O.U. Roleplaying Game Society Termcard.
Michelmas 2002
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"What should I do first?"

There's a good number of events on this termcard, which might be confusing to beginners. We suggest going first to the Fresher's events (the Fresher's Meeting and the Fresher's Convention), and/or the first session of Shalazar (Tuesday of 1st Week - that's the 15th of October) which will be mainly taken up with character generation and helping new players find their bearings.

Regular Events

Shalazar: Every Tuesday, 7:30pm, Vernon Harcourt Room, St. Hilda's

The excellent society game which restarts Tuesday of week 1. Shalazar is the jewel of the desert, a pearl amongst cities! Come and play in a game which may bear a startling amount of resemblance to the Arabian Nights, and don't be surprised if your fortunes change. Visit http://shalazar.housevirgo.com for more details, or mail grandviziers@yahoogroups.com.

Games Night: Every Thursday, 7:30pm, Wadham Seminar Room

A relaxed atmosphere for plotting, playing board games and playing or arranging tabletop games, and an excellent drop-in event to get to know members of the society and socialise. You can also look in our extensive archives, containing loads of books, games, and details of ex-society games. users.ox.ac.uk/~rpgsoc/info/library.html has an inventory, ask Archivist Dan Hemmens if you want to borrow anything.

FLRP: Friday of Weeks 1/3/5/7, 7:00pm, St Hilda's Bar

A live action combat game set in the exciting fantasy world of Nocturne. The city of Outpost seeks intrepid explorers, foolhardy warriors, learned mages and everything in between to see what lies beyond the borders of this enchanted land. Contact the FLRP Organiser, Natalie, for details on how to create a character and get involved, or see the FLRP website at flrp.anang.com.

Special Events

Fresher's Meeting: Sunday 1st week (October 13th), 2pm, Oakeshott Room, Lincoln.

Come along and find out who we are and what we do. We'll introduce you to our Committee and the people running this year's games, and then we'll retire to the pub where you can cajole us into buying you drinks.

Fresher's Convention: Sunday 2nd Week (October 20th), 1pm onwards, Lower Lecture Room, Lincoln.

Our second Fresher's event offers a dazzling array of one-off tabletop games to play. Stay all afternoon if you have the time, or just pop in to say hello if you're busy. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know people in the society and to find out about role-playing in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Pub Crawl: Friday 4th Week (November 8th)

Join us as we stagger from pub to pub. This term we're taking the North Oxford route:
  • 7:30 The Turl
  • 8:00 The Wheatsheaf
  • 8:30 The Chequers
  • 9:00 The Three Goats Heads
  • 9:30 The King's Arms
  • 10:30 The Turf Tavern

    Termly General Meeting: 2.00pm, Sunday 5th Week (November 10th), venue TBA

    Your chance to change the way the society's run, air your views, and generally make your mark on the society.

    Christmas Party: Saturday 7th Week (November 30th), venue TBA

    The annual fancy dress extravaganza, organised jointly with OUSFG (OU Speculative Fiction Group). The drink will flow like a river, the people will dance like idiots, and the fancy dress will put Mr Ben to shame. Contact Treasurer Nick Wrightson (see "The Committee" below) for details and tickets.

    Unofficial Events

    A host of things that aren't official society events, but may be of interest to members.

    Age and Treachery: Saturdays of Weeks 2, 4 and 6, Friday of Week 8, 7pm, Wadham Seminar Room

    The latest in RPGSoc's long running line of vampire games continues, this term opens in 1930, the stock market has just crashed, war is on the horizon and the Camarilla, now well into its fifth century is going to have to face up to events on a scale like it has never seen before. New powers are rising, but then age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time. Won't it?Based on WhiteTM Wolf'sTM VampireTM theTM MasqueradeTM. Contact Dan Hemmens (see "The Committee" below) or check out the website at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~wadh1149/ant.html, or contact Dan Hemmens for details - see "The Committee" below.

    Camarilla UK - "Oxford, the Heart of the Rose": 4th Sunday of each month, in the basement of the Horse and Jockey pub.

    The Vale of the White Horse and the city of Oxford at its heart harbour an ancient and tenuous peace between the supernatural races, bound together for reasons centuries lost. Beset by mysteries and enemies on all sides, and perhaps within, they now find themselves in need of all the help they can get. Your chance to play a Mage or Werewolf as part of an international LRP campaign set in White Wolf's World of Darkness. Visit www.oxfordcam.org.uk for further information, or contact Caroline Pearson at dc@oxfordcam.org.uk.

    Elsewhere: Play By E-Mail

    An award-winning fantasy game set in Zehazel, a city teeming with intrigue and drama, a city seeking immigrants. Citizens flourish swords, thwart evil, discover love - and return in time to enjoy a pint at the local. Virtue and Vice, Friendships and Enemies, Ecstasy and Sorrow. all to be found at www.siliconhenge.com/elsewhere

    Stuff to Know

    The Library: We own an extensive library, full of books and games. It also contains stacks of information about old society games and so forth, which is well worth looking over on a rainy afternoon. Contact the Archivist or come along to Games Night if you want to borrow anything.

    Nightflyer: The Society's very own magazine, published by our Nightflyer Editor Hanbury. Articles are always welcome - a tangential relevance to roleplaying being useful but by no means vital.

    On the Net: Our website is at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~rpgsoc, but far more important is our array of mailing lists. To subscribe, e-mail majordomo@maillist.ox.ac.uk with a blank subject line and the phrase "subscribe listname" in the body of the text, so for example subscribe rpgsoca will get you on the announcements list. If you have any problems getting onto the mailing lists contact our netrep, Josh. The mailing lists are:

    - rpgsoc for general discussion and rpgsocca for announcements. These are the vital ones.
    - rpgsocs for the society game (Shalazar),, rpgsocv for Vampire (Age and Treachery), rpgsocf for FLRP. Join these if you're interested in the relevant games.
    - rpgsocj for random nonsense. Join this iif you like silliness.

    The Committee (as: Obligatory Star Wars Tie-In)

    President: Wart as Emperor Palpatine. E-mail: arthur.boff@merton.ox.ac.uk

    Secretary: Jennifer Spencer as Yoda. E-mail: jennifer.spencer@st-hildas.oxford.ac.uk

    Treasurer: Nicholas Wrightson as Luke Skywalker. E-mail: nicholas.wrightson@jesus.ox.ac.uk

    Archivist: Dan Hemmens as Lando Calrissian. E-mail: daniel.hemmens@wadham.ox.ac.uk

    Nightflyer Editor: Hanbury Hampden-Turner as Sy Snootles. E-mail: hanbury.hampden-turner@ams.com

    Campaign Organiser: Tony Rickey as Darth Vader. E-mail: trickey@housevirgo.com

    Social Secretary: Emily Henderson as an Ewok. E-mail: lifesavingsonalipstick@hotmail.com

    FLRP Organiser: Natalie Watkins as the Zam Wesell. E-mail: natalie.watkins@somerville.ox.ac.uk

    Netrep: Joshua Fox as the Boba Fett. E-mail: jfox@megabrainz.freeserve.co.uk

    Mascot: Cuddly Cthulhu as the asteroid monster E-mail: cuddly_cthulhu@wartworld.net 1