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Termcard for Michelmas Term 1994


This page contains the contents of the Termcard for Michelmas term 1994.

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The Termcard

Special Events

Introductory Meeting

Sunday 1st week, 1pm: Lower Oscar Wilde rm, Magdalen

Come and listen to the new committee tell you of the joys in store for the forthcoming term. Get a new game or players for your game, or just be sociable.

The Pub Crawl

Friday 4th week

The regular non-roleplaying event of term. Come and be sociable! Meet at the first pub, or join us later along the way.

The Christmas Party

Saturday 7th week, 7:30pm onwards: Corpus Christi New Music Room

Correction: Venue has changed - now in Magdalen, Lower Oscar Wilde Room.

Under the auspices of OURPGSoc and OUSFG, the Christmas party once again takes place with it's optional fancy dress and mandatory silly behavior (if not drunkenness). Tickets from Kate or Ralph; book early to avoid disappointment!


If you want a t-shirt, the person to ask is Kate. A wealth of choice of colour and design are available, and the new design should be appearing soon. Deadline for t-shirt order is Friday of 5th week.

The Bulk Order

The Gameskeeper, the best RPG shop in Oxford, offers a 5% discount with your membership but with the Bulk Order this is increased to 10%. Early Christmas prezzies? Magic the Gathering? Ask Alistair for more details. Deadline Friday 5th week.


This is the society magazine. Tim is the editor and he will accept almost anything as long as it is RPG related. You don't have to write huge articles for inclusion, as was the format of old editions; we would like to encourage everyone to contribute. For upcoming Nightflyers it si proposed that there will be sections for vignettes and reviews, so that many people can contribute. If you have a great idea but can write it in only 100 words then we want it! Everything has a place in Nightflyer. A more detailed account of what will constitute the magazine will be published in Ikarus, the society newsletter.

Remember, this is your society, and your magazine. It's up to you to contribute and make it great.


The Library

at Pembroke Staircase 15, Room 4

This is cunningly enough, our librarian's room. Alistair will bo only too happy to help you find that special something to enhance your game, party or barmitzvah.

The Thieves' Guild

Thursdays, 7:30pm: Lincoln Oakshott room, also other Lincoln rooms; see the board in the lodge.

Correction: Now in Lincoln Lower Lecture Room.

A thief in the cities of the Six Castles, you eke out a living risking your life for riches whilst dodging the attacks (physical or otherwise) of your competitors. This is the society's Live Action game, and if you haven't done freeforming before then it is an ideal start. It is a highly sociable event, with a player friendly system and a detailed background. It's run on a weekly basis, and in between you can write turn sheets detailing your character's movements. It's designed to cater for the beginner. The GMs and other experienced players will help you to slip into your character and the world, all you have to do is talk to them.


Meet at 8pm on the relevant Friday.

Ask Reuben Wright or Ralph about the venue. If all else fails, converge on 57 East Avenue, Cowley.

The Society's Fantasy Live Roleplaying is rich in campaign history, yet very flexible and designed to satisfy newcomers and vererans alike. We have four games this term. Please contact Reben Wright (Wadham) beforehand in order to book a place as these are limited, and it helps the GM's stress levels!

Games Night

Tuesdays, 7:30pm: Wadham Seminar Room.

A relaxed affair involving lighthearted and non-roleplaying games such as boardgames, Magic the Blathering, and other game; also a good time to have a chat with the committee, plot Empires in Arms or Thieves' Guild, or just relax and have a drink. The night is fairly flexible, and it is possible to drop in, play a game and drop out as you wish so you needn't commit a whole evening.

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This is your society. We are only the administration, the members are the life and soul of the society. The events we run are for your benefit, and you can contribute to all of them and make them more spectacular. Please do come along and join in, and have fun!



For further information, write to me at:

John Reynolds (Corpus Christi College)

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