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Special Events

The Pub Crawl

Friday 4th Week. (13th Feb)

This term we venture forth across Magdalen bridge for our evening (OK, one of many evenings) of drunkenness and debauchery...

* 7:30 The Pub (Magdalen Roundabout)
* 8:00 The Oxford Blue
* 8:30 The Half Moon
* 9:00 The Bullingdon Arms
* 9:30 The Cricketerís Arms
* 10:30 The Magdalen Arms

The Charity Event - GOLD TEAM

All Term - Contact Dom and Dawn.

Your chance to compete for the honour of being the best special forces team in Oxford ! This is a competition game, teams of five players will try to complete a sequence of really tough missions - although there'll be more grenade-throwing, big explosions and machinegun fire than you can shake a stick at the game is realistic rather than cinematic. There is a 10 quid entry fee per team, which will go to the 'Richard Oates Hogkins Trust' - a cancer research charity. If you want to play, contact Dom or Dawn Camus on (01865)-721021 or email as soon as possible.

The Annual Banquet

Saturday 7th week. (7th March) An evening of sumptuous food, fine wine and good company, as you allow the term to settle briefly into the lap of luxury. Dust down your best evening wear and come and raise a glass of port with the retiring committee as we commit the last year to the hallowed halls of memory and prepare to welcome in the new... Tickets for the banquet will be on sale soon, and it will almost certainly be held in St. Hildas Hall, from 7.30pm.

The Annual General Meeting

Sunday 8th Week (8th March)

The day after the banquet, in the Keble Pusey Room at 4pm, the future of the society will be determined... If you feel the society has given you anything over the past year, please turn up in return. Even better, stand for a committee post and help guide the society into the future. There will be constitutional changes, the election of a new committee, interesting anecdotes from the files of Gold Team HQ, possibly even some prizes...

The society needs your support to be as good as it is... Please come.

Other Stuff

Elections - If you are interested in standing for a committee post at the AGM, please contact Tony Short as soon as possible. (preferably before the end of fourth week)

The Luggage - The RPGSoc library is currently living at 68 Banbury road, room 5. Please talk to Archivist Lim Han to borrow anything or if you have any suggestions.

Nightflyer - If you feel that RPGSoc isnít tapping your full artistic and intellectual potential then why not write an article for Nightflyer. Articles/ reviews/ stories/ artwork and letters to the editor will all be gratefully received. Send ASCII or MS-Word files by email to or on disk to Felix Geiringer, Magdalen College.

The 29th Nightflyer went to press last term, and you will all have one soon.

Mailing Lists - The current email list has changed to Please email Steve Jessop or John Reynolds for more info.

Regular Events

The Society Game - ICON

Keble ARCO building, Every Tuesday at 7.30pm

The Tharil Empire has arrived in CivCore! The newly-crowned Empress Barratt, advised by her Lord High Arbiter, begins her reign. But who are the Tharils? Where did they come from? Most importantly, what do they want here? Meanwhile, a warfleet, lead by the sinister Armand, lingers in the Shari system. How will Commander Del Vaincourt guide Omicron to peace and security? And what will Sonali's wedding dress be like? Find out first here, in Rat's Eye View.

For more information on ICON, the all-action, danger-and-excitement, space-opera society game, look at the web page or contact Steve Jessop

Web Page:

Games Night

Keble Pusey Room, Every Thursday, from 7.30pm

Come and unwind those Thursday night stresses in the relaxed environment that is games night. A cornucopia of activities are on offer including: Chatting, drinking, socialising, Jenga, Magic the Gathering, Settlers of Catan, a multitude of little-known-but-loveable card and board games, ICON (plotting, in-character conversations, communal turnsheet writing, GM interrogation sessions), Vampire (plotting, in-character conversations, table-top roleplaying sessions, Player torture sessions), running round shouting things at people, laughing at bad jokes, laughing at good jokes, laughing at...


Shottover Common, Fridays (3rd, 5th, 7th) at 7pm

FLRP is the societyís long-running Fantasy Live Role playing campaign. It is also known to friends as Hitting-each-other-with-swords-in-the-woods, but that is only part of it (we also use maces). If you've ever reminisced about the good old days of D&D, if you want fun, stand-alone games that donít take themselves too seriously, or if you just want to run around in the dark hitting people with padded weapons, come and FLuRP.

Players MUST BOOK GAMES in advance, so please contact Chris Venus, by the Thursday before the event if you want to play. Meet in Chrisí room in Keble (which is Staircase H2 room 03) at about 7:30 for the game:

Friday 3rd Week - Low level game
Friday 5th Week - Mid level game
Friday 7th Week - High level game

Anyone welcome, wrap up warm and come if only to get some chocolate.

Vampire: degeneration

Saturday even weeks, venue TBA.

Oxford has been cast out of the Camarilla. (Or has it?) The city's most powerful ally, the Inconnu Oliver, has been murdered. (Or has he?) The outlaw Richard Walker has decided to leave Oxford alone and cease his terrorist activity. (Well, perhaps not.) Dark forces, inexplicable events and ridiculously powerful NPCs threaten the safety of the city - can Prince Marc Antoine lead the Kindred of Oxford to counter these dangers, or will the city finally fall prey to the evil that haunts it?

To join the game, come along to Games Night or email

Web page:

The GOLD TEAM files - Suspected involvement with "RPGSoc"

Name: Tony "Flapper" Short
Activities: Head of RPGSoc, evil genius, presents false 'innocent' front.
Current Location: Lincoln College, or 13 Museum road, room 2.
Contact details : or Tel. 554523

Name: Robin "R2" Adams
Activities: Underworld finances, disguise (note activity in Project: ICON)
Current Location: St. Johnís College, Tommy White Staircase 5, room 3
Contact details:

Name: Liz "Delilah" Smith
Activities: Largely unknown, suspected involvement with GOTH.
Current Location: The Shadow Gallery, 71 Cricket Rd.

Name: Andromeda "Miss-Tree" Wood
Activities: Social manipulation and planning, Project: vampire
Current Location: St. Catherineís College, or Firetop mountain, 9 Cricket Rd.
Contact Details: or Tel. 437417

Name: Felix "Chewie" Geiringer
Activities: Obscene publications, disguise (note esp. Project: facial-hair)
Current Location: Magdalen College, or Valhalla, 69 Bullingdon Rd.
Contact Details: or Tel. 726410

Name: Steve "Mad-Dog" Jessop
Activities: Evil mastermind behind Project: ICON, computer ops.
Current Location: Lincoln College, Staircase 16, room 7
Contact Details:

Name: Lim "2-Flower" Han
Activities: Black market supplies, suspected interests in MAGIC
Current Location: Corpus Christi College, or 68 Banbury road, room 5
Contact Details: or Tel. 552414

Name: Chris "Mr-FLURP" Venus
Activities: Low profile operations, supplying goods (esp. 'chocolate')
Current Location: Keble College, Staircase H2, room 3
Contact Details:

"RPGSoc" itself: Many members work in close unity behind the scenes, show seemingly fanatical devotion. Initiated members unable to leave. Members suspected of participating in 'Roleplaying', See archived files: