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Termcard for Michaelmas Term 1995


This page contains the contents of the Termcard for Michaelmas term 1995.

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The Termcard

This Term's Special Events



Come along to find out more about what's going on this term. GMs will be presenting games they want players for; so find some players or a game.

The Society RPG meeting

7:30 Wednesday 1st week. Magdalen Lecture Rm A

As a society we are designing our own roleplaying system with a view to publishing. This meeting is an opportunity to present ideas, and to set up a more formal sub-committee to work on our game. If you're interested but can't make it, please get in touch with Reuben.

The Pub Crawl

Friday 4th week. Meet at the first pub, or join us later.

I won't patronise you with some blurb about what a pub crawl is. Here's the schedule:


7:30 Friday 6th Week, Venue tbc.

This is an in-character indoor FLRP event. Lord Brandel is holding a ball, and all, however lowly, are invited. Don't worry if you don't have a regular FLRP character, talk to Alastair and he'll sort one out for you.

The Christmas Party

Saturday 7th week, 7:30 onwards. Corpus Christi New Music Room. (Probably)

This joint party for OURPGSoc and OUSFG is always, um... interesting. Come in Fancy Dress if you dare! Get tickets from Rob or Reuben; first come, first served.

Ikaros and Nightflyer

The deadline for Ikaros articles is Wednesday of 4th week. Our termly newsletter will come out soon after with further details of events, and updates on FLRP and Pantheon, plus whatever else you throw at Hanbury... Nightflyer will be coming out next term, and if you have anything to say even remotely connected to RPGs stick it on disk, or paper and get it to Hanbury. If your point can be made in a hundred words rather than a thousand, this is an advantage.

The Bulk Order

Deadline Friday 5th week. Ask Kat for the list of what's available.

Those lovely people at Gameskeeper give 5% discount for all members all the time. Once a term though, we get to make one order at 10% off: Can you afford to miss it?

The Library

Ask Kat what we have and if you can borrow it.

As well as the Society owned stuff, we are setting up a system of organised borrowing between members. If you have something that you wouldn't mind another member borrowing for a while, please tell Kat. She, and everyone else, would be most grateful.


Loads of colours, loads of designs. All wonderful. See Rob if you're interested.

RPGSoc goes Technical...

There is a society mailing list on E-mail. Most important information will find its way only there. To get put on it, mail John Reynolds ( john.reynolds@ccc.ox.ac.uk). We have our own newsgroup - ox.clubs.rpgsoc, and a Web page at http://info.ox.ac.uk/~corp0008/ which you have obviously already found since this is the online version. ;)

Regular Meetings


Tuesdays 7:30 every week. First meeting, Massey Room, Balliol college. Rooms for the rest of term will be announced then.

Correction: Rooms are now Lincoln Seminar Room, and a room I can't remember the name of (I think it's the Lower Lecture Room).

The year is 40AD. Emperor Claudius, beset bu unrest in the East, pins his hopes on the invasion of Britain, hoping for glory in Caesar's footsteps. The folk of Britain are fighting amongst themselves, ill prepared for the well drilled legionaries. As the armies clash, so too do the Gods, as the Celtic and Roman Pantheons fight desperately for supremacy. This is a freeform weekly game in which the players are their people's deities. Contact the GMs (Jon, Reuben, Al and Matt) or better still come to the Introductory meeting on Tuesday.

Also, have a look at the World Wide Web klaberjazz@bezique.ftech.co.uk) or Alastair.

Games Evening

Thursdays, 7:30 onwards, every week at Wadham Seminar Room.

Come along to play board or card games, discuss Pantheon, or simply relax. This term there will be one-off, single session role-playing games being run during Games evening. We have at least one game planned for each week, but it would be great to expand this, so if any GMs are interested, come along and grab some players.

If you would like some more information about the one off adventures, Dominic Camus has written a short introduction.

In 4th week James Wallis from Hogshead publishing (publishers of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Interactive Fiction magazine) will be telling us what working in roleplaying is like, and showing a couple of their latest games, FRUP (the ultimate AD&D spoof) and Once Upon A Tim (the mind boggles).


OK; so we get to have our names shoved on termcards. But we're here because we want to keep the Society running, and that's your job too. Keep coming along to things, and they'll keep going; enthusiasm is a great thing. Well, that's enough from me, apologies for the in-jokes, I assure you they're not really that funny anyway,
For further information, contact a convenient committee member, or e-mail me (John Reynolds) at:


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