meeting held under a flag of truce for all the neutral and dissatisfied powers. Can traditional enemies find a common cause or will it end in chaos? This is a fully plotted event, with all characters pre-generated and presented with individual goals. Please contact Alistair Halsby or Reuben Wright if interested, as they'll be writing this term's event.

* The 20th Anniversary Banquet *

St Hilda's Hall-8 March 1997-Saturday Seventh Week, 7:30pm

The Mother of All Reunions is happening this term, as the RPGSoc reaches back into its primordial past to reunite members old and new for an evening of food, drink, and celebration. We'll try to keep the speeches short (with a stopwatch, if we must,) but be prepared for the occasional reminiscence. Tickets 23 pounds, please indicate if vegetarian, alcoholic, (non-alcoholics to be provided with a `sparking fruit or herb beverage'), and if so, preference for red or white wine. Checks made out to `Oxford University Role Playing Games Society,' posted to Kat Takenaka by 14 February 1997.

The Annual General Meeting

Venue TBA-9 March 1997-Sunday Eighth Week,2:00pm

Update: Venue will be the Lincoln Lower Lecture Room.

Having allowed everyone the morning to recover from the excess of the night before, RPGSoc will reconvene in traditional fashion to elect a new Committee for the coming three terms, as well as discuss any Constitutional amendments which have been proposed. (Now that we've finally found the Constitution...) Anyone with enthusiasm and talent is encouraged to stand for any post, and we hope to have an Elections Procedure, complete with job descriptions, available within the next week.

Other Items To Note:

An update will hopefully be released around mid- term, with corrections to the termcard, as well as further announcements on events within and without the Society.

Nightflyer - A Message from Editor Andrew Lucas

Yes! You've all seen a copy now (I hope - please harass me if you haven't). If you wish to see another, please write for it - new articles, responses to old ones and artwork are all welcome. Articles are to be typed or transmitted via e-mail, artwork to be handed in on paper. (Please use a pen, not pencil!) Deadline end of Second Week; defaulters to be fed to my shoggoth. Mwa ha ha...

The RPGSOC Library

Is at Arcadia (Upper Flat, 55 Aston Street, Off Iffley Road), and is open for anyone to borrow from, A list of items is available on the RPGSoc Web Page, or from Liz. Suggestions and donations are, as ever, welcome.

The Bulk Order

The Bulk Order List should be available from First Week, with a projected deadline for orders on Friday Third Week.

Regular Events


Keble Pusey Room - Every Tuesday, 7:30 pm

To the West, President Ulysses Grant, in the pocket of Martians intent on reclaiming Earth as their own, assembles a fearsome alien armada and waits for his moment to strike... To the East, a turbulent Russia totters on the brink of bloody revolution and the enigmatic Japanese nation grows in power which it will not share.. To the North, the Scandinavian gods have returned to fight a final Ragnarok against the demons of humanity's darkest nightmares... To the South, the Pope has been assassinated and the generals of Europe skirmish over their African colonies... In the middle, Prince Albert must chair the Illuminati effectively enough to save the world in the face of Tick-Tock Men, mad industrialists, sinister magicians and the visiting Australian cricket team. To provide him with much needed moral support, contact Matt Marcus or Tony Short.

Games Night

Wadham Seminar Room Every Thursday, from 7:30pm

Your weekly chance to do any or all of the following:
Play board games/card games/one-off tabletop games, plot, drink, and of course, socialise.
STOP PRESS: Settlers of Catan coming soon.


Balliol College, Staircase 15, Room 24 - Fridays at 7:00pm

RPGSoc's live action game will be held on Shotover Common at night, on Friday of First, Third, Fifth, and Seventh Weeks. Are the Shadowpact poised for the final strike to shatter the alliance or are cracks in the Pact beginning to show? New players welcome, (with a low-level adventure to be held later in term.) New GMs needed. Either should contact Hanbury for more information.

Kindred of Oxford, otherwise known as VAMPIRE

Saturdays from 7:00pm

Events become by stages more exiting and dangerous in the City of Oxford, as shadows are cast from a distance upon the dias of Prince Jeremiah Buxton and his often divisive Primogen. Violence between Oxford and Reading is rising, and no one knows from which direction the next attack will come. The natives are restless... Projected order of gatherings as follows:

* Saturday of Second Week - Conclave to be held in Lincoln Oakshott Room
* Saturday of Fourth Week - Clan Toreador Salon to be held in Keble Pusey Room
* Saturday Sixth Week - Clan Ventrue Event, in St Peter's Martin and Davies Rooms
* Saturday Eighth Week - Conclave to be held in Lincoln Oakshott Room

More Happenings:

* Oxford University Diplomacy Society will be holding OXCON, a gaming convention on Saturday Second Week, 1 February 1997 at the ARCO Building, Keble College. Events will include tournaments for Diplomacy and Settlers of Catan. People interested in running games or other RPG related events should contact Chris Dickson at Keble College.

* Loughborough University is to hold a National Role-Playing Tournament, and the RPGSoc has been invited to send a team. The event is scheduled to run from Friday to Sunday, 11-13 April 1997. Deposits are needed by 31 January 1997, so interested persons should contact Emma Stuttard soon for more information on places and prices.

The RPGSOC Committee was our last great hope for organization - it failed. But in the year of 1996-1997, it became something greater - Our last great hope - for sanity.


* President: Kat Takenaka as Ambassador Kosh of the Vorlons
Available At: Balliol College, Staircase 17, Room 3
Contact:, or (01865) 723819
* Secretary: Emma Stuttard as Ambassador Delenn of the Mimbari
Available Through : St. Hilda's College
Contact:, or (01865) 250658
* Treasurer: Tony Short as Ambassadorial Assistant Lennier of the Mimbari
Available At: Lincoln College, The Mitre, Room 24
* Campaign Organizer: Matt Marcus as Captain John Sheridan
Available Through: Magdalen College
Contact: , or (01865) 246686
* FLRP Organizer: Hanbury Hampden-Turner as Ambassador Londo Mollari of the Centauri Empire
Available At: Balliol College, Staircase 15, Room 24
* Nightflyer Editor: Andrew Lucas as Ambassador G'Kar of the Narn Republic
Available at: Keble College Room 114, ARCO Block
Contact: , or (01865) 282371
* Archivist: Liz Smith as Commander Susan Ivanova
Available Through: Balliol College
Available At: Arcadia, 55 Aston Street, off Iffley Road
Contact:, or (01865) 202065
* Social Secretary: Robin Adams as Ambassadorial Assistant Vir Koto, of the Centauri Empire
Available At: St. John's College, Staircase TW7, Room 2
Contact: or

Although the mailing lists, web page (, and newsgroup (ox.clubs.rpgsoc) are still active, Cyberemminence John Reynolds will be absent for part of this term. We apologize for lack of any technical genius in his absence. Note from the Cyberemminence: Actually I'm baaaaaaaaack, so there isn't a problem. However, THE CODEX, the RPGSoc games and players database is still being maintained. Check it via the web page, and add information by e-mailing For queries and advice on THE CODEX, mail