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Michaelmas 1996 Termcard

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Special Events

The Introductory Meeting

October 13, 1996 - Sunday First Week - 2pm - Lincoln College, Oakeshott Room

Come along if you want to know more about roleplaying -
Come along if you already know, and want to find players or games -
Come along if you just want to have fun -
Just show up, okay? 'Nuff said.

The All-New Fresher's Party

October 25, 1996 - Friday Second Week - 8pm - Magdalen College, Lower Oscar Wilde Room

RPGSoc maintains its unconventional and iconoclastic attitude by holding our gathering for Freshers later in term. Watch as they emerge from the alcoholic daze of First Week just in thime to join a "quality" organisation. Please bring a bottle...

The Termly General

October 26, 1996 - Saturday Second Week - Noon - The Turf Tavern

Your chance to participate in the new, kinder, gentler version of RPGSoc governance. Ideas, comments, cunning plans and even rants may be aired, within moderation. Alternatively, just come along for a drink and discussion.

The Pub Crawl

November 8, 1996 - Friday Fourth Week - 7:30pm onwards

More alcohol and entertainment from the society - this time spread across the city centre -

* 7:30 The Turl
* 8:00 The White Horse
* 8:30 The Bunch of Grapes
* 9:00 The Chequers
* 10:00 The Wheatsheaf - Correction: now at 9:30
* 11:00 The Turf Tavern - Correction: now at 10:00

Lord Ferlad's Wedding - A FLRP Event

November 16, 1996 - Saturday Fifth Week - 7pm - Venue To Be Announced

The Lord of Brandel cordially invites you to his upcoming feast to celebrate the union of the thrones of Brandel and Adriane. An exciting and festive FLRP event for regulars and newcomers alike. Those wishing to attend as their regular characters or be assigned an NPC should contact Hanbury for details.

The Christmas Party

November 30, 1996 - Saturday Seventh Week - Venue To Be Announced
Update: Venue: Corpus Christi New Music Room. Time: 7:30pm
Update: Tickets are available from Tony Short price 6 alcy, 3 non-alcy.

Held joint with OUSFG, this is mostly an excuse for fancy dress (as if you needed one!) and light socialization. More details to follow later in term.

Update: New event

The RPGSoc vs. OUSFG Laserquest Battle

Saturday 8th week.

To sign up for the RPGSoc side contact Kat.

Regular Events


Introduction and Indoctrination - 7:30pm - October 15, 1996 - Tuesday First Week - Lincoln Lower Lecture Room
Thereafter: Every Tuesday 7:30pm - Keble Pusey Room

New Year's Eve, 1876: the hundredth anniversary of the birth fo the sinister Illuminati, as organisation dedicated to manipulating history. An exclusive London club plays host to an annual gathering of the finest political, military, scientific and magickal minds, vying for personal power in a Europe on the brink of war, while dark forces bide their time in the wings...

Inferno is a large freeform which will run for two terms, bringing together as many as 40 players in an intrigue-packed Victorial melodrama loosely based on the steampunk-and-sorcery Castle Falkenstein roleplaying game.

Games Night

Every Thursday, 7:30pm onwards - Wadham Seminar Room

Games night features a relaxed format with the emphasis on the social, so we'll be providing more of your favourite board and card games, and fewer of the complex strategic ones. Any specific requests, however, will be gladly met. Those with a particular interest in the strategic should contact Hanbury Hampden-Turner or Andrew Lucas, the unofficial liasons with DipSoc and the Wargamers respectively. Otherwise, just come for the odd drink, plot, and general chat.

FLRP (Fantasy Live Role Play)

Friday: First, Third, Fifth and Sixth Week 7pm - Venue To Be Announced

The Ongoing Saga of Kar Brandel and the Shadowpact continues on Shotover Common with padded weapons. A great introduction for those who have never done a live roleplaying game. New adventurers needed! Contact Hanbury for details.

Kindred of Oxford

Saturday: Second, Fourth and Sixth Week 7pm - Venue To Be Announced

For those who like their roleplaying horrific, intense and a bit on the dark side, this is the society's Vampire game. Set in contemporary Oxford where players must struggle as much with their own natures as with the problems they are beset by. All those willing to make the effort are welcome.

Update: Kindred of Oxford is now called Vampire. If you didn't know this, you've already missed the first two meetings. The third one is on Saturday of 6th week at 7pm in the Oakeshott Room, Lincoln.

Other Items of Note


is RPGSoc's magazine, a forum open to all of you for discussion of any aspect of what we do, including the occasional oh-so-subtle in-joke. Currently, it is intended to appear termly, submissions being sent to Andrew Lucas - preferably via computer, but also at Keble College.

The Library

is now in the possession of Archivist Liz Smith, at 55 Aston Street. Donation are, as ever, most welcome.

The Bulk Order

your opportunity to buy roleplaying games and accessories at a 10% discount from The Gameskeeper, is scheduled for collection in third week, with delivery aroung fourth week, so you can get your items that much sooner. Contact Liz for the order list.

The Committee

No out-of-context quotations, no aliases, just the RPGSoc Committee, plain and simple.

* President: Kat Takenaka
Address: Balliol College, Staircase 17, Room 3
Telephone: (01865) 723819
* Secretary: Emma Stuttard
Contact Through: St Hilda's College
Telephone: (01865) 250658
* Ex-Treasurer: Victoria Seaman
Contact Through: Magdalen College
* Update:
Treasurer: Tony Short
Contact Through: Lincoln College
* Campaign Organiser: Matthew Marcus
Contact Through: Magdalen College
Telephone: (01865) 246686
* FLRP Organiser: Hanbury Hampden-Turner
Address: Balliol College, Starcase 15, Room 24
* Ikaros/Nightflyer Editor: Andrew Lucas
Address: Keble College Room 114, ARCO Block
* Archivist: Liz Smith
Address: 55 Aston Street
Telephone: (01865) 202065
* Update:
Social Secretary: Robin Adams
Contact Through: St. John's College

RPGSoc is also available on the Internet - Contact unofficial Cyberemminence John Reynolds at to be placed on any or all of the myriad mailing lists. Our new web page location is and our newsgroup is ox.clubs.rpgsoc.